• How to Apply The 80/20 Rule in Blog Content Marketing

    For a blogger, it’s hard to gauge how well we can create engaging content. Some days, we’ll be churning out articles left and right, and other days, you might be staring at a blank page for hours. Trying to be an efficient blogger is no easy task but there is a way to do it. All you have to is apply the 80/20 rule of writing.

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  • [Webinar] From Giving Tuesday to Intelligent Content: Your Year-End Fundraising Guide

    If you’re a marketer who works with a nonprofit, you know the struggle of finding creative new ways to drive donations – especially during the holiday season. It’s a busy time for just about all nonprofits, especially with so many vying for those end of year donations. And to further complicate things, the tax deadline (Dec. 31) fell on a Saturday in 2016 and will fall on a Sunday this year.

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  • How AR and VR can Propel Content Marketing into a New Age

    A Monster of a Marketing Campaign On April 26th 2017, the marketing team behind the wildly successful Alien film franchise unleashed a monster of an ad campaign to build interest in their new film, Alien: Covenant. Utilizing cutting edge virtual reality technologies, they released a 360 VR experience called ‘In-Utero’. You can check out the video here, if you dare.

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  • How to Create Content Based Around Your Data Findings

    Having a thoroughly planned content strategy is vital in this digital age, so it’s little wonder that the majority of businesses, be them large or small, put a lot of resources into creating one. In fact, the Aberdeen Group’s report The Future Of Content Marketing: The Age Of Content Science, found that a huge 95% of business respondents are either using or considering using a ...

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  • The Best of Heroconf London (1st day) 2017

    At this time of the year, it has become a habit of mine to attend all the largest PPC conferences in Europe to do some “speakers shopping” for ADworld Experience (whose next edition will be in Bologna, Italy, on April 12-13, 2018). In this post, I have written about some of the most important highlights from the first day of HeroConf London (the European date of the largest P ...

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  • Do You Really Need Another Blog Post? Why Content Marketing Needs More Flexibility

    For at least a decade, the 500-word blog post has been the atomic unit of content marketing. Marketers like Joe Pulizzi and Marcus Sheridan built their entire careers on blogging. In Joe’s case, he started the blog without a business plan or a product, and developed both after building an audience through insightful, valuable blog posts.

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  • 7 Effective Ways to Re-Optimize Your Old Blog Posts To Boost Traffic

    If you are a long time blogger and (less likely) fill your page regularly, then you would have a dozen articles that constantly bring targeted traffic to your site. But over time it’s getting smaller and smaller. What to do? In any incomprehensible situation – update the old content. Why re-optimize old articles? The editorial offices of major marketing blogs conducted several ...

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  • 4 Tips for Jumpstarting the Content Ideation Phase

    Nearly every writer/blogger/content marketer has faced it at one time or another: the dread of coming up with the next topic idea. It can be a daunting task, especially when you are determined to come up with something even better or more successful than before. Many marketers and writers agree: the hardest part of writing can sometimes be simply knowing what to write about.

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