• Getting The Ball Rolling – Account Analysis

    The hardest step to take is the first one. PPC account analysis is the same way. A request for an account analysis sends me into analysis paralysis. The necessity of an account deep dive can manifest for a variety of reasons. Before you succumb to analysis paralysis, read through these simple account analysis steps to help get the analysis ball rolling.

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  • Rewind through a year of performance at BitterStrawberry

    2017 in Review Now that we started the new year, we began to think about what 2017 actually meant to us, BitterStrawberry. The season of performance reviews began and it’s time to rewind through the last year. In 2017 we’ve been through lots of changes and improvements and we developed new AI tech tools that kept us at the top also in 2017.

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  • Can You Just Tell Me How to Make Money Online?

    A lot of things have become much easier to do yourself these days. Need to replace the toilet in your bathroom and don’t really want to pay a licensed plumber to do it? It doesn’t take much for you to Google up several useful tutorials that can walk you through the process. Want to figure out how to apply certain effects and alterations in PhotoShop? Hop over to YouTube and you ...

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  • Knowledge Commerce: The Business of Selling Your Expertise

    … of Entrepreneurship It’s no surprise that women are still making less money than men in the workplace. However, with more women making their way into the world of entrepreneurship and starting online businesses of their own, they are quickly finding themselves in complete control over how much they can make, and their earnings potential over time…

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  • 11 Habits of Highly Effective Marketing Technologists

    The following is a guest post by Anand Thaker, CEO of IntelliPhi and my co-collaborator on the marketing technology landscape since last year. He’ll be a keynote speaker at the upcoming MarTech West conference in San Jose, April 23-26. Even three years after Scott Brinker and Laura McLellan’s HBR article on The Rise of the Chief Marketing Technologist, the space continues to ...

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  • How to Start a Blog in 2018: New Method That’s 20X Faster

    What if I told you there’s a new way to start a blog that’s 20X faster, requires no software or technical expertise, and costs absolutely nothing up front? You’d think there must be some hidden catch, right? But there’s not. It’s totally real. In this post, I’m going to walk you through the newest method for how to start a blog, step-by-step, with screenshots and links to a ...

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  • Roadmap for a Solid B2B Facebook Advertising Strategy

    … down to ensuring that a solid strategy is in place – a strategy designed specifically for B2B objectives. The following can serve as a roadmap for getting your B2B facebook advertising campaigns off to the right start. Things You’ll Need to Start Facebook Business Manager Account Social Advertising Goals/KPIs Conversion Tracking (Facebook…

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  • 105 of the Best Online Marketing Blogs to Follow in 2018

    Looking for some new online marketing blogs to read this year? We’ve got a big old list for you! It’s broken up into a few rough categories to keep it somewhat organized: Blogging, copywriting, social media, graphics and UI and web design, analytics, SEO, WordPress, branding, affiliate marketing and eCommerce, email marketing, hiring and staff, videos and photography, and sales.

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  • Video of the Pinnacle Awards at Affiliate Summit West 2018

    … The twelfth annual Affiliate Summit Pinnacle Awards were presented on Tuesday, January 9, 2018 at Affiliate Summit West 2018, which took place at the Paris Las Vegas Hotel. The Affiliate Summit Pinnacle Awards are affiliate marketing’s most prestigious, competitive honor for the leaders in the space. Award winners are recognized because…

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  • Monthly Income, Growth & Traffic Report – December 2017

    This is the 62nd income report as part of the zero backlink experiment. This will also be the final income report I ever publish on the blog What I Have Done In December Last month I started planning and preparing for 2018 and December marked the start of executing that. That includes making changes to the look and feel of the blog and experimenting with some new content formats.

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  • FTC Charges Three in Work From Home Affiliate Scam

    The Federal Trade Commission (FTC) announced Dec. 28 that it has charged a group of defendants with allegations of deceiving consumers about a “work from home” scheme. The defendants in the case are Ronnie Montano, Hyong Su Kim, Martin Schranz, and related companies that they owned. According to the FTC, the defendants told consumers it was possible to earn thousands of a do ...

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