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  • The 25 Most Expensive Keywords in Australia

    Despite being published in 2011, our “Most Expensive Keywords in Google AdWords” infographic has remained one of the website’s most linked to pages. Who knew Average CPC data have a longer shelf life than Vegemite? (I had to get that out of the way. I’m sorry. Please don’t leave.) The premise underpinning that sliver of SEO magic was simple: leverage data from our Free Keywo ...

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  • The Comprehensive Guide to Online Advertising Costs

    Growing your business through online advertising has never been easier. That said, there’s a lot of information to get your head around, and for newcomers to online advertising, it can be a little intimidating to say the least. Every online advertising platform has its own strengths and weaknesses, and there are dozens of ad formats, campaign types, and performance metrics fo ...

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  • 7 Proven Hacks to Turn Any Restaurant into an Instagram Powerhouse

    For those of us looking to bolster legitimate business, Instagram is now a monster of a social platform. The advent of business profiles, insights, advanced metrics, bulk schedulers—these, combined with the platform’s original, unique value proposition (highly visual, immediate and widescale brand exposure) make Instagram a powerful asset for small and local businesses.

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  • 10 Companies Using Machine Learning in Cool Ways

    If science-fiction movies have taught us anything, it’s that the future is a bleak and terrifying dystopia ruled by murderous sentient robots. Fortunately, only one of these things is true – but that could soon change, as the doomsayers are so fond of telling us. Image via Abdul Rahid Artificial intelligence and machine learning are among the most significant technological ...

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  • The Top 25 Costliest Keywords in South Africa

    As WordStream’s website manager, I occasionally stumble upon forgotten web pages crafted in the days of yore. For example: I recently read this one from 2009, where Elisa told us Google Wave might just be the next big thing. Our readers probably have a similar feeling of nostalgia when they find our original Most Expensive Keywords post from 2011 (“Insurance keywords at only $2 ...

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  • The Feed Is Coming. Here’s How Google Could Monetize It

    If you use the Google app on your mobile device, you may already be aware of Google’s recent addition of a newsfeed, a Facebook-y, portal-like feature that allows would-be searchers to skip the search completely and dive right into new content relevant to their interests (based on their past searches as well as topics they opt into, plus Google’s now ever-present machine learning algos).

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  • The Freelancer’s Totally Fun, Definitely Not Boring Guide to Taxes

    You know what’s awesome about freelancing? Almost everything. Pants are optional (mostly), pets make better coworkers than most people, and you can listen to Kenny G as loud as you like without fear of mockery or reprisal from colleagues. (Ahem.) Know what sucks about freelancing? Paying taxes. If you’re thinking of striking out on your own as a freelancer or launching your ...

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  • How to Get Your Piece of the Search Impression Share Pie

    Everybody wants their piece of the pie. That mantra holds up whether we’re talking about dessert or the AdWords auction. When it comes to the AdWords version of this proverb, the “pie” is the total amount of search queries where an advertiser wants to show their ads. If that advertiser’s ad gets an impression every single time a relevant search happens, they’re enjoying the entire pie.

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  • 13 of Our Best Local Marketing Tips…Ever!

    Much to the relief of pretty much everyone, SoLoMo – a crude portmanteau of Social Local Mobile, and surely one of the most godawful marketing buzzwords in existence – failed to catch on and become part of digital marketing’s already insufferable lexicon. However, that doesn’t mean that local search also fell by the wayside.

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  • 13 Power Tips for #Winning Mobile Ad Copy

    Just in case you (STILL) need convincing that having a mobile strategy isn’t optional, here are a few stats on mobile adoption to consider: Men and women aged 18-29 have a 92% adoption rate Men and women over 65 have a 42% adoption rate All income levels have at least 60% adoption – that rises to 93% when you look at consumers making over $75K a year What does it all mean? Your custom.

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  • All of Google’s Recent Changes to the Mobile SERP

    For years Google has been making it clear that mobile-first is the way forward. The whole idea behind the mobile-first ethos is that traffic is moving to mobile devices from desktop, so websites should be built for mobile first, not as an afterthought. However, as Rand Fishkin has pointed out multiple times, “mobile didn’t kill desktop, it just killed all our free time.

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  • 6 Free Resources for Industry-Specific Marketing Benchmarks

    Being a marketer has many challenges, but one of the hardest is reporting and proving your success to higher-ups. You’re often met with questions like, “Well, how is Competitor X doing?” or “How do these numbers compare with industry standards?” While it’s sadly illegal to hack into your competitors’ marketing reports, there are several tools and resources available that provi ...

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  • Hack Your Sales Funnel with Facebook Interest & Behavior Targeting

    Did you know Facebook is the perfect platform for acquiring and nurturing new prospects, while also engaging your existing customers? It’s true. The ideal strategic approach to advertising on Facebook is simple: Identify prospects using advanced targeting methods (like interests and behavior) Nurture website visitors and custom audiences using remarketing Build lookalik ...

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  • 11 Examples of Great Customer Testimonial Pages

    As we all know, it’s easy for marketers to brag about how great their product or service is. Writing compelling copy, shooting enticing photos, or even producing glamorous videos are all tactics we use to draw attention to our brands. While all of these strategies can be successful, there really is no better way to gain trust and prove the validity of your brand like customer testimonials.

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  • The Highest CPC Keywords in Canada

    In the past few weeks, we’ve shared new data revealing the most expensive keywords in several English-speaking countries around the world, including: The Most Expensive Keywords in the U.S. The Most Expensive Keywords in the U.K. The Most Expensive Keywords in Australia The Most Expensive Keywords in South Africa Today, we bring you the top 25 keywords with the hig ...

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  • Best New Online Advertising Features of 2017 (So Far)

    2017 is half in the bag! The world has been turned on its head and back again. Amazon munched the world’s leading supplier of non-GMO Cheetos. There were fidget spinners. Other stuff happened. While we’ve already had a smattering of PPC experts weigh in on the hottest strategies to hit search and social this year, it seemed high time to touch on ALL the newest features, acros ...

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  • The Ridiculously Awesome Guide to Facebook Live

    I can still remember rushing home from high school to watch TRL. For those of you unfamiliar, TRL (Total Request Live) was a live broadcast from MTV studio in Times Square, where the one and only Carson Daly would count down the 10 most popular music videos in the country. I was so impressed by the fact that Carson and his guests were able to appear so calm, cool, and collected ...

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  • 7 Nuggets of Search Marketing Wisdom from #MozCon

    The mass exodus of fellow search-nerds from Seattle has begun; amidst a wave of fanfare, beers, and tears (bye, Rand!), MozCon has drawn to a close. We sponsored a booth this year which gave our team hundreds of opportunities to connect with interesting people from all corners of the Earth (including some incredibly enthusiastic WordStream customers); three days of chatting a ...

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  • 10 Ways to Get More Mileage from SlideShare

    Spending hours upon hours over several weeks on a presentation to present once at a conference is a waste and a missed opportunity. Whether you had 10 attendees or 2,000, your slide deck deserves to live on past that breakout session. Giving your slides a second life, whether you made them for a presentation at an event, a meeting, a webinar, training or what have you, has a ...

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