• Submit Nominations for the 2018 Affiliate Summit Pinnacle Awards

    The twelfth annual Affiliate Summit Pinnacle Awards will be presented on Tuesday, January 9, 2018 at Affiliate Summit West 2018, taking place at the Paris Las Vegas Hotel. Nominations are being accepted for the Affiliate Summit Pinnacle Awards through November 30, 2017. These awards recognize exceptional performance in affiliate marketing.

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  • Vote AP for IPMA’s Industry Choice of Agency!

    Please vote for us! Acceleration Partners has been shortlisted for “Industry Choice of Agency” for the 2017 International Performance Marketing Awards – quite an honor! If you …. Are a client (past or present) of AP’s One of our industry partners Or know and love our company, then … We’d so love and appreciate your vote! Vote today! https://performancemarketingawards.

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  • 15 Best Blogs To Follow About Affiliate Marketing

    If you want to learn anything through the internet, one of the best sources of information is the blogs owned by industry influencers. These blogs are the platforms where they share their experiences and knowledge. Blogs are a great way to learn about any industry. In affiliate marketing if you are not following any industry blogs, you are most likely goign to miss the latest t ...

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  • Think all the good affiliate niche ideas are already taken? — think again

    …Whether you are experienced and thinking of ways to monetize a new blog or website or a newbie – picking a niche when it seems all the good ideas (or keywords) are snapped up can be a challenge. Sure, competition in affiliate marketing is fierce and you can be left feeling there is no room or way in for you. If you’re stuck feeling this way, here’s a little therapy. Why is picking a niche so difficult? Here’s why – it’s important. You want to make a decision – and you want it be the right one. If you are …

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  • Ryan Zimmerman on Being a Bad Kid, Fantasy Football, and It

    Ryan Zimmerman joined me to chat on my podcast, This is Affiliate Marketing with Shawn Collins. I wanted to learn more about the real Ryan, so I asked him a variety of questions I figured he had not been asked in previous interviews. Topics included… Studying journalism in college Writing his book, “I Was a Bad Kid” Being the VP of his college dorm Going to see “ ...

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  • Take your startup on exchange to Campus Seoul

    Editor’s note: Campus Exchange is a startup exchange program hosted by Google for Entrepreneurs. This fall, Campus Seoul looks forward to welcoming the first-ever Asia-Pacific cohort for Campus Exchange: APAC Commerce from November 6-10, 2017. Startups in e-commerce and retail from across Asia-Pacific are encouraged to apply here by September 24, 2017.

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  • Affiliate Summit West 2018 Passes Starting at $99

    Registration is open for Affiliate Summit West 2018, which is taking place January 7-9, 2018 at the Paris Las Vegas Hotel. Get your passes now for the lowest prices – starting at just $99. Early bird registration is open through September 29, 2017. Then the prices go up from the next day until the conference. Did you know that the VIP pass is only $4 ...

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  • Want Affiliate Summit West 2018 Tickets to Give Away?

    We receive a large volume of requests for Affiliate Summit West 2018 passes to give away in contests and promotions, and a limited number are set aside for this. Affiliate Summit West 2018 is taking place on January 7-9, 2018 at the Paris Las Vegas Hotel. We’ve created a form for anybody that would like to request passes.

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  • Demystifying Average Position in AdWords

    September 14, 2017 I plan to dig into what seems like one of the more simple metrics – average position. It seems pretty straight forward, right? Avg. position is the where your ad lands on the page most of the time, right? Not so much. The avg. position is the mean average of where your ad is placed.

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  • 7 Proven Ways to Boost eCommerce Sale (That Work Fast)

    Nearly 70% of Americans shop online regularly. Does your e-store make big sales daily? Are you satisfied with your eCommerce sales? Well, if not, you are missing out on your competitors. And this is not what you want, do you? Opening an e-store is not enough. It takes more than just any website to acquire customers. Is there any secret to boosting sale? And the answer is Yes.

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  • Why I sent $500 to an Employee’s Mom

    I just wrote my first official Thank You note that included a $500 referral bonus– and it was to the mother of one of our newest hires! You see, we really appreciate quality referrals, especially when it turns into us hiring the person because they are such a rock star. We call it our Refer-A-Friend program, but it really applies to anyone, including a parent, who refers some ...

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