WordStream - Posts from December 2015

  • 3 Cool New Keyword Tools for Generating Content Ideas

    You know how they say you should shake up your work-out routine from time to time to “shock your body”? (Real talk: I never do this.) The same is true of your keyword research routine – changing up your tools is a great way to get new content ideas. The WordStream Free Keyword Tool and AdWords Keyword Planner are old, reliable favorites, but here are three newish/new-to-me keyw ...

    Elisa Gabbert/ WordStreamin Paid Search- 74 readers -
  • 8 Super Creative, Crazy Effective Display Ad Ideas

    Display ads often yield abysmal click-through rates and even lower conversion rates. What accounts for their disappointing performance? It’s a matter of inbound vs. outbound marketing: Unlike search ads, display ads are not served to searchers who are actively looking for something. Instead, we tack image ads onto social feeds or informational sites with the hopes that they’ll ...

    Erin Sagin/ WordStreamin Social Paid Search Display- 14 readers -
  • Should I Use AdWords? Tips for Every Industry/Business Model

    Asking me "Should I use AdWords?" is like asking me if you should order dessert. The answer is always yes. I don’t care how full you are, there’s a separate compartment in your stomach for sweets. But of course I’m going to say yes, I have dessert after every meal (including breakfast), and I love PPC too, so YES is the answer to both inquiries.

    Margot Da Cunha/ WordStreamin Paid Search- 13 readers -
  • 23 Brilliant Marketing Quotes You’ll Wish You’d Said

    Recently, Larry posted an interesting (and inspirational) post over at Search Engine Journal that collected 19 quotes about digital marketing from some of the best-known names in the business. All of Larry’s chosen quotes were taken from Twitter, digital marketers’ favorite social network. Even in just 140 characters, there was a lot to learn from Larry’s list.

    Dan Shewan/ WordStreamin Social- 18 readers -
  • 5 Thrilling New Paid Ad Features Announced This Fall

    There’s nothing like the familiarity of fall. From sugar-rimmed pumpkin beers to the reds, oranges, and browns of the leaves that decorate the sidewalks as the trees begin to change. Year after year, we are all guilty of “falling for fall” whether we like to admit it or not. Yet life wouldn’t be interesting without the ever-changing society we live in.

    Margot Da Cunha/ WordStreamin Social Paid Search- 9 readers -
  • Two of YouTube’s Top 10 Videos of the Year Were Ads!

    Typically when we think of “viral videos” we visualize adorable children, adults acting like children, absurd pranks, and a plethora of cat videos. While this year’s top 10 most viewed YouTube clips did include an adorable group of children doing the “whip/nae nae,” a husband pranking his wife by turning their home into a plastic ball pit, and a 6ft man turning himself into a h ...

    Margot Da Cunha/ WordStreamin Paid Search- 18 readers -
  • How to Create Amazing Ads for Facebook and Twitter

    Most of the advice you’ll find about running ads on paid social deals with the technical process behind it: what buttons to push, what levers to pull, and so forth. It’s extremely important to sharpen these technical skills because if you can operate the plane, you can fly it places. However, if your plane looks like crap, no one is going to want to fly with you.

    Brett Mchale/ WordStreamin Social Paid Search How To's- 14 readers -
  • 5 Remarkable Remarketing Audiences Retailers MUST Target

    A retail marketer who isn’t utilizing remarketing is like a fisherman with no bait. Similarly, your chances of catching a fish (or conversion) are much smaller if you don’t have the proper tools to do so. With the holiday season upon us, I’ve been doing a lot of in-store and online shopping, and the majority of stuff I’ve purchased thus far has been a product of smart remarketing.

    Margot Da Cunha/ WordStreamin Paid Search- 11 readers -
  • The 21 Best PPC Marketing Articles of the Year

    Are you sick of year-end lists yet? Too bad! I love looking back at the best and worst of the year (and we have a few more lists in store for you over the next week). Today I’m sharing my picks for 2015’s best articles on paid search and PPC marketing from around the Web, covering topics including ad copywriting, conversion rate optimization, remarketing, mobile, social ads and more.

    Larry Kim/ WordStreamin Paid Search SEO Mobile- 18 readers -
  • To Spy or Not to Spy: 3 Reasons Not to Ignore Your AdWords Competitors

    Should you spy on your AdWords competitors or not? Some people think you should, while others say you should ignore your competitors and just focus on your own business. It’s really up to you, but I’ve found competitive intelligence to be a great a way to get a leg up on your competitors. Here are the top three reasons why.

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  • What’s in Store for PPC in 2016? Predictions from the Pros

    2015 was a jam-packed year filled with some really exciting developments in reaching our audience through digital ads. Looking ahead, our friends at Acquisio gathered some pros in the industry to chat about predictions in paid search for 2016, and there’s some great stuff to look forward to. Let’s dive into some of the most interesting projections from the crew! Ad Targeting ...

    Larry Kim/ WordStreamin Social Paid Search Mobile EMail- 16 readers -
  • 7 Ways to Humanize Your Brand

    Humans connect to, relate to, and trust other humans. If someone doesn’t trust you, would they be likely to do business with you? Of course not. This is why providing faces and names to demonstrate your brand goes far beyond a money-making machine is immensely critical. Some businesses excel at tying their brand back to the people behind it, making it relatable and memorable to the audience.

    Margot Da Cunha/ WordStreamin EMail- 15 readers -
  • Twitter Trending Topics Predict Future Breakout Search Trends

    Americans increasingly get their information from social media. According to a recent 2015 Pew study, 63% of users reported getting their news from Twitter and Facebook. Regardless of whether something important is happening in the world or our favorite celebrity couple is breaking up, we’re hearing about it first on social media, long before we turn to search engines like Goog ...

    Mark Irvine/ WordStreamin Social- 15 readers -
  • Our 13 Best Content Marketing Tips… Ever!

    Although paid search is our primary focus here at WordStream, we (along with almost every other company these days) are also in the media business. Purely by virtue of having a blog, we’re constantly looking at ways to not only optimize our content’s performance, but improve the content itself. Since content is such a big part of what we do here at WordStream, we wanted to lo ...

    Dan Shewan/ WordStreamin Paid Search Content- 29 readers -
  • WordStream Takes Home Two New Google Awards at AdWords PSP Summit

    Earlier this year, WordStream was named a Google AdWords Premier Small Business Partner (PSP), an accolade that less than 30 organizations worldwide have achieved. We were thrilled to receive such recognition for our work with the AdWords platform from Google, and recently, we were lucky enough to be recognized again – not once, but twice.

    WordStreamin Paid Search Google- 15 readers -