• How to Drive Traffic to Long Form Content with Pinterest

    … Do you want to increase your blog’s social media traffic? Would you like to learn how to drive traffic to your long form content with Pinterest? More and more people are creating long form content. The average length of a blog post grew by 19% to 1054 words in 2016. This average length goes up every year. This is because several reports have…

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  • 5 Tips for Writing Successful B2B Marketing Content

    … When it comes to tips on content marketing, the focus is often on B2C marketers. It’s thought to be easier to push content when it’s aimed directly at the consumer – they are the ones on social media and willing to read all sorts of stories and share imaginative photos with their contacts. On the other hand, B2B marketers are left to their own…

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  • How To Repurpose A Blog Post Into A Slideshare

    … It’s no secret that a content-driven SEO strategy can be incredibly time consuming, which is why repurposing content is truly the gift that keeps on giving. By reusing your highest-performing content, you can dramatically increase your productivity because you’re investing in an idea that’s a guaranteed hit – and requires very little effort to boot. [...] The post How To Repurpose A Blog Post Into A Slideshare appeared first on Search Engine People Blog. …

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  • What is Cornerstone Content And Why It’s Important

    Making your website accessible and easy to navigate can be the difference between retaining visitors and losing them to other sites. Strong, well-designed cornerstone content is a major factor in keeping traffic on your site and improving your customer experience. This content can also help you improve your SEO, which will boost your place in search results and bring more viewers to your site.

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  • Yoast SEO 4.8: Cornerstone content analysis

    In this release, we’re fine tuning our algorithms to give cornerstone content articles the analysis they deserve. Articles you’ve marked as cornerstone content will now be judged on a different level, so we can make sure they have the quality and authority an article like that should have. Yoast SEO 4.8 helps you write better cornerstone content articles.

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  • How bro publisher the Chive is making content and commerce work

    Publishers have newfound interest in commerce as a revenue stream, but young-men’s sites are old hands at this. Take the Chive. It started selling T-shirts back in 2011. Now, Chive owner Resignation Media, which also owns the Berry, has two standalone e-commerce storefronts, The Chivery and Buy Me Brunch, driving a $20 million commerce business that accounts for one-third of i ...

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  • Stop overloading your Local SEO content!

    … writing content for your site, or when your SEO agency is writing the content, you have to ask yourself if the content is being added to make your site better for users — or just to show up in search engines. If the thought process is “This will help me show up in searches in that city,” then your thought process is wrong. You’re not going to gain…

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  • Pet Peeves from the Copyblogger Editorial Team, and What they Reveal

    …. Here’s Stefanie’s peeve: Hype/extremes/absolutes: Writing voices that are heavy on absolutes tend to simultaneously lack substance and speak to the reader as if they know what’s best for them … which isn’t a combination that builds credibility. For example, earnestly referring to any flesh-and-blood human being as a “guru” is typically too…

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  • SMB Content Marketing: Avoid the Backward Approach

    Is your approach to SMB content marketing backwards? Whether a business is local or not, content drives the bulk of digital marketing. Google rewards quality websites, which transcends into relevant and authoritative content. A successful content marketing campaign involves topics that resonate with the intended audience, creates buzz on social media and attracts high quality links.

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