• The 15 Best SEO Pickup Lines

      The 14th of February is a day for lovers, a day for going that extra mile for your soulmate. But what if you haven’t met them yet, what if you’ve been lacking the right words to tell that special someone exactly how you fell about them? Well don’t worry loyal WTFSEOers, because we’ve done the hard work for you.

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    • Reactions To The New Bing Logo

      If you weren’t paying close attention, you might have missed the fact that bing Bing recently updated their logo. The new logo, seen below, represent’s Bing’s switch from Blue, to Yellow, and now Green – leaving them only one more color change left to catch up to Google. The new bing logo is our 3rd favorite Search engine logo. What? we think ducks are cute.

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    • What is Google RankBrain?

      Since Google announced RankBrain late last year, the SEO industry has pretty much lost its mind. A barrage of articles, blog posts, and infographics all have promised to properly explain Google’s machine learning system. Yet none really have. If you’re still struggling to understand RankBrain, you aren’t alone.

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  • Our favorite Pubcon Vegas 2016 speakers

    Last week we attended Pubcon, a conference that’s 2nd only to WTFCon (which we’ve decided not to hold this year as our ad revenue wasn’t good enough to be able to rent even a meeting room in a cheap motel in Detroit. Anyway, we decided that in order to increase our Klout score we should get these easily egobaited excellent speakers some recognition, while doing very little work on our end.

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  • Penguin Recovery Case Study

    Depending on which SEO you ask, it’s been a few days to a few weeks since the latest Google Penguin update launched – and while most recovery case studies had been written in draft mode many months ago, we haven’t seen many of them actually showing up on Owdy yet. For you, though, the wait is finally over though! Here at WTFSEO we’ve partnered with Bruce Clay [ed note: don’t we ...

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  • Liveblogging Lisa Barone Live Blogging #Pubcon

    Howdy WTFSEOers. We’re back in the sessions today and live blogging our live blog of @LisaBarone as she live blogs #pubcon sessions. We caught up with Lisa lurking in the back of the session prior to the one she is planning on blogging about. She seems to be having a mini panic attack about not being able to get to a seat with a plug.

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  • 10 Judge Judyisms for SEOs

    Courtroom firecracker Judge Judy kicked off her 21st season on September 12, giving the 10 million unemployed Americans who watch her each day a reason to get out of bed again. And while Double J is perhaps best known for the Notorious-RBG-like following she has gained while delivering no-nonsense small claims justice in exchange for a cool $47 million a year, her courtroom an ...

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  • What If Crawlers Were on Tinder?

    After the success of our last viral piece “What if Crawlers were Trees?”*, we’ve decided to beat the corpse of that particular deceased equine and return to the scene of the crime with yet another “What if Crawlers…” post. So batten down your hatches, gird your loins, put the kids to bed, rub some…(get on with it – ed)… erm…and get ready for “What if Crawlers were on Tinder.

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  • Top Reasons We Didn’t Publish A Better Article Today

    Lists Top Reasons We Didn’t Publish A Better Article Today We wanted publish something great, but instead we came up with this. by wtfseo Somebody on Facebook was wrong about something – and we had to respond. JigglyPuff isn’t going to catch himself. We started writing a post, but then spent 2 hours as our computer was forcibly upgraded to Windows 10 Mom! Mom! Mommy! Look at Me.

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  • Do You Want To Write for WTFSEO?

    At WTFSEO, we are dedicated to making fun of out of date marketing trends, events, and what some think to be news. And one of the ways we do that is by publishing guest articles by people who have more time than sense, and are in the field (the SEO field, not a literal field). We are looking to grow our guest contributors team! Basically because the core group are totally out of ideas.

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  • How To Write A ’10 Best SEO Blogs You Should Read’ Post

    SEO is important for the largest brands to the smallest businesses. That’s why there are thousands of blogs dedicated to the topic of making SEO great again! Everyone is cranking out in-depth guides, how-tos, tools, tips, and tricks. However, one thing that is sorely lacking is lists of the best SEO blogs you should be reading.

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  • 5 Reasons Why Google Penguin Hasn’t Launched Today [EXCLUSIVE!]

    Breaking news straight outta the Googleplex. No Google Penguin 4.0 update today. Here are four reasons why. 1. Zika Virus “Due to concerns over the Zika virus, Google Penguin will not be launching today,” according to a Google spokesperson. The Zika virus has reportedly spread to 61 domains where Google operates.

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  • The Guide to Legendary PokemonGo Spawn Points

    Given that the entire staff is wandering around the office with their noses pressed to their phones yelling “I see one!” and “Dammit, it’s another Rattata”, we thought we’d have our Latverian “offshore” team put together a guide to show you exactly where you can find those “gold foil” pokemongo characters.

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