• 6 Ways to Grow Your Business with Content Marketing

    … Content marketing helps your business to grow and achieve your business goals. At present, content marketing has become one of the most important tools for the business to implement in order to gain success in their respective field. The growth of your business depends on the tactics that you apply in your business promotion. Remember that all…

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  • Report: What Marketers Need to Know About the ‘State of Video Marketing’

    These days, there’s little doubt among marketers that video content is an incredibly powerful content marketing tool. After all, humans are visual creatures by nature, so it stands to reason that video often satisfies our content appetite. In fact, according to a Think With Google study, 50% of internet users said they’ve looked for videos related to a product or service before visiting a store.

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  • Planning for 2018: Which Insights Are Lurking in Your Content?

    … everyone wants a quick win, we know they’re rare. So, instead, we work to build wealth over time. Content marketing and social marketing work the same way. These two marketing strategies are investments and you can expect some ups and downs. But with proper planning and attention these investments should grow in value. Yet, way too many…

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  • How to Build an SEO-Driven Content Marketing Team

    Generating a link or two? Easy. Building a team of 30 that do that at scale effectively, and continue to do that and improve with time? Not so much. In this video, we share the hard lessons that come from building a 40-person content marketing team with an SEO focus. Hopefully there are a few tips you can use to support your own teams.

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  • Underused Techniques to Identify and Craft High-Ranking Content

    We are witnesses to the huge leap content is making nowadays, and we need to adapt our content marketing strategies. We need to stand out in the crowded content space. But where should we start from? Plato’s saying is one many writing talents and content gurus hold dear to, and it goes like this: “Those who tell the stories, rule the world”.

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  • In-House Content Marketing #pubcon

    Lauren Polinsky (MGM Resorts) and Kate Morris (Craftsy) are up to talk about in-house content strategy. Kate starts off saying that she and Lauren are both very, very old. Perhaps not age-wise, but definitely experience-wise. We’ll take that. She mentions that we’re not here to just talk about blue links on a search page. It’s about showing up in the One Box. It’s about Voice Search.

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  • The Ultimate List of Sponsored Content Marketplaces for Marketers

    … article. There are many notable examples. One of the most famous sponsored posts was written by my friend, Melanie Deziel. It’s entitled, “Orange is the New Black” and it’s sponsored by Netflix. It’s real journalism about women in prison. The article was very successful for Netflix and earned multiples more media than the actual paid media. Many…

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  • Christoph Trappe on ScribbleLive, Industry Trends, and the Future of Content Marketing

    Content Marketing World 2017 Interview With Christoph Trappe Introduction: Christoph Trappe is a career storyteller whose keynote speeches, digital initiatives, and content marketing strategies have been recognized globally. From working as a journalist, change agent, author, and content marketing executive, Mr. Trappe has earned his status as an industry thought leader. Currently, Mr.

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