• The Paid Media Cube: A Framework to Clarify and Communicate Your PPC Strategy

    Imagine you’re a PPC marketer working at a retailer specializing in hip, junk food clothing. Your clever use of paid spend made the Bacon Strips Crew Neck an all time best seller, nice work! Pictured: the highly successful Bacon Strips crew neck (via Getonfleek) Then, let’s say you get a new VP of Marketing, and in your first meeting together she asks you to explain your PPC ...

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  • 4 Ways to Use Typefaces on Your Landing Page to Elevate Your Brand

    There’s a reason you can recognize an Apple ad right away. Same with Nike and Airbnb. A big part of that is because of imagery, copy, and layout, but typefaces play a huge role as well. Although the ROI of having a strong brand is harder to measure than, say, clear button copy, it’s telling that some of the most respected companies in the world have strong design cultures and ...

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  • Get Better Landing Pages for AdWords with 3 Techniques to Try Today

    If you’re a PPC strategist, your client’s campaigns live and die by the strength of the landing pages. If you drop the perfect paid audience on a page with no offer (or an unclear one), you’ll get a 0% conversion rate no matter how your ads perform. The problem is that as AdWords account managers, we can be pretty limited in our ability to change landing pages.

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  • How Just One Ecommerce Popup Offer Helped Canvas Factory Generate 1.1 Million in Revenue

    When you hear ‘website popup’ in a marketing context, my bet is—as a discerning marketer—you all but cringe. Surely these boxes that jump up in the middle of a screen are for low-level marketers. They’re scammy, make you lose your train of thought, nobody likes them,…you’d never use ‘em. But can you really hate popups if they’re found to drive results? As heated as the debat ...

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  • Don’t Settle. Build the Marketing Campaigns of Your Dreams Without a Line of Code

    Hi, I’m Corey. Are you an idealistic marketer, like me? That is—do you plan your marketing campaigns by pretending technical limitations aren’t a thing and just map out the ideal experience you want for your prospects from first impression to final conversion? Like this: A photo of my actual campaign flow on the whiteboard. If your whiteboard looks this optimistic, read on.

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  • Send Your Unbounce Lead Data to 60+ Apps Instantly with New Integrations Powered by Zapier

    These days the average marketer has been cited to use anywhere from 12 to a whopping 31 tools to build the campaigns of their dreams, but making sure all of these different apps or tools work together like a well-oiled machine is often where things get messy. For example, you might generate leads via your landing pages, but — depending on your marketing stack and the connecti ...

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  • Real Estate Landing Pages (Our Customer Favorites + Why We Think They’re Great)

    Whether you’re an independent realtor or work at a real estate agency, you can gain a competitive advantage if you have owned digital properties to drive your paid and social traffic to. Owned properties — like landing pages — provide you more control in real estate versus relying on popular listing sites where the journey isn’t always clear, you can’t customize your call to ...

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  • What It Really Takes to Get a 10/10 Facebook Ads Relevance Score

    Image via Pixabay. If you want an ad campaign to be profitable, it’s crucial that your ad is shown to the right audience. Your ad promoting beard oil might have the best copy, images and offer — but it will never convert well if it’s shown primarily to a female audience. The ad would be irrelevant, and you would receive a relevance score which reflects this.

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  • Data-Backed Advice for High-Converting Real Estate Landing Page Design [+ FREE TEMPLATE]

    You’re designing a landing page for your Real Estate client, and you turn to “best practice” advice articles to help guide the way. But there’s a nagging voice at the back of your mind: Does this “best practice” advice apply indiscriminately to my industry? Does this author really know anything about my audience at all? “Best practices” become “better practices” when the ...

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