• Finding Your Ideal Audience: A Step-by-Step Guide

    Readers of this site already know the biggest secret in publishing: writing your book is only the start. It’s an amazing start—you’ve done something most people only dream about!—and it’s essential to creating a career as a writer, but it really is only the beginning. Once you’ve written the book, you need to find readers for it.

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  • Build An Epic Visual Strategy for Your Author Brand

    The visual trend in marketing is inescapable. Short attention spans combined with an unparalleled surge of information (and distraction) requires a medium that can convey a message, a story, your entire essence, all at once. And if a picture is worth a thousand words… A strong visual strategy is an essential part of developing a powerful and successful author brand.

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  • Author Platform: Why You’re Struggling and How to Fix It

    Are you stuck? Has hammering out your author platform – or building a little marketing buzz for your book – got you frazzled? For the ease with which many marketing and book publishing experts throw the concept of “platform” around, you’d think it would be a little easier to execute… But despite the fact that the idea has been in vogue for some time, many authors (and even some industry influ.

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Your Writer Platform

How to build your following before the book deal.

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