• 4 Ways To Optimize Blog Content So That It Actually Gets Read

    You probably already know that having a blog is important, but you may secretly be dubious about how often people actually read to the end of any post you publish. No doubt you’ve crunched some data and noticed that the amount of time people spend on certain web pages doesn’t exactly correspond with in-depth reading habits. But that doesn’t mean it’s time to give up.

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  • Is Guest Blogging Dead?

    Way back in 2014, when Matt Cutts was still the head of Google’s web spam team, he practically said that guest blogging was dead. This got a lot of people awfully worried about the future of search engine optimization, concerned that their sites would plummet down the search rankings into the unknown bowels of the dungeon below. And yet, guest blogging has survived.

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  • 3 Elements to a Successful Content-Based Website

    It goes without saying that the traffic that goes to a website is a huge factor in the performance of the website, as whole. For websites that are content-based and rely on good SEO and traffic from search engines, they rely solely on such traffic. It can be quite difficult determining how to make an effective content-based website that will gain great SEO in the long term and ...

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  • Want More Traffic and Leads? Follow These WordPress Tips – Part 4

    Welcome to Part 4 of my WordPress Traffic and Leads series. We’ve covered enormous ground and it’s important to visit Part 1, 2, and 3 before proceeding to this section. Why? Simple. I’ve outlined everything step-by-step in the right order so for you to build an optimal traffic and lead machine within WordPress, it’s important to follow through from the beginning.

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  • How to Build Deep Links to Boost Your Website in the SERP’s

    The concept of deeplinking is NOT new but the value placed on it has never been more evident. For those of you not aware of the term “deeplinking”, it refers to building links to internal pages on your website to increase the overall value of your entire site. The reason Google is putting so much emphasis on this concept is because when people are trying to rank their website, ...

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  • More Common Blogging Mistakes You Could Be Making

    When starting a blog, you have to be very careful today because there is no shortage of other relevant blogs your visitor can turn to. Mistakes made during content writing and blog setup can be very costly because once a visitor leaves your domain, it will be very hard to get them back, especially when they had an initial bad experience.

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  • Want More Traffic and Leads? Follow These WordPress Tips

    WordPress is an ultimate platform and they’ve incorporated every element into their system. It’s very easy for you to customize your website to your preference. I think it’s very important you have a solid platform if you want to succeed in blogging because I think it’s a waste to devote your time to factors that you shouldn’t be paying close attention to.

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  • The Debate about Revealing Blogging Income

    You’ve probably noticed many of the top bloggers reveal blogging income and there is much debate over if this good practice. Recently, I noticed bloggers who are starting out will reveal their income as well, showing the progression through a starting blog to one that gains momentum over the years.

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  • 10 Browser Extensions For Bloggers That Can Make You a Superstar

    Blogging, though fun, can be a hell of a lot of work, can’t it? There are always blog posts to edit, screenshots to capture, keyword research to conduct and a million other little to-do’s. I could list them forever. While there is no magic bullet that will make you become a more efficient blogger overnight, there are some awesome tools you can leverage to supercharge your productivity.

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  • Premium Photos, Illustrations and Vectors from GLStock

    If you want to build a successful blog, brand, or business on the internet today, you need to focus on a lot more than just your content and providing value to your audience. While content and value are always going to be important, let’s be real… we are in a fast-paced world where visual content is everything.

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  • 6 Ways to Grow Your Business with Content Marketing

    …-quality content marketing. Keep these ideas in mind to help you push the boundaries of your marketing potential as you grow your business. The post 6 Ways to Grow Your Business with Content Marketing appeared first on PPC - About PPC - Pay Per Click Management | ppc.org. …

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