• Core Basics Of Content Writing Which Can Make You An Excellent Writer

    Writing is a dream job, but it is not for everyone. There are some writers that end up writing bestselling novels and then we have those who become an online sensation because of their excellent blog-writing skills. In this age of technology, it is easier to become famous by writing blogs as compared to being the writer of a best selling novel.

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  • Finding Content Ideas In A Crowded Niche

    … will also potentially be able to rank for them. BOOM! Yes, it’s a win-win. It Sucks When Your Niche is Crowded I should know. I have to compete in the SEO industry, as well as in WordPress. And if you take a look around either – it is chock full of “epic content” from high ranking websites that are very hard to beat. Let’s take a look at the top 4…

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  • Change-up The Content Conveyor Belt: Crowdsource Your Content Instead

    What’s the best way to become a better content marketer? To stop writing. No, don’t stop writing content altogether; just stop writing it yourself. Marketers spend as much as 87 percent of their time grinding away at content strategy and creation. They take a keyword they think is important, write a blog post about it, then share it on social. Lather, rinse, repeat.

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  • 3 Ways to Create ‘Next Level’ Content

    … This week, we offered concrete ways to make your content more memorable, more compelling, and more attractive to your audience. The three blog posts and podcast episodes I highlight below each give easy-to-implement advice that can transform your work. On Monday, Loryn Thompson kicked us off with a post about respecting your audience’s…

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  • 6 Blogger Tools for Sharing and Promoting New Content

    … Do you want more people to find your blog posts? Looking for tools to help? In this article, you’ll discover six tools that will help boost the visibility of your blog posts. #1: Automate Sharing With SmarterQueue SmarterQueue is an evergreen scheduling tool that allows you to reshare existing blog posts with new followers. You [...] This post…

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  • 5 most effective content marketing types in Australia

    What are the most effective types of content marketing according to the Australian businesses using content as part of their marketing mix? Is it video, blogging or email newsletters? Perhaps it’s social media posts or podcasts? Thanks to the Content Marketing Institute’s Benchmarks, Budgets and Trends Report 2018, we have a very clear picture of the kinds of content Australian brands – from sm.

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  • Trump and Stormzy: How Beano creates content kids want

    British comic book publisher Beano has an 80-year history in print, but now it wants to be the online destination for children 6 to 12. At a time when reports of inappropriate content for kids on YouTube abound, the unit of DC Thomson has put a lot of thought into what online media should look like if designed for kids.

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  • 10 Power Tips to Create Facebook Content that Owns the News Feed Like a BOSS

    Facebook recently announced big changes to the Facebook News Feed algorithm that impacts publishers, brands, celebrities and just about any business or human being who wants to conduct any type of business utilizing Facebook. I have provided numerous resources in the form of blog posts, podcasts and even webinars on this topic (see bottom of this post for links) to help busi ...

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  • The Types Of Social Media Video Content You Need To Spark Engagement On Each Major Platform

    The competition on social media platforms is becoming fiercer every day… Every startup, local business or Fortune 500 company is cranking out large volumes of social media content and fighting for your customers’ attention. The algorithms are shifting too. Facebook is leading the way by devaluing the reach of text-based content in exchange for video. Instagram and LinkedIn are following.

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