• Is Google’s Panda Algorithm Still Relevant In 2018?

    In 2011, Google rocked the online world with its first Panda algorithm update. For the first time, webmasters were being hit with search penalties for breaking Google’s guidelines and 12% of all searches were affected by the update. Panda marked the beginning of Google’s war against web spam and black-hat SEO – a battle that the search giant has more or less won by now.

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  • Get Your #ASW18 Badge on Saturday, January 6

    We have an early check-in period for picking up Affiliate Summit West 2018 attendee materials from noon to 8:00 PM on Saturday, January 6. Just come out to the Affiliate Summit registration area in the Champagne 1/4 room of the Paris Las Vegas Hotel the day before things kick off, and you can avoid the lines on Sunday.

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  • 5 AdWords Scripts for Smarter Bidding

    To run a successful AdWords campaign, you need to master your bidding. By adjusting bids according to keyword, location, device, time of day, and audience, you can profoundly improve the relevance and performance of your AdWords advertising. AdWords has built-in tools to help with bid management, but to really excel, it’s helpful to use some additional tools to enhance your flexibility.

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  • Who’s Exhibiting at Affiliate Summit West 2018?

    If you’d like to see who is going to have a table or booth at Affiliate Summit West 2018, we’ve got interactive maps and lists of exhibitors. The exhibitor map is in the Affiliate Summit West 2018 app – be sure to install it on your phone. Also, we’ve created an Affiliate Summit West 2018 Event Guide & Directory that you c ...

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  • Roadmap for a Solid B2B Facebook Advertising Strategy

    Facebook has long been accepted as a great platform for B2C advertisers to reach their customers, but clients in the B2B sector have historically asked us at Hanapin Marketing whether facebook ads would be a beneficial use of their ad spend dollars. I’m here with good news! I have seen success with B2B clients in facebook firsthand, and it boils down to ensuring that a solid st ...

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  • Looking for a Place to Meet and Work at #ASW18?

    Did you know that Affiliate Summit has an area dedicated for attendees to meet up with people, work, etc. called the Networking Lounge? The Networking Lounge will be located in Vendome A of the Paris Las Vegas Hotel during the hours of the conference (see the agenda for details). This room is open to all attendees to take advantage of th ...

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  • Straight to Amazon Facebook Ads

    If you’re like seemingly everyone else, you buy a lot of stuff from Amazon. That makes it a great space to expand your paid search footprint to drive more sales. Amazon offers its own services with Vendor & Seller Central but they can be really confusing and its user interface is a bit lacking.

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  • 7 Business Tools You Need to Succeed Online

    … metropolis of Manhattan the next. Here are some tools of the trade, presented in no particular order, that you should seriously consider adding to your regular workflow. Mint If you want to make money online, you’d better have a fairly strong grasp of both your personal and professional finances. Credit cards aren’t evil if you leverage them to your…

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  • 105 of the Best Online Marketing Blogs to Follow in 2018

    Looking for some new online marketing blogs to read this year? We’ve got a big old list for you! It’s broken up into a few rough categories to keep it somewhat organized: Blogging, copywriting, social media, graphics and UI and web design, analytics, SEO, WordPress, branding, affiliate marketing and eCommerce, email marketing, hiring and staff, videos and photography, and sales.

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