WordStream - Posts from November 2017

  • How to Create Amazing Facebook Audiences You Can Actually Sell To

    Creating Facebook audiences isn’t rocket science, but with the seemingly endless waves of targeting options available, it sure can feel like it. Getting ROI from your Facebook spend is all about focusing your budget so only relevant, qualified audiences see your ads. So how do you find the right audiences on Facebook, whatever your industry and business type? Today, I’m going ...

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  • 3 Underrated Metrics That Will Improve Your PPC Performance

    As Socrates almost said: an unmeasured campaign isn’t worth launching. If you don’t have concrete goals and KPIs for your campaign (relating to profitability), then it’s certainly going to be a dead loss. Not all metrics are created equal. While clicks and sessions might bring a smile to your face, they don’t make you money. They’re vanity metrics.

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  • Bing Ads Benchmarks for YOUR Industry

    It’s a shame that many advertisers overlook Bing. Although it started off small, Microsoft’s search engine has continued to grow in Google’s shadow and now, according to ComScore, Bing and its partners make up a combined 35.6% of the US desktop search market! Thanks to its native integration in Microsoft products like Office, Skype and Xbox, as well as Bing being the preferred ...

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  • 75 Super-Useful Facebook Statistics for 2018

    With 1.32 billion daily active users, Facebook is the most widely used social platform by quite a bit. Whatever your business goal—brand exposure, website traffic, lead generation—Facebook should, and likely will make up a sizable part of your marketing strategy in the coming year. That said, we decided to put together a list of 75 actionable Facebook statistics to keep in min ...

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  • Ultimate Guide to Dominating Black Friday PPC in 2017

    Black Friday is a special day for PPC. Normally, we’re able to launch new campaigns and carefully mold them into perfection so we can reap the rewards for months, if not years to come. Black Friday PPC is different. You have 24 hours to make the absolute most out of what you do. The wrong ad, the wrong bid, the wrong settings can ruin the day (and possibly even the year!) for you.

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  • The 8 Best Tools for Finding Competitor Keywords

    Keyword research is the foundation upon which all good search marketing campaigns are built. Targeting relevant, high-intent keywords, structuring campaigns into logical, relevant ad groups, and eliminating wasteful negative keywords are all steps advertisers should take to build strong PPC campaigns.

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  • 3 Creative Ways to Use Ad Extensions (that Google Won't Tell You About!)

    Question: What kind of advertiser doesn’t want their creative to sprawl down and across the entirety of a prospect’s search engine results page? Answer: A bad one. And how does one achieve such SERP dominance? Why, through ad extensions, of course! As most of you are aware, ad extensions are the extra bits of information Google allows advertisers to append to their Expanded ...

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  • A Glimpse Inside WordStream’s First Customer Insight Round Table

    Last Wednesday, a day removed from being announced one of Built in Boston’s Top 100 Tech Companies, WordStream hosted our first in-house Customer Insight Round Table. We invited 11 of our customers to visit our office for a day of learning and knowledge sharing. They walked into our 101 Huntington offices excited, alert, and ready to share their experiences as business owners, ...

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  • The Complete Guide to Advertising on Instagram

    So you’re running paid search and display ads through Google, you’re advertising on Facebook, LinkedIn, Twitter, and even some niche industry-related social sites. Perhaps you’re even running some guerilla advertising campaigns, or commercials through NPR. But for some strange reason, you dismissed Instagram, unsure if it would yield ROI.

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  • 9 Ways to Lower Your Facebook Ad Costs

    Facebook is a compelling platform for advertisers for many reasons, including powerful targeting options and affordable costs, among others. Your Facebook ad costs, of course, will vary based on a number of factors, including your audience, industry, goals, and optimization settings. Average cost per action on Facebook However, Dan Rohsler, social account manager at digital ...

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  • New 20-Minute Work Week Alert: Device Bid Adjustments

    Search ad performance can vary greatly across mobile, tablet and computer devices due to a variety of factors, including your business type. “Need right now” businesses like locksmiths may have a higher willingness to pay more for mobile clicks than a business with a longer customer journey like a law firm or enterprise software.

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  • Learn AdWords in Under an Hour with WordStream & Skillshare

    Learning paid search is hard – and it’s harder on your own! So many paid search marketers are self-taught, and it can take months to fully understand the fundamentals, create keywords, write ads, and launch your first campaigns – and then even longer to fix some mistakes you learn too late! But not all advertisers have the time to learn paid search, and even fewer have the budget to make mistake.

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  • Attention Accountants: Your Impressions Are About to Skyrocket

    Have you heard the news? There are some drastic tax code changes on the horizon. The GOP plan for tax overhaul cleared the House on Thursday. Regardless of your political leanings, that’s big news for your AdWords account! If you’re a CPA (Certified Personal Accountant), or an agency running accounts for accountants, you’re going to want to prepare for the impending increase i ...

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  • 7 Ways to Write More Engaging, Compelling Website Copy

    Kurt Vonnegut, one of the heavyweights of 20th century literature, once said that every single sentence of a story should either reveal something about a character or advance the action. You might not be crafting traditional narratives on your website, but Vonnegut’s timeless advice still holds true whether you’re helping people learn a new skill or selling plumbing fixtures.

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  • Google Customer Match Expands to Include Targeting by Phone Number & Address

    When Google first introduced Customer Match in 2015, it allowed search advertisers to create and target custom audiences based on a list of user email addresses in their Search, Gmail, and YouTube campaigns within AdWords. As advertisers discovered powerful best practices for using Customer Match, it became a sensation and Customer Match was expanded to Shopping Campaigns in 2016.

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  • 10 Must-Know Holiday Marketing Stats

    The ho-ho-holidays are upon us, and there is no escaping the madness of shoppers, decorations, lights, food, and holiday madness for the remainder of 2017. You might be rolling your eyes at the fact that you started hearing Christmas tunes blast through your radio as early as October; not to mention that every store in the mall has been decorated in red, green, silver, and gold ...

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  • 4 Super-Useful New AdWords Features You Need to Try

    Google just unleashed a gang of new AdWords features to help you improve performance in every cranny of your paid search campaigns. Today, I’m going to run through everything you'll need to know to implement these super-useful changes throughout your account. #1: Promotion Extensions Since the advent of AdWords, folks like you and me have been forced to use their ad headlines ...

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  • Google Releases Life Events Targeting to Everyone!

    Keywords don’t buy your product – people do! It’s no wonder that Google is investing more into allowing advertisers to target audiences instead of keywords – whether that’s with remarketing, RLSA, similar audiences, demographic details, or even their newly improved customer match. Earlier this year, Google perked heads when they first announced that they would allow us to tar ...

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