WordStream - Posts from September 2016

  • 6 Perfect Playlists For PPC Account Management

    Music makes millennials more productive. Fact, not opinion. Our hips wouldn’t even dream of lying. WordStream, like any business brimming with twentysomethings, is a workplace where music matters. Now, I can’t speak for our sensational engineers or unrivaled sales team (we’re hiring!), but on the fifteenth floor, the home of our customer success and managed services teams, i ...

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  • Hotel Advertising & Marketing Best Practices [Infographic]

    Search marketers in hotel advertising have to work hard for their conversions. As we learned in our epic Google AdWords Industry Benchmarks study earlier this year, travel & hospitality advertisers can expect to convert at rates slightly lower than the average across industries, at 2.57% (compared to 2.70% CVR in general).

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  • Q&A with Search Legend Danny Sullivan on Industry Change, SMX East, RankBrain & More

    Danny Sullivan, founding editor of Search Engine Land and Chief Content Officer of Third Door Media, recently celebrated a major career milestone – 20 years as a search journalist. If there’s anyone else on the planet as well-versed in the nuances of Google’s search algorithm and the various players in SEO software and agencies, I’ve yet to meet them! Danny Sullivan, left, in ...

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  • The New Google Merchant Center: What You Need to Know

    As you may have seen Google has recently given Merchant Center more than just a fresh coat of paint. Along with a new responsive user interface that makes it easier and more efficient to use, there’s also lots of new features to get familiar with. The update is now globally available. So here’s a quick overview of what’s new in Merchant Center.

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  • 10 Dos and Don’ts for Sitelink Extensions

    Sitelinks are the king of all AdWords ad extensions. They are, by far, the most versatile extensions; they’re useful for accounts of all verticals, they appear on all devices and advertisers can use them to say just about anything. Even better, I’ve literally never encountered an account that didn’t yield higher CTRs once enabling these bad boys.

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  • Bing Expanded Text Ads: 5 Things You Need to Know

    It’s official – Expanded Text Ads (ETAs) are coming to Bing Ads! Here are the top five things you need to know to gear up for them. #1. We’ve Got a Couple More Months Before Bing's ETAs Hit the Shelves According to the crew at Bing Ads, they’ll be rolling out ETA support for all advertiser accounts in December of 2016.

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  • SEO Lensing: How to Climb the SERPs with Content Consolidation

    Imagine thousands of new visitors arriving to read your articles and blog posts, and possibly buy a couple of things, each day. They’re interested in what you have to say. They browse around, reading multiple articles. Some of them click on ads (and bring in some revenue), others click on affiliate links and drive more revenue there, still others make purchases via your online store.

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  • The Complete, Digestible Guide to AdWords Budgets

    Budgeting is a chore. Always. Whether you’re pinching pennies to pay rent for an overpriced studio overlooking a dingy alley, or paving the road to internet moguldom, or both, simultaneously, it drives the average red blooded American up the wall. There are ways to mitigate the insanity. There is, however, no way to completely avoid budgeting properly without hamstringing yourself down the road.

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  • 2 Classic Ways Your Analytics Are Lying to You

    You have potential Analytics are supposed to be insightful. They’re supposed to provide helpful hints and clues to what’s working well (and how to continue doing it). They’re not supposed to induce an aneurysm every time you’re asked for monthly numbers. For example, take a quick look at the sources sending you traffic.

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  • 1 Million Reports Later, Some Exciting Updates to the AdWords Grader

    We hit a pretty huge milestone this month: Over the past five years, our AdWords Performance Grader has delivered more than 1 MILLION free reports (over $9 billion in unique ad spend) and helped countless businesses and marketing agencies of all sizes and all over the world understand how their AdWords accounts are performing and where they’re missing opportunities.

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  • Mobile Advertising Statistics & Trends [Infographic]

    Guess what! It’s the year of Mobile! Again! This year, it’s the year of mobile payments, mobile recruiting, mobile advertising. The first hand-held mobile phone was sold thirty-one years ago for $4k; it was fourteen inches long. As our cell phones have shrunk in size and price, they’ve grown in value.

