• Building Your Content Marketing Strategy with ELEVATE (Advanced Guide)

    … that you consider a “conversion.” So, what are the goals for this stage? Growth in leads – These are the people who opted in to receive your marketing messages. You send them nurture campaigns and, ideally, turn a percentage of them into paying customers over time. Relevant, personalized content and offers play a crucial role in your lead nurturing…

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  • BNR 177: Content Case Study: Greg Allan of Response Electricians

    … Greg Allan is the director of Response Electricians and he’s the host of the world’s number one podcast for his industry, The Electrician’s Success Podcast. He’s a real case study in how a small business can use content to do amazing things. Brand Newsroom is a marketing podcast for anyone who has a say in how companies are communicating…

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  • Content Idea Generation: 3 Super Easy Steps

    … Sick of staring at a blank computer screen praying for content marketing or writing inspiration? Then follow these 3 easy steps to content idea generation to tap into the creative and analytical process. Includes tools and tips. The post Content Idea Generation: 3 Super Easy Steps appeared first on Heidi Cohen…

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  • How Much Does Content Marketing Cost?

    Anybody can publish on a blog. But to do content marketing well, there’s a barrier to entry most aren’t willing to jump over. These costs aren’t overly high, or excessive. But they are costs. In today’s video, we talk about how to think about these and what to expect for many different common content types.

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  • Digiday Research: Advertisers are divided over branded content efficacy

    At the Digiday Marketing Summit in December, we sat down with over 30 industry executives from major brands across the country to discuss developing trends such as branded content. Check out our earlier research on brands’ social media spending here. Learn more about our upcoming events here. Advertiser aren’t sure if branded content works Brands are spending a lot of money ...

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  • Project Planning Process – A behind the scenes look at our content plan

    … 8 in our 90 Day Challenge digital marketing series. To get access to all 90 videos, subscribe to our YouTube channel. YouTube will send our subscribers weekly emails about all the videos we published over the past week. Want to know about each video and post as soon as it comes out? Sign up for 90 day challenge email newsletter. The newsletter will be the best way to make sure you don’t miss any of the content. The post Project Planning Process – A behind the scenes look at our content plan appeared first on Jeffalytics. …

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  • "George B. Thomas, Content Marketing, & More:" The IMPACT Show Ep. 36 [Show Notes]

    In order to be successful in your professional and personal life, having a routine is essential. Allowing you to decompress and be the best you possible. In this week's episode of The IMPACT Show, Bob and our guest, George B. Thomas, discussed what their morning routines are like, what's happening in IMPACT Elite, ways to generate leads and sales with content marketing, whethe ...

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  • #195: The 6 Pillars of My Content Creation Process

    … Biggest Takeaways You Don’t Want to Miss: You KNOW you have to create “quality content” for your different outcomes—but how do you make sure that it is relevant and compelling, and the entire process doesn’t feel completely overwhelming Today I’m taking the overwhelm out of getting out weekly material plus creating content inside of your […] The post #195: The 6 Pillars of My Content Creation Process appeared first on Amy Porterfield | Online Marketing Expert. …

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