• Get the Right Eyes on Your Content with These 6 Tips

    Great content doesn’t do you any good if no one sees it. Creating content of the highest quality is only as effective as your promotional techniques. No amount of awesome subject matter will make up for a lack of eyes on it. There are some tips and tricks that today’s most successful marketers are using to get the word out about their new content.

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  • Alicianne Rand Shares 4 Tips for Driving Sales Through Content Marketing #CMWorld

    … What does it look like when content, influencers and social media come together to generate a metaphorical gold mine in terms of revenue and reach? To put it mildly, it’s drop dead gorgeous. At least that was the view from my seat at Content Marketing World as Estée Lauder’s Executive Director of Global Content Marketing Alicianne Rand shared…

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  • Stuck for Content? Documenting Vs Creating

    Perfection is an unrealistic goal — especially when it comes to content. But there are strategies you can use to create high quality material on a regular basis. In this blog, I’ll be discussing Gary Vaynerchuk’s theory on Documenting vs. Creating. Documenting your personal journey to becoming an influential business or brand within your industry offers immense value to readers.

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  • The Great Expansion: How RBC Uses Content Across 14 Departments

    … the Contently platform, Manulife improved collaboration across disparate teams and reduced content creation costs to demonstrate positive ROI in less than six months. In this webinar, Contently CMO Kelly Wenzel and Shawna Dennis, AVP, Global Content Marketing at Manulife, detail how the companies partnered to solve Manulife’s most pressing challenges…

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  • 64: Breathing New Life Into Your Content with Ross Simmonds

    After hearing this episode your “to do” list will expand by a few more points. You will love Ross’s tips about cross promoting your content to other channels. Ross actually gave me an awesome idea for the redistribution of my content through slideshare. Speaking of presentation decks – it was earlier this year at the MnSearch Summit, where Ross literally blew up our Twitter #mn ...

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  • How to Craft Epic Blog Posts That Engage Readers and Keep Them Coming Back

    Is your website bounce rate too high? Are you struggling to engage readers on your blog? Well, you’re not alone. According to a study done by Jacob Nielsen, the average website visitor is likely to only read about 20 percent of the text on a web page or a blog post. Most of us get bombarded with content everywhere we go. We’re no strangers to click-bait blog posts with useless information.

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  • Social Media and Content Marketing Are Made for Each Other!

    Most internet marketers are of the firm belief that content marketing and social media are made for each other. They can complement one another perfectly! Experienced webmasters and digital marketers state that social media is one of the top priorities they resort to when they are promoting and marketing products and services.

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  • Content creation lessons from a tiny wedding toast

    By Mark Schaefer I usually hate blog posts like “Seven Content Marketing Lessons I learned from Game of Thrones” or “Twitter Lessons from Star Wars.” I look on that kind of content as contrived and frankly lazy. I’ve never written a post like that but today I am kind of writing a post like that. It’s a couple of real lessons that might be valuable from a family event at my home.

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