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  • The 15 Best SEO Pickup Lines

    The 14th of February is a day for lovers, a day for going that extra mile for your soulmate. But what if you haven’t met them yet, what if you’ve been lacking the right words to tell that special someone exactly how you fell about them? Well don’t worry loyal WTFSEOers, because we’ve done the hard work for you.

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  • 5 Brain-Imploding Trends That Will Eviscerate Inbound Marketing in 2016

    What SEO and inbound marketing trends should you, heathen reader, be ready for in 2016? To find out, I sat down with all the biggest experts who happened to be at this particular happy hour I could find. Below are five brain-imploding trends that we agreed will eviscerate inbound marketing as we know it in 2016! #1 – The Rise of Content Blockers Consumers are sick of content.

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  • Leaked: Confidential Bing Memo re: Search Engine Strategy

    From: To: Hey T, I don’t know if you’ve seen all the news today, but GI, and JM opened their mouths again, saying absolutely nothing new, but what happens? All of the sites and social media go crazy over their utterances. It’s like all they have to do is say that clicking a link takes you to a website and there are 43 headlines about Google’s ...

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  • Super Bowl Party Tips for SEOs

    The Super Bowl is certainly an exciting time for our industry, but work obligations don’t mean your party has to suffer. In fact, with a few helpful hints and a little elbow grease, you can host a football-themed soiree that rivals that of Alec Baldwin himself. Here’s how to – wait for it – optimize your party for success. FOOD Snack stadiums are huge this year. But you’re an SEO.

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  • Single Female SEO Can’t Handle Valentine’s Day Search Data

    Search marketing lovebirds may be blissfully unaware of the misery their single colleagues endure in the lead-up to Valentine’s Day in which, ironically, they are hammered with heartless heart-filled holiday data. One single female SEO simply can’t deal with the onslaught anymore. In fact, she falls apart every time she sees statistics tied to Valentine’s Day searches and has ...

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  • Living With SEOIC – SEO Induced Constipation

    Thanks to the Big Game, Constipation is all of the rage on the internet and TV these days. Suddenly, it’s socially acceptable to talk about bowel issues during the bowl game in front of large groups of people without them feeling ashamed or awkward. Rumor has it that even Google will get in on the trend by soon creating a special Doodle to commemorate the discovery of an ancie ...

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  • Penguin Update Facts

    As the world prepares for the landing of Google’s promised upcoming Penguin update (ed – aren’t they flightless?). We here at WTFSEO thought that now was the ideal time to set some things straight, ensuring that all the WTFSEOers out there have all of the facts they need to survive this site crushing update from our Googly lords and masters.

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