• What is Google RankBrain?

      Since Google announced RankBrain late last year, the SEO industry has pretty much lost its mind. A barrage of articles, blog posts, and infographics all have promised to properly explain Google’s machine learning system. Yet none really have. If you’re still struggling to understand RankBrain, you aren’t alone.

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    • The 15 Best SEO Pickup Lines

      The 14th of February is a day for lovers, a day for going that extra mile for your soulmate. But what if you haven’t met them yet, what if you’ve been lacking the right words to tell that special someone exactly how you fell about them? Well don’t worry loyal WTFSEOers, because we’ve done the hard work for you.

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  • 10 Black Hat Tactics That Google Will Penalize You For!

    As you know, we always reward our loyal readers with the latest tactics and news in the SEO industry. Since we’ve decided to triple down on Search in 2017, we thought what better way to start out than by warning you of the ways that you can irrevocably harm your site in the eyes of Google. Now, these are completely black hat, and you should be aware that if you implement them ...

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  • 10 Advanced SEO Tactics You’ve Never Heard Of!

    As you know, we always reward out loyal readers with the latest tactics and news in the SEO industry. Since we’ve decided to triple down on Search in 2017, we thought what better way to start out than by telling you the ways that our in-house team of SEOs has tripled our daily traffic since the start of the year (it’s true, we’re at 6 UV’s a day now – ed).

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  • WTFSEO is Tripling Down on Search in 2017

    Hi WTFSEOers, We wouldn’t be here without you, so I wanted to give you a brief update on some big changes happening at WTFSEO. Tl;dr: We’re focusing our efforts on core SEO parodies such as dumb things brands do, ego bait posts on “industry leading sites”, and search engines asking us to turn our heads and cough.. In the future, we’ll no longer offer OWDY Content or Dingy’s weekly newsletter.

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  • WTFSEO’s 29 SEO Industry 2017 Predictions

    Since every other half-assed SEO blog is doing 2017 predictions this time of the year, we figured we should, too. Even though we’re not at the half-assed level yet, we do have traffic goals and a lack of actual content to post between now and the end of the year. Of course, we personally have our thumbs on the pulse of the digital marketing industry, which means that we know ...

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  • SEO Chatter: Algorithm Update?

    Some guy on twitter we’re not following noticed that several of his keywords moved from page 7 – where they got 0 clicks – to page 4 – where they still send 0 clicks. Is this a major ranking algorithm update? We reached out to Google to demand that they provide us with a change log of the algorithm, as well as a the mobile phone numbers of every employee who worked on this fa ...

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  • Exclusive: AMP on the way out

    Accelerated Mobile Pages (aka AMP) became a hot trend in 2016 thanks to Google support as well as a level of SEO expertise not seen since the launch of RankBrain. However, we’ve learned (don’t ask us how, we just know….. We’re SEOs) AMP’s heyday is about to end. Like a dog seeing a squirrel, it looks like Google will soon be throwing it’s full support behind another mobile in ...

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  • The Cat in the Black SEO Hat

    Our rankings have tanked. We must find a way. To optimize our site For the upcoming holidays. I sat with my CMO We sat there, us both And I said, “How I wish our organic traffic Would show us some growth.” Few people visited, conversions were scarce We were both quite appalled. We stared at Google Analytics And saw little organic traffic at all.

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  • Cyber Monday Tips For SEOs

    Today is Cyber Monday and our editors insist that we write something about it so that we can add to the social media noise and email spam already proliferating the interwebs today. So, here goes: Make sure you have the best Cyber Monday possible with our helpful tips: Wear clothing that’s easy to describe. Remove the piece of post it note that’s covering your webcam.

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  • These 2 Slides Will Make You The Ultimate SEO Guru

    The end of digital marketing conference season is almost here. That can mean only one thing: it’s almost time for next year’s digital marketing conference season! How exciting! Did you follow all the great advice on how to be an amazeballs speaker? Did that advice help transform you into one of the highest rated presenters of all time at the last WTFSEO Conference? If not, I ...

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  • The Grand WTFSEO SEO Grandmaster Challenge Contest

    As you, our loyal readers will know, from time to time we like to challenge you to prove that you’ve been reading every word on this site, and applying it to your daily life. As such, it’s time for us to run The Grand WTFSEO SEO Grandmaster Challenge Contest, so that we can determine, once and for all, which of our loyal, gentle readers is better than the rest.

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  • How to Optimize E-commerce Sites for Black Friday

    So our How E-commerce Sites Should Optimize for Back To School (Note to Editor – I can’t seem to find that post anywhere. Did you not get my email?) post did really well and thus we thought why not cover another great holiday all parents love – Black Friday. Cyber Monday is okay but it missing some of the hand on engagement and rush that we get from camping outside of stores s ...

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  • The Top Speakers at #Ungagged & #StateofSearch

    As part of our continuing series of covering events at industry conferences, we sent our new Latverian intern Constantin down to cover Ungagged in Las Vegas and State of Search in Dallas. While he obviously couldn’t attend every session at each, what with them running on the same days, and with him not speaking a word of English, there were some challenges, but what follows is ...

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  • The 15 Step Guide to Site Migrations

    Like the swallows to Capistrano, the chances are that you’ll regularly be migrating content on your site, either to a new domain, or a new URL structure. All it takes is a new head of UX to suddenly decide that your Information Architecture is sloppier than a piece of bread that’s been used to sop up the gravy that Lisa Barone refused to eat, and then been left out in the rain ...

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  • Introducing Google Dreamsense

    When we last snuck into the Googleplex for lunch we noticed a very interesting whiteboard. It was titled “when don’t people search?” and there were various items listed. Next to “walking around” it had “google glass” written. Next to “driving” it had “autonomous car.” Next to “pooping” was a Google pixel. Next to “my parents” was “chromebook.

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  • This Epic Flowchart Will Help You Decide Whether to Listen to SEO Advice

    Should you listen to that SEO advice you just read? Or was it written by a useless SEO fool? The flowchart below might just help you decide. Maybe. However, as always, please remember the wise words of Rush: if you choose not to decide, you still have made a choice. Like most sophisticated questions about search engine optimization, there’s no one answer.

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