• Finding the Right Influencer for your Brand

    Being continuously retargeted to by some random yoga equipment company on Facebook and Instagram is a little frustrating. Like, why do I care? But when @beachyogagirl swears by a new yoga mat, I’m fully engaged. Why, you ask? Well, because she’s a real person and I can trust her. It’s not a new phenomenon, but brands are now realizing the impact and significance influencer marketing has.

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  • Affiliate Marketing: The Good and The Bad

    I was scrolling through my Facebook feed recently and stumbled across a BuzzFeed article highlighting 22 kitchen appliances that I quickly realized I actually want. (I’m starting to adult in life.) Before I knew it, I began scrolling through a list of appliances with clear pricing, imagery that might match my other appliances, and a direct link to an Amazon product page from the brand.

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  • Meet the ZTeam Member: Seth Norris

    Welcome to the first installment in our employee spotlight series! We’d like to take a minute and introduce you to Seth Norris, Director of Paid Media here at ZOG Digital. Seth is a ZD veteran who has more than 13 years of industry experience. He optimizes integrated media through search engines and social media platforms, while also running ZD’s affiliate marketing solutions.

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  • Influencer Limelight: Cultivating Content with Ann Handley

    Learn How Writing and Tweeting Created Key Influencer for Digital Marketing From co-founding ClickZ to writing books like, Everybody Writes, Ann Handley speaks to her start and continuous gratitude. Handley maintains her own site and blog, which derived from sharing updates on her life to tips and trends in digital marketing.

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  • Getting the Most out of GA Part 3: Reporting Structure

    Documenting your data is essential for brand development and growth. In the previous two posts of our three-part series, we discussed the importance of taking inventory of your data, and how important it is to understand your numbers before implementing a strategy. To push forward, let’s talk about devising a well-crafted and understandable reporting structure.

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  • Toxic Content: Advertise at Your Own Risk

    I just saw a SeaWorld ad next to an article advocating for animal rights and the boycotting of animal enclosures. Who’s asleep at the wheel here? Brands are finding their ads popping up next to inappropriate, and oftentimes, appalling content (think offensive videos and fake news sites.) To combat “guilt” by association, companies are now limiting their display ads to pre-approved websites.

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  • Getting the Most out of GA Part 2: Implementation Strategy

    Sharp marketers understand that using data is key to making smart decisions when developing and implementing a digital strategy. In the first post of our three-part series, we discussed the importance of taking inventory of your data. To move forward, it is important to understand your numbers before you develop and implement a strategy.

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  • Influencer Limelight: Making Makeup for Everyone with Spencer Claus

    There’s a New Boy in Town, Beauty Brands and he’s in High School From french class to make-up tips on social media, 17-year-old Spencer Claus talks about his rise into social media stardom and balancing being a digital influencer while in high school. He’s been featured in publications like Buzzfeed, Teen Vogue, and Cosmopolitan, while working with some the top cosmetic brands.

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  • Getting the Most out of GA Part 1: Data Inventory

    Data’s used to inform future plans, measure campaign and marketing performance, and shape strategies. For digital marketers, there are few tools as important as Google Analytics. Unfortunately, the sheer amount of data means that sometimes its usefulness gets lost. This topic’s pretty complex, so we’re breaking it up into a three-part series. Our first installment: taking inventory.

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  • Influencer Limelight: The Freshest Kicks with Yu-Ming Wu

    A Fanboy’s Obsession with Sneakers Built a Massive Following — and a Hugely Successful Business From founding SneakerNews, Jordans Daily, and Stadium Goods, to bringing SneakerCon to life, Yu-Ming Wu speaks about his start and ultimate geekery with sneakers. Wu maintains his own sites, which are havens for shoe passion and the industry’s latest releases.

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  • Snap Out of It: Social Media is Coming for Your TV

    Publishers face an interesting road ahead as Snapchat Discover enters the We Make Original Content, Too! Hunger Games. There’ve been vocal skeptics, but the platform is pushing forward. Discover launched in January 2015, and has since been a home for daily magazine editions from partners like CNN, Cosmopolitan, BuzzFeed, and ESPN. Now the company wants shows curated specifically for Discover.

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  • Hyperlocal, Hyper-focused | Online Tips for Offline Traffic

    In the last two years, more searches were conducted on mobile devices than on desktop. This trend altered the traditional, linear consumer journey. It’s now broken into touch points where audiences hop around to different steps across devices. Hyperlocal targeting is the way to present products and services to customers in real time.

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  • Influencer Limelight: Flying Solo with Adventurous Kate

    She flies, brands thrive: How a travel blog creates engaged audiences in a crowded space Traveling the globe for half a decade, Kate McCulley shares her experiences, advice, and guidance across the world. She runs the top traveler blog, Adventurous Kate, that many look to for daily advice and solo travel tips. At age 26, McCulley quit her job to make travel blogging her full-time position.

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  • Audience Amplification: How Paid Media fits into the Connected Approach

    Our Connected Content™ series continues! Throughout this journey, we’ve recognized that working in silos is not effective without connectivity. Every moment of digital marketing must be tied back to content strategy, to complete the puzzle. We’ve heard how SEO and social media fit into the puzzle of Connected Content™, but we’re still missing one piece. Paid media.

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  • Connecting Customers on Platforms they Love: Where Social Fits

    In continuation of our Connected Content™ series, we recognized that brands struggle to effectively connect with their audiences when their teams work in silos. In order to be successful, all digital marketing tactics must work together and be grounded in content strategy. We’ve written about how SEO fits into the Connected Content™ approach.

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