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  • The 6 Best (& Free!) AdWords Tutorials for Beginners Right Now

    Starting to advertise online is intimidating. Especially when it feels like gambling—there is an auction? I have to bid on keywords? How do I set a budget? What is a campaign? What are extensions?! (You get the point.) I can empathize. I’m still figuring out what AdWords can offer, which is why I think everyone should have these easy and free AdWords tutorials to help walk through the process.

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  • Wow—Facebook Ads on 3rd Party Sites for Non-Users

    This is my mom. She is many advertisers’ dream girl. She’s a full-time housewife, armed with a healthy wallet and plenty of time to peruse the internet. Moreover, she lovingly serves as a part-time personal assistant for most of my immediate family—meaning that she’s perpetually online shopping for everything ranging from household supplies to clothes for my dad to flights for us kids.

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  • Learn the Top Social Ads Hacks of All Time with WordStream at SocialPro

    If you’re throwing money into your social ads campaign but unsure whether you’re getting the best return on your investment, you’re not alone. eMarketer predicts that by next year, social ad spend will reach almost $36 billion and account for 16% of all money spent on digital ads. Yet the recently released results of the bi-annual CMO survey conducted by Duke University's Fuqu ...

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  • Inside a Content Marketing Hackathon

    It’s 6:10 p.m., and I’m stuck in an Uber on Boylston Street. Like a shimmering mirage in the middle of an arid desert, my destination is tantalizingly close, yet terribly far. I’m trying to get to Atlantic Avenue in Boston, but the snarl of traffic currently blocking what seems like the entirety of Back Bay has other ideas.

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  • 7 Things Marketers Need to Know About AdWords Store Visit Conversions

    E-commerce sales totaled more than $341 billion in 2015. That's huge. But amazingly, 90 percent of sales still happen in stores, not online, according to Google. That's why AdWords introduced the in-store visits metric in 2014. The consumer purchase journey is now more complex than ever – and Google wanted to create a way businesses could understand how much in-store foot traf ...

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  • Do Facebook Ads Work? Find Out (for Free) with New Facebook Ad Tool

    Facebook ads – they’re so hot right now. But like with all things bright and shiny in marketing, it’s smart to be skeptical and ask whether it’s really right for your business. The tough part is that this isn’t necessarily an easy question to answer. Well at least it didn’t used to be… Introducing the Facebook Advertising Opportunity Calculator WordStream is always trying to ke ...

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  • 19 Super-Creative Local Marketing Ideas

    Effective local marketing is a beautiful mix of search engine optimization, pay-per-click marketing, content marketing, and social media advertising. Local business owners know digital marketing is critical. Unfortunately, many fail because they cannot maintain consistency or because they run out of ideas.

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  • Our 13 Best Money-Saving PPC Tips… Ever!

    For advertisers large and small, PPC and digital marketing often comes down to making less money go farther. Even the most experienced advertisers constantly look for ways to optimize their campaigns and save money, and for many small businesses, saving money on PPC can mean the difference between success and failure. Sound familiar? Worry not, dear reader.

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  • Is Bing Ads Ready for the #GoogleSummit Changes?

    There’s no doubt about it, Bing Ads and AdWords have a tenuous relationship. In some ways, they’re competitors, vying for marketers to pour more advertising dollars into their respective networks. Yet, they’re also partners of sorts, working together to shape the future of digital advertising. Lucky for SEMs, these ad management platforms have become increasingly similar throu ...

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  • 5 Proven Formulas for High-Converting Landing Page Headlines

    Want to increase conversions on your landing page? Try changing your headline. The reason? Headline changes have the power to provide a 10%+ lift, while taking all of – oh, I dunno – five whole seconds to change. There’s almost no better bang for your buck, as headlines are one of the easiest elements of ads and landing pages to change.

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  • All of Facebook’s Ad Targeting Options (in One Epic Infographic)

    If you have heard anything about Facebook advertising, you know it’s extensive (and complicated). If you’ve ever been targeted by Facebook ads, you know it’s almost borderline stalky. And if you have ever tried Facebook advertising out for yourself, you know it’s efficient and cost-effective. While paid search marketing is mostly accomplished by targeting specific keywords tha ...

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  • Did Google’s New Green Ad Labels Affect Ad CTR?

    The Google SERP is constantly changing. In fact, Google Chief Economist Hal Varian admits that they “ran six thousand experiments on search [in 2011] and probably another six thousand or so on the ad monetization side […] Google is doing on a rough order of ten thousand experiments a year,” in Nate Silver’s The Signal and the Noise.

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  • 3 Ways to Get Inside Your Prospects' Inboxes with PPC

    Getting your promoted social posts and search ads in front of your sales prospects’ eyes is great and all, but the inbox is where you really want to be. People often buy B2C products on a whim, but with its longer sales cycles, B2B is entirely different. That’s where email marketing truly shines. When your marketing message reaches your ideal audience members’ email accounts, ...

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  • 7 Strategies for High-Converting Landing Pages

    We’ve covered the basics for landing pages many times here at WordStream, from our favorite landing page tips and tricks to the best landing page tools you can use to amplify your landing page performance. However, today I’d like to take a look at some landing page strategies that go beyond the basics, so you can take your landing pages to a new level of conversion power.

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  • The 10 Greatest Social Media Advertising Tips for Content Marketers

    Let's start with the bad news first. It's tougher than ever to get your content noticed. Changes to Google's search results pages have further obscured content organically, especially on competitive commercial searches. Meanwhile, paid search CPCs are at all-time highs in established markets. Organic reach in social media? It's pretty much dead.

    Larry Kim/ WordStream- 40 readers -
  • Easy Guide to Hero Images: How to Look Good & Get the Clicks

    I have a confession: I fall for clickbait. As I scroll through social media, I fall into the rabbit hole of silly articles— “Have you ever seen a one-day old baby otter?” No, but I’m about to—which always lead to more articles and videos of late-night comedians, small animals, or delicious food. But I have my limits! When I click through an article, I can tell as soon as I lan ...

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  • RLSA for Competitive Markets: A Ridiculously Awesome Way Forward in PPC

    Paid search is a pretty awesome channel. Obviously, I’m a huge fan – I built a company around it. But it’s not without its challenges. For one, as the chart below illustrates, the cost per click (CPC) in certain highly competitive verticals can get super expensive – we're talking more than $100 per click in some cases, for industries like law and finance: (This is Bing data, ...

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