• Brand Newsroom 69: Joe Pulizzi on Marketing Your Content

    … Brand Newsroom 69: Joe Pulizzi on Marketing Your Content In recent years, the marketing side of content marketing has taken a backseat for the content. However, the Content Marketing Institute’s content marketing predictions for 2016 indicate a shift back to less, higher quality content and a larger focus on marketing. This week, founder…

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  • 5 Big Ways Content Marketing Will Change in 2016

    I’ve always loved predictions. Growing up, there wasn’t anything better than the last 15 minutes of Inside the NFL when they predicted the winner of each game, Chris Collinsworth cackling like a Brooks Brothers fortune teller and boasting about his dominance over the other talking heads. I wrote an NFL picks column in college, but now that I cover content marketing for a livin ...

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  • Realistic Conversion: Guiding Paths in Content Marketing

    This article is about how we help people navigate our marketing and websites. We start with breadcrumbs. Metaphorical ones. The first little morsels of interest are “breadcrumbs” because, as content, their reach is limited. These are small, temporal bits of information you distribute for customers to find you online.

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  • Using Medium for Content Distribution and Amplification [infographic]

    If you are a content marketer, blogger, start up or small business with a name that doesn’t carry as much weight as the heavy hitters, you’re faced with the challenge of finding online marketing channels that are less traditional. Why? There is content overload on the traditional channels. If you don’t already have an established following, you don’t stand a great chance of getting noticed.

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  • 7 Side Projects That Became Marketing Engines

    Seth Godin, upon learning of the term content marketing, once said, “content marketing is the only marketing that’s left.” Of course, he already knew that delivering value to your audience upfront was the best way to generate awareness, build trust, and cultivate an audience (not to mention, sell stuff).

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  • How To Rewrite a Blog Post So It’s New Again

    When you run your own blog for a living, you’re going to face a number of challenges on a fairly regular basis. You’re always going to be working on improving your monetization strategy, for example, and there’s always room to move up on those search engine rankings too. Another area where you might encounter the occasional struggle is with content creation.

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  • 11 Photo Post Ideas That Your Business Should Use Today

    Having your post go viral on social media – getting hundreds of Likes, Shares or Retweets as a response to your efforts – is the one thing that excites every social media administrator. But in order to get one step closer to achieving that, you have to understand what triggers people to share in the first place.

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  • Should You Write for Fans or Customers?

    Mickey Spillane did not suffer from delusions of grandeur. He didn’t expect his novels — featuring private eye Mike Hammer — to be regarded as great works of literature. What he wanted was for them to sell. I have no fans. You know what I got? Customers. And customers are your friends. – Mickey Spillane His books have sold more than 225 million copies, so this approach served him well.

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  • How to Use User-Generated Content for Marketing

    This is the final post in a three-part series on UGC campaigns. Discover why you should run user-generated content campaigns, and how to launch the most effective UGC campaigns possible. Social media campaigns are always an experiment. You never know exactly how well a campaign is going to do, so it’s important that you keep testing campaigns and honing in on the things that make a success.

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  • How to Write Better Content for Social Media

    What do you want from social media today? I’ll answer this question for you: When you post something on Twitter, Facebook, or Google+ you want tons of people to click and read it. Right? Oh yes, you’ve spent hours on writing your masterpiece, finding a perfect image for it. And social media is a great way to promote your work and attract people to it.

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  • Insane Story of the Day: eBay Started as an Ebola Site

    … After spending way too much time playing with the Way Back Machine, Fortune’s Erin Griffith came away with an amazing scoop: eBay started as a website about Ebola. In 1995, ebay.com was just another quirky domain on the young web. As Griffith reports, entrepreneur Pierre Omidyar only bought it when his first choice, echobay.com, wasn’t…

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  • 10 Tips for Managing Your Visual Content (Without Going Crazy)

    How many visual assets does your organization have? We're talking all visual content—videos, artwork, photographs, diagrams, animations, infographics... The list goes on. The number could run into hundreds of thousands worldwide, but what counts is how well those assets are managed. The impact of not being clear about what visual assets exist and where they are located (as w ...

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  • 7 Inspiring Lessons from 2014′s Top Content Marketers

    One of the best ways to learn about the content marketing industry is to study what others are doing. Over the past three years, it’s been our pleasure to observe the field and, more specifically, identify those who are making us think about successful content marketing in new ways. Today we are excited to announce the finalists competing for the title of the 2014 Content Mark ...

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