• 7 Eye-Catching Email Subject Lines to Catapult Your Open Rates

      “OMG, that email subject line totally reached out and grabbed me!” Image source. Psst: This post was originally published in 2013, but we recently gave it a refresh during our two-week publishing hiatus. Since launching the Unbounce Marketing Blog, this post has become one of our top-performing posts of all time. We hope you enjoy the read.

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    • 6 Ways To Send Emails Your Customers Will Love

      Young love in the 21st century, amirite? Image via Shutterstock. Psst: This post was originally published in 2014, but we recently gave it a refresh during our two-week publishing hiatus. Since launching the Unbounce Marketing Blog, this post has become one of our top-performing posts of all time. We hope you enjoy the read. Research shows there are over 205,000,000,000 emails sent each day.

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  • 10 Questions to Ask Yourself When Your Conversion Rates Are Below Average

    Don’t wait until it’s too late. Check and maintain your conversion rates often, just like you would your car. Image via Shutterstock. A major faux pas I often see with conversion rates is that businesses only seem to to address them when alarms are triggered. Conversion rates require ongoing maintenance and should be regular focal points in your optimization and marketing efforts.

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  • Why Traffic Shaping is So Dang Fantastic for Conversion Rates

    Do you remember the Windows game Pipe Dream? In it, the player creates a continuous “goo” path using randomly assigned pieces of pipe. Fail to build a path in time and the goo oozes everywhere… Game over. For a marketer, the pipe pieces are your web pages. And the goo? Your visitors. Fail to provide your visitors with a logical next step and it’s game over.

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  • How Big Brands Use Urgency to Drive Conversions During the Holidays

    Hurry! Holiday shopping is upon us, which means big conversion opportunities await. Image via Shutterstock. What’s worse than not being able to find the perfect Christmas gift for someone you love? How about finding it, then realizing it’s sold out? Sold out. The thought alone is enough to cause a pre-Christmas meltdown, but while we’re all fretting over the perfect gift, b ...

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  • How to Get 100,000 People to See Your Blog Post

    What would more traffic to your blog post mean to you? Image source. What would 100,000 views on a blog post mean to you? Depending on the goals of your blog, it could mean thousands of new subscribers and fans. But it could also mean new customers — big traffic means big exposure and big exposure means big growth. We’ve been publishing content at Groove for the last five years.

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  • How Unbounce Used Overlays to Get 3,000+ Leads [Case Studies]

    You’re a marketer, and a dang good one at that. You follow best practices. You always send campaign traffic to a dedicated landing page. You make data-driven decisions. You do post-mortems on all your campaigns and record your learnings. But still, your visitors are dropping off your website without converting, leaving you with no way to nurture or convert them at a later date. And it sucks.

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  • 12 Proven Ways to Convert With Overlays [FREE EBOOK]

    90-97% of visitors to your website won’t convert. I know… a little piece of my soul dies every time I think about it, too. [Queue Morgan Freeman narrator voice] But not all hope is lost. Marketers everywhere are using overlays to get more conversions from their existing website traffic — without running more campaigns, increasing their budget or redesigning their site.

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  • 7 Black Friday and Cyber Monday Landing Page Examples [with critiques]

    Psst: This post was published previously on the Unbounce Blog. With Black Friday and Cyber Monday around the corner, we’ve updated it with helpful tips and critiques that will inspire your upcoming holiday campaigns. It’s that time again: Holiday shopping season. And every business is trying to take advantage of the billions of consumer dollars that will be spent over the next four weeks.

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  • How to Predictably Fill Your Funnel Using Account-Based Marketing

    Scoping out your ideal customers ahead of time and personalizing your outreach is at the core of an account-based marketing approach. Image via Shutterstock. Just put the finishing touches on a new cold email campaign? 2009 called and wants its tactic back. People are getting more emails than ever before. Even despite the increase in deliverability problems plaguing campaigns.

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  • 15 Ways Marketers Use Overlays to Get More Conversions

    Let me paint an ugly picture for you. The end of the month is approaching. In one week, you have to report to your boss about marketing metrics… and you’re not even halfway to your targets. Maybe you call an emergency brainstorm meeting with your team: Are there any last-minute email or social campaigns we can run? Image source. Maybe you pump more money into your PPC campaigns.

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  • Introducing Unbounce Convertables: Get More Conversions from Every Page on Your Website

    Today we’re launching Unbounce Convertables to help you capture more conversions on any website, blog or online store. Using targeted overlays, you can drive revenue, capture leads and direct users to your high-converting pages — without bugging your developers or altering your website. You know you’re having a weird moment when you’re talking to Siri about marketing and you ...

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  • Ecommerce Landing Pages: The Good, the Bad… and the Shockingly Terrible

    Learning from others’ mistakes could mean more sales for you. Image via Shutterstock. The cardinal sin of ecommerce landing pages — for physical and SaaS products alike — is mixing lead generation and sales… on a single page. At first, that sounds incredibly odd. After all, shouldn’t ecommerce landing pages cater to both audiences: those wanting to learn a bit more and those ...

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  • Boosting B2B Leads by 9x with PPC and Landing Page Best Practices [Case Study]

    Send your conversion rate soaring with landing page and PPC best practices. Image via Shutterstock. Do you ever dream about increasing your conversion rate? How about increasing it by 290% and boosting your lead generation by 9x? Well, that’s exactly what we did for our client, Revecent, a company specializing in sales consulting and recruiting.

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  • Unbounce is Launching Something New: Get Ready for More Conversions

    As a marketer, you spend a big chunk of your time launching campaigns or creating content aimed at attracting the right customers. As simple as that sounds, the effort behind these initiatives is more complex than we’d like to admit. And the reality is, most visitors to your site just don’t convert.

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  • Create a Case Study that Converts [INFOGRAPHIC]

    Create a Case Study that Converts [INFOGRAPHIC] By Amy Wood on October 26th, 2016 in Content Marketing Be the first to comment We have a saying at Unbounce: “Put a customer on it.” Whether it’s a blog post, conference talk or even our homepage, we take every opportunity possible to show how our tool is helping real marketers #dobetter (another common Unbounce phrase).

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