• Getting The Ball Rolling – Account Analysis

    The hardest step to take is the first one. PPC account analysis is the same way. A request for an account analysis sends me into analysis paralysis. The necessity of an account deep dive can manifest for a variety of reasons. Before you succumb to analysis paralysis, read through these simple account analysis steps to help get the analysis ball rolling.

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  • 8 Things To Do Before Affiliate Summit West 2018

    Affiliate Summit West 2018 is a little more than a week away, so now is the time to start getting organized to make the most of the conference. Here is a quick and easy checklist to help you get it all worked out and avoid scrambling at the last minute. 8 Things to do before Affiliate Summit West 2018: Register now – we sold out, but just processed some cancellations St ...

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  • Can You Just Tell Me How to Make Money Online?

    A lot of things have become much easier to do yourself these days. Need to replace the toilet in your bathroom and don’t really want to pay a licensed plumber to do it? It doesn’t take much for you to Google up several useful tutorials that can walk you through the process. Want to figure out how to apply certain effects and alterations in PhotoShop? Hop over to YouTube and you ...

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  • 5 Businesses You Can Start with a Small Investment

    … Are you sick of that 9 a.m. to 5 p.m. daily grind? Do you want to do something you truly enjoy? If so, it might be time to consider different types of businesses and how to start one of your own. While there is a range of available sources for financing your start-up business, you may want to take a conservative approach and start with a small…

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  • 6 Bottom Line Boosting Tips for Paid Search

    … “It depends”. In my 2+ years at Hanapin Marketing, I’ve come to learn that this is a universal truth across the industry. There is no shared magic number for ROI or CPA. There is no perfect CTR or CVR. And there most certainly isn’t a singular strategic approach that can navigate across all industries and account types. That said, I do think…

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  • Don’t Miss AM Navigator at Affiliate Summit West 2018 in Las Vegas

    On January 7-9, 2018, over 6,000 marketers from all around the globe will attend the legendary Affiliate Summit in Las Vegas. This will be the nineteenth time that AM Navigator will actively participate in this must-attend show. In fact, this time we are bringing over the biggest team ever – so do contact us to schedule a meeting and we’ll make sure it happens.

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  • How NOT to Promote Affiliate Links on Facebook

    … A few weeks ago, I shared my plans to start the social media project and what it is all about right here. In a nutshell, I plan to try various strategies to build a social media following outside of Niche Pursuits and see what kind of revenue I can generate from that social audience. In my last post, I explained exactly how I built a brand new…

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  • Amazon’s push to grow its ad business, in 4 charts

    If 2017 was about the hype around Amazon’s ad business, then 2018 will be its reality as the online giant tries to convert that interest from advertisers into revenue. The retailer’s ad business is tiny compared to Google and Facebook, but it is quickly carving out a place for itself alongside the online duopoly. Here’s how its stake in online media will materialize, in four charts.

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  • Ad Fraud is Still the Biggest Concern for Transparency Issues

    A new study was released from iotec, which is a media buying platform. The study looked at a variety of concerns that marketers and brands have in regards to mobile advertising and other related topics. Part of the report was based on a survey of 500 marketers based in the UK to learn more about what types of issues they were most concerned about. The number one issue was ad fraud, which 49.

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  • The Year in AdWords: The 27 Biggest Stories of 2017

    Bitcoin. Cat Person. Other divisive things. 2017 has been one heck of a year, and no subset of the marketing world embodies that truth more so than AdWords. There were tons of changes, from platform redesign to new features and strategic adjustments galore! With that, feast your eyes on the 27 most important changes to hit AdWords in 2017.

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  • Marketers aren’t yet putting Amazon at the level of Google and Facebook

    Amazon has a growing ad business, but its ad infrastructure doesn’t seem to be as developed as Google’s or Facebook’s. For instance, ad buyers think Amazon Marketing Services — a self-serve paid search marketing tool that is supposed to help advertisers efficiently run search campaigns on Amazon — requires lots of manual work, and its reporting is inefficient.

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  • How The Points Guy built a business based on affiliate fees

    Traditional media companies that are chasing e-commerce revenue might look with envy at The Points Guy, a travel deals site that has built a small business on the back of affiliate marketing fees from credit card companies. Credit card companies pay businesses like TPG for sending them customers who are approved for cards — it can be as much as $120 per customer, but the amoun ...

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