• How to semantically link entities to your content

    Search engines love entities. Entities can be people, places, things, concepts, or ideas and they will often appear in the Knowledge Graph. Lots of search terms can be an entity, but specific search terms can also have different meanings and thus, be different entities. Take [Mars] for example; are you talking about the planet entity or the candy bar entity? The context you giv ...

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  • The Case Against Storytelling in Content Marketing

    … read. This post will take a slightly different angle and reinforce Doug’s thesis even further. The fact of the matter is that with the proliferation of content marketing this decade a shift has been occurring in thought leadership. Digital marketing, and the Internet in general, for much of its existence has been dominated by Math Men (technical…

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  • 4 Top Trends in Customer Centricity to Drive Digital Marketing Success in 2018

    … and expect? Below we highlight some of the consumer trends that will have (and are already having) a big impact on digital and content marketing in 2018 and beyond. #1 – Voice-activated personal assistance will continue to shape consumer behavior. While voice-command technology began to emerge in the early part of the century, it’s taken on new life over…

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  • 7 Facts about Content Marketing to Help Keep Your Strategy Fresh in 2018

    … If your content marketing has slowed down or stagnated in 2017, all hope is not lost. The New Year represents new opportunities. It brings a fresh start to your content planning and strategy. Surely, there are practices that you will have to let go of. But there are also current and possibly novel ones that you will have to embrace. To begin…

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  • On Instagram, Nike posts less content but gains more mentions

    Instagram is quickly becoming Nike’s go-to social network. The brand uploaded over a third of its social content to its global @nike and London @nikelondon Instagram accounts last year, while more than half went to Twitter and 13 percent went to Facebook, according to social analytics firm Share Creative.

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  • Accenture Joins Forces with Emmy Award Winning Content Producer Mackevision

    … technologies. By teaming up with Mackevision and leveraging their ‘digital twins’ technology, Accenture will accelerate the capabilities of their XR practice and set a new standard for what is possible in the AR/VR services market. According to Mackevision CEO Armin Pohl, “With our more than 20 years’ experience in 3D visualization, our visionary…

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  • Making content count: How to perform a content gap analysis

    By Kiki Schirr Content shock is real and in his book, The Content Code Mark Schaefer outlined the necessity of finding open waters for your content, whether it be video, text, or other media. To help you perform this analysis, I would like to introduce the concept of content gap analysis. Traditional gap analysis compares the performance of a company or service with its idea ...

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