• How to Use Curation to Create Unique, Original Content

    When done well, curated content can make a real impact on curious Internet surfers and professional researchers alike. Following the concept of “Seek, Sense, and Share,” successful curators have changed how many of us view content by understanding what people want to know and how to best present the right content in an organized way.

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  • How to Create a Media Kit for Content Amplification

    With each new year comes a new buzzword, and in 2014, the powers that be have dubbed “content shock” the term of the next 12 months. Whether you believe in content shock or not isn’t really the question, because no matter the frequency at which you create, you must always optimize and structure each asset for easy content amplification in order to reach your desired audience.

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  • How to Create PR-Friendly Content on the Cheap

    According to the Pitney Bowes “Metro Magnets Index,” Houston, Atlanta, and the Washington D.C. metropolitan areas will each add around 100,000 households in the next five years. It projects that Provo, Austin and Fort Hood will see the highest household growth relative to their respective populations. These are pretty compelling statistics.

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  • Daily Content May Boost Traffic 100+%

    According to a recent case study performed by Brafton, one of the best ways to build traffic levels on your website is to publish new content on a daily basis. The study looked at how daily posts about a specific topic can draw in a steady stream of new visitors, and keep existing visitors coming back for more on a regular basis.

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  • Content Marketing Objectives And KPIs

    Now that I am back to the front line of the challenges we face as marketing professionals, I am going to start answering some of the biggest questions I get asked about marketing in general and content marketing specifically