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  • 4 International PPC Tips for Non-US English-Speaking Countries

    Wu Tang is for the children; AdWords is for everyone. It’s used by marketers from Boston to Brisbane and, outside of ad extensions (some of which are unavailable in countries that don’t fly the stars and stripes) and policies grounded in legalities, the strategies SEMs use are largely the same. Costs per click, however can vary drastically: As you can see, average CPCs look ...

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  • 5 Insights from Analyzing Half a Billion Dollars in Ad Spend [New Data]

    The only constant in search advertising is change. The loss of right side ads. More and much larger ads above the organic search results. Exciting new ad targeting options. And so much more. With that in mind, and in honor of our recent Grader milestones – the Grader has now been run over 1 MILLION times! – I set out to look at fresh data to get a sense for what if anything is ...

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  • Thought Leadership Marketing: The Larry Kim Way

    Here at the WordStream blog, we talk about influencer marketing and thought leadership quite often. Many marketers know how valuable thought leadership can be to a company’s growth, but actually implementing a strategy to become a thought leader is a lot harder than it sounds. To complicate matters, there’s usually a fair bit of luck involved, too, which makes the goal of achie ...

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  • Data is Beautiful: 7 Data Visualization Tools for Digital Marketers

    Did you know that, according to IBM, more than 2.5 million terabytes of data is generated every single day? To put this into perspective, one terabyte of data can contain: 17,000 hours of music 310,000 photos More than 132,000 650-page novels Almost 86 million full-page Microsoft Word documents Now multiply any one of these by 2.5 million. In the case of images, 2.

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  • NEW in AdWords: Demographic Targeting for Search Campaigns

    Although Google has always offered advertisers a lot of control over which search terms their ads match on with different keyword match types and negative keywords, many advertisers often struggle to match a user’s intent to their searches. As SEMs spend so much time doing keyword research, building keyword lists, and reviewing their keyword performance it’s easy to forget tha ...

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  • 5 Surprising Benefits of a Super-High CTR

    All of my regular readers know that I have a completely normal and healthy obsession with unicorns. I am the Original Unicornaholic. You should be obsessed with unicorns, too! Too many marketers settle for boring donkeys when there are magical unicorns just waiting to be discovered. Unicorns that will save you money and make you money! But unicorns aren't my only obsession.

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  • 7 Things I Still Hate About LinkedIn Ads

    Like a lot of marketers, I find LinkedIn Ads frustrating. The thing is, by making just a few needed improvements, both LinkedIn itself and advertisers could greatly benefit. For LinkedIn, advertising could be bringing in much more than a meager $181 million in revenues, as it did during the second quarter of 2016.

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  • Facebook Unveils (Then Veils) New Custom Audience: Link Sharers!

    There’s a new reason to start cranking out quality content, folks. Facebook appears to be close to launching a brand new targeting method, one that will allow advertisers to target users who share your on-site content on Facebook. Yesterday, Facebook advertising wunderkind Jon Loomer blogged about his experience with this new custom audience.

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  • 7 PPC Trends to Stay Ahead of the Curve in 2016 & Beyond

    So far this year, we’ve seen the rise of many new audience targeting trends that are helping businesses reach out to their target buyers and more effectively market their products and services. From persona targeting to remarketing ads and many other new trends already spreading like wildfire, it’s no wonder paid search advertising continues to be the buzzword for businesses l ...

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  • AdWords Extends Timeline for Transition to Expanded Text Ads

    Google knew they were making news when they announced Expanded Text Ads at their annual performance summit in May. The standard ad format of 25/35/35 characters had been the norm since AdWords was introduced in 2000. The change to the SERP with ETAs is a BIG one (quite literally – ETAs are 50% larger than the traditional ad format) and may be the largest change to AdWords in 16 ...

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