• Brand Newsroom 149: How to succeed at video for social

    Nic Hayes and Sarah Mitchell are joined by Lush’s senior producer Ian Bignell for a conversation about how to succeed at producing video for social media. Every day half a billion people are watching videos on Facebook. More than half of all of us are watching video online every single day. So video for social is clearly an incredible opportunity for brands to get their messag ...

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  • Content Marketing, is it the Way of the Future? [infographic]

    … to the customer, but there are many types to choose from. These include how-to guides, blogs, photos, e-books, video, white papers, news, infographics, podcasts, case studies, newsletter, question and answer articles and many more. Many companies will use a range of these methods to reach the biggest array of people possible, while some will focus on just one route and produce high quality content. …

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  • 4 Marketing Lessons I Learned from Building a Bustling Baseball Fan Community

    [Editor’s Note: Please join me in welcoming another new author to TopRankBlog.com, Nick Nelson. Nick is a Content Strategist that has been with the TopRank Marketing team for a few months and spends his time creating great content for some of our enterprise B2B clients. Welcome Nick!] If you build it, they will come. Ah, if only it were that simple.

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  • SquareSpace vs WordPress: Which Should You Use For Building Your Website?

    Figuring out which software platform to develop your next website with can be both confusing and time consuming. Today we look at two titans of Content Management software: WordPress and Squarespace. Today's most popular blogging & website creation platform is WordPress. WordPress powers 27% of all websites on the internet today.

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  • 9 Powerful Tools That Will Proofread Your Content For You

    There’s no doubt in anyone’s mind that having good copy is essential for SEO. Having good copy means that when search engines crawl through your web pages, they see that your content is of a high standard – both in the sense that there are no glaring spelling and grammatical errors, and also that no content is duplicated.

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  • Watson helps AdYouLike screen content for native ads

    IBM’s logo for Watson IBM’s Watson supercomputer is now prescreening content for native ads. The supercomputer’s newest job is to assist AdYouLike, a native ad supply-side and publisher platform out of the UK. The company, founded in 2011, says it offers the largest in-feed native ad platform in Europe, and it recently set up an office in New York City.

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  • How To Use Visual Content To Drive Results

    … If you are a content marketer like me, you probably have realized that a picture is worth a thousand words. Quality writing is a crucial part of your content success, but to really stand out from the crowd, visual content must become part of your marketing arsenal. Effective use of visuals go beyond just pleasing [...] The post How To Use Visual Content To Drive Results appeared first on Search Engine People Blog. …

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  • Capture and Hold Audience Attention with a Bold Proclamation

    If you’ve studied copywriting, you know the purpose of the headline is to get people to click and start reading. And your opening copy needs to continue that momentum all the way to the offer or conclusion. One way to do that is to make a bold, seemingly unreasonable assertion in your title or headline.

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  • Why Content Curation Is an Essential Part of Your Marketing Mix

    Imagine if an art museum contained every single painting created over a hundred-year period. It wouldn’t be much fun to visit, right? Hundreds of thousands of images, of wildly varying quality, without organization or context? It would be like a Google image search crossed with a garage sale. Content curation is what turns a warehouse full of art and artifacts into a museum.

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