• Pinterest, It Just Keeps Growing

    Pinterest’s visual search has grown exponentially since it was first introduced about two years ago. The platform processes more than 300 million visual searches per month, which pulls in more than 2 billion pins each month. And new features to its futuristic Lens tool pave the way for users and brands to search and shop.

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  • Meet the ZTeam Member: Paul Headley

    Welcome to the sixth installment of our employee spotlight series. We’d like to take this opportunity and introduce you all to Paul Headley, Director of Client Strategy and Analytics. Paul’s an analytical mastermind who is always looking to learn more. He’s a humble man with the beard to match. When he’s not blending data through an omnichannel lens to create custom digital st ...

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  • Types of Content Marketing Metrics to Track

    Being a marketing professional with extensive knowledge of data at your disposal can be a tough act to beat nowadays – especially when knowing the ins and outs of metrics, and how to navigate through the raw data. When it comes down to digital marketing, we all understand the importance and value of content.

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  • Influencer Limelight: Soccer Trick Shots with STRKR FC Duo

    With Quick Video Snippets, Soccer Fans Learn the Newest Tips and Tricks Providing various tips and tricks in the game of soccer while incorporating their own personal touch and music tastes, STRKR FC’s Ben and Mitch stand out from the crowd. Through their passion for the sport, they’ve been fortunate enough to work with brands like Adidas and Puma.

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  • Holiday Omnichannel Planning: Attracting Seasonal Shoppers

    The holiday season is quickly approaching – presenting many opportunities for marketers to target omnichannel shoppers. Nearly half of shoppers choose not to purchase from the first website they visit and about two-thirds of online transactions made on or near Christmas day are done via smartphone. To succeed pre-, during, and post-holidays, brands have to fully understand shopper behaviors.

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  • Meet the ZTeam Member: Julia Cohan

    Welcome to the fifth installment of our employee spotlight series. We’d like to take some time and introduce you to Julia Cohan, SEO Analyst at ZOG Digital. Julia is a digital PR and SEO maven. A graduate of The University of Arizona, she quickly settled in at ZOG Digital. She thrives when it comes to SEO and its quick-paced environment.

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  • ZOG Digital Expands its Amazon Service Offerings

    The time to simply test the waters of Amazon’s capabilities is over, as more than 50 percent of product searches begin on the expanding eCommerce platform. Now is the time to embrace the growth and opportunities of Amazon, as they can greatly benefit your online retail business. At ZOG Digital, we’ve already seen that sponsored product campaigns have a direct influence on the ...

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  • ZOG Digital Innovation Summit 2018

    Join us for an Elite Digital Marketing Experience Our 2nd-annual Innovation Summit is an invitation-only, innovative experience tailored to give attendees access to emerging digital strategies and industry insights. Our two sessions take place across two days: one of working, one of play! Work Smart DISCOVER Learn the latest from forward-thinking industry leaders and network ...

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  • Influencer Limelight: Keeping Austin Weird and Tasty with Jane Ko

    How a food blog turned into Austin’s go-to restaurant recommendation Jane Ko, more commonly known as Koko, is the voice behind Austin top food and travel blog, A Taste of Koko. At age 24, she bought her first house and made the blog her full-time job. ZOG Digital spoke with Ko about her job as an influencer for all things food, lifestyle, and travel.

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  • ZOG Digital Goes Global, Acquired By Investis

    Today, Investis, one of the leading global companies in corporate communications and investor relations, announced the acquisition of ZOG Digital. With a firm footing, ZOG Digital and Investis are prepared to move forward together – swiftly. If you’re unaware of our story, ZOG Digital was founded in 2011 and provides key digital marketing services, including search engine opti ...

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  • Who Really Owns the Internet?

    While it may be difficult to perceive, the internet is a vast communication vacuum for well over half of the world’s population. It connects the busiest cities to villages of only a few people. Considering the plethora of business transactions that take place, as well as social media interaction and general communication, it stands to reason that the internet as a whole would ...

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  • Meet the ZTeam Member: Erin Bartynski

    Welcome to the fourth installment of our employee spotlight series! We’d like to take a moment and introduce you to Erin Bartynski (soon to be Erin Weitzel), Senior Content Strategist here at ZOG Digital. Erin’s a content and social media marketing expert. She has nearly a decade of experience connecting brands to their audiences, from fashion houses to food and beverage giants.

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  • Influencer Limelight: Being a Mommy Makeup Maven with Miss Ellarie

    From Vlogs to Photos, Brands get a Big Bold Beauty Boost From numerous techniques and products, bold personality, tips, and tutorials with her daughter, Miss Ellarie set her apart from the crowd in the realm of makeup. She’s been fortunate enough to work with worldwide favorite cosmetic brands, develop her own makeup products, and even been featured in Refinery29, Buzzfeed, and TeenVogue.

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  • Remarketing: How to Start Developing Your Audience Targeting Strategy

    This year has been full of targeting and remarketing growth. Both Google and Bing released new features and updates to help marketers create custom audiences and the ability to speak to your brand’s exact needs. These new features, like in-market, look-alike, or custom audiences enable brands to define their ideal target market.

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  • YouTube SEO: 7 Myths Debunked

    We all ship YouTube and SEO. They’re the perfect combo for successful video rankings, but with the wealth of information out there, what’s accurate and what’s simply a myth? It’s challenging to comprehend all the information floating around about YouTube SEO and apply it to your video channel, but to make matters worse, it’s not all correct.

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