• 6 Ideas for Your Website About Page and Why They Work

    Does your website have an about page? I’m pretty certain the answer here is yes. It is common sense that revealing a bit about yourself can make it easier for your audience to trust what you are offering. Other than your business, giving away personal details about your life shows dedication and authenticity.

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  • WordPress and Salesforce Come Together to Offer Smooth Business Operations

    WordPress is the leading CMS and Salesforce is the leading CRM. Combining the two gives the best results one could ever hope for. This conjoint platform provides the latest tools for data collection and the best solutions for data management. What you need to know before integration Integration of two omnipotent platforms is serious business. You cannot integrate CRM and CMS platforms by fluke.

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  • Recent Twitter Updates for Increased Engagement

    Twitter is an awesome social media marketing tool and I’ve been using it for years to generate enormous relevant traffic to my blog. Twitter has a cool interface that lets you tweak the way you want to engage with your users. For example, they optimize the way images look on their wall and allow you to add #hashtags to organize information.

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  • 5 Ways to Better Brand Yourself and Get Noticed

    Do you have a personal brand or logo? How about your website or online business? Your personal or business brand is a lot more than just a logo or a way for an audience to recognize your brand — it’s a way to relate with your audience, build trust and brand power over time. We are all familiar with the concept and importance of having a great logo It’s more than a fancy, visua ...

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  • How To Create A Web Hosting Business With WordPress

    … We all know we can create some pretty amazing websites using WordPress. But what about a web hosting company? In a lot of my reseller hosting training I encourage beginners to use WordPress to build out their “front end” websites as is one of the easiest ways to get a professional looking website online in […] The post How To Create A Web Hosting Business With WordPress appeared first on Startup Hero. …

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  • Authority Pro for WordPress: Demonstrate Your Expertise and Build Trust

    … Authority Pro is a fresh new design by our Lead Designer Rafal Tomal and the team at StudioPress. The big idea behind this specific design is to help you put the full extent of your expertise on display. Consistently demonstrating your likable expertise over time is what allows you to build meaningful and lasting trust Read More... The post Authority Pro for WordPress: Demonstrate Your Expertise and Build Trust appeared first on Copyblogger. …

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  • How Long Does It Take For Google to Notice a Mobile Friendly Website?

    With Google’s mobile update taking place in a few days, many bloggers are tweaking their website to be mobile friendly. If you recently created a blog, then you’ve probably installed a responsive theme because several templates in WordPress are already mobile ready. However, if you’ve been around for years, then it’s time you redesign your site so it’s mobile-ready.

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  • 15 Ways to Respond to Negative Social Media Reviews of Your Brand

    Social media can be fickle at times. With more than 3 billion users now spread across social platforms like Twitter, Facebook, and Instagram, it’s more important than ever to know not only what’s being said about your brand, but also where and how you should address it. This is something the business and branding world refers to as ‘reputation management‘.

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  • A New & Easy Way to Create Tables in WordPress

    Original source: A New & Easy Way to Create Tables in WordPress via DailySEOblog. Accept it. Creating tables in WordPress is messy. Of course, there have been plugins that’ll get the job done, but those plugins have been coded couple of years ago and appear to be clunky. For the new responsive web age, ...

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  • Extraordinary People Share More Productivity Tips

    I’m always looking for ways to improve my production because the more I can get done means the more return on my bottom line. I’m always asking myself this question: What was my total output in the end of the day? If the answer is honest and I know deep inside I got a lot of work done that compliments my bottom line, then I know I’ve had a great day.

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  • Do You Need to Be Extra Smart to Be Successful In Online Marketing?

    Here’s another cool lesson I learned from skimming through the web, reading authority blogs. When I first started to blog, I wasn’t educated in online marketing so I had to rely on many resources to get the information I needed. However, I consider myself a reasonably smart person and my track record has proven it over the years. I’ve attended university and specialized in other areas afterward.

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  • Another Great Way to Calculate Link Quality & Value

    When building links to your blog, I encourage focusing on quality. We know how Google has been making several changes to the search results and how they have shifted their focus to quality. The change comes from understanding the user search pattern and how it’s changed in recent years. For example, you’ll notice people are much more precise, using both long tail and LSI keywor ...

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  • Website Design Errors Many Designer Ignore – Part 2

    … Welcome to part 2 in my series of web design errors made by developers and what we can do to overcome some of them. In Part 1 of the series, we discussed such factors like search bar and font style, specifically talking about color, style, and size. Both of these factors will either increase or decrease user engagement and it’s important to avoid…

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