• Google Is Leaving You Clues to Help You Rank Higher – Know Where to Look

      Image via Shutterstock. Google is leaving you clues about how to become a better marketer — and you might not even be seeing them. The job of every marketer today, whether they work in PPC, SEO, CRO, or content, is to solve people’s problems. Google is taking note of companies that are doing it well, and companies that are leaving people disappointed.

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    • Introducing Unbounce Convertables: Get More Conversions from Every Page on Your Website

      Today we’re launching Unbounce Convertables to help you capture more conversions on any website, blog or online store. Using targeted overlays, you can drive revenue, capture leads and direct users to your high-converting pages — without bugging your developers or altering your website. You know you’re having a weird moment when you’re talking to Siri about marketing and you ...

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    • PPC Landing Page Magic: Secrets Revealed [GIFOGRAPHIC]

      This marketing infographic is part of KlientBoost’s 25-part Marketing Advent Calendar. Sign up here to receive a new gifographic once a day in your inbox. As a kid who was fascinated with the magic store, it’s kind of surprising that I still don’t know how magicians do certain tricks. But it’s probably because as an adult, I’ve spent most of my time trying to master one magic ...

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  • Real Estate Landing Pages (Our Customer Favorites + Why We Think They’re Great)

    Whether you’re an independent realtor or work at a real estate agency, you can gain a competitive advantage if you have owned digital properties to drive your paid and social traffic to. Owned properties — like landing pages — provide you more control in real estate versus relying on popular listing sites where the journey isn’t always clear, you can’t customize your call to ...

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  • What It Really Takes to Get a 10/10 Facebook Ads Relevance Score

    Image via Pixabay. If you want an ad campaign to be profitable, it’s crucial that your ad is shown to the right audience. Your ad promoting beard oil might have the best copy, images and offer — but it will never convert well if it’s shown primarily to a female audience. The ad would be irrelevant, and you would receive a relevance score which reflects this.

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  • Data-Backed Advice for High-Converting Real Estate Landing Page Design [+ FREE TEMPLATE]

    You’re designing a landing page for your Real Estate client, and you turn to “best practice” advice articles to help guide the way. But there’s a nagging voice at the back of your mind: Does this “best practice” advice apply indiscriminately to my industry? Does this author really know anything about my audience at all? “Best practices” become “better practices” when the ...

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  • Travel Marketers Have a Trust Problem

    As a travel marketer or agency marketer servicing the travel industry, you have a tricky gig. You need to convince your prospects to spend thousands of dollars and precious vacation time. Meanwhile, your prospects are increasingly wary of the legitimacy of your offers (thanks a lot, Fyre Fest). Here’s to hoping your vacation is memorable, but not in a meme-worthy kind of way.

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  • Future-Proof Your Marketing with Call to Action Magazine

    A good marketer is like a doomsday prepper (bear with me here…) Instead of preparing for a global cataclysm, learning about water storage and building bunkers, they’re constantly on the lookout for ways they can proof their marketing for, or get ahead of, inevitable and dramatic changes to the marketing landscape. Frequent and mysterious algorithm changes. New ad platform features.

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  • Seeing Diminishing Returns in AdWords? Here Are 5 Advanced Optimization Tactics

    Being a modern-day Paid Media Manager can make you feel a bit like Sisyphus. Your VP of Marketing has charged you with rolling a boulder uphill (continuously optimizing your AdWords campaigns even when you’ve reached your quarterly objectives). Image via Shutterstock. This becomes especially painful when you’re getting diminishing returns out of your optimization efforts.

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  • 3 Ideas to Steal from Unbounce’s Hyper-Personalized Customer Marketing Campaign

    When’s the last time you felt special? Go ahead… close your eyes and visualize the last time your boss called you out in a group to recognize your excellent performance. Or the last time your grandmother mailed you a special batch of your favorite cookies. Now, imagine being able to replicate that feeling for your audience with a marketing campaign.

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  • Join 14 Performance Marketing Experts for PPC Week, August 14-18

    You know that opening scene in Raiders of the Lost Ark? Just when Indy thinks he’s successfully Jones’d the Golden Idol, the ominous rumble of a booby trap sounds and he’s being chased through a tunnel by what I’d wager to be the world’s most famous celebrity boulder. I’d also wager that PPC marketers are somewhat familiar with this feeling.

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  • The Cost Per Lead Calculator – Better Allocate Your PPC Spend

    The pay-per-click landscape has become so saturated that only the most analytical marketers are able to continuously turn a profit from their paid search, display and social campaigns. Data-driven marketers who are able to effectively manage PPC campaigns to a target cost per conversion (a.k.a. cost per lead) will continue to see campaigns with a predictable, repeatable profit margin.

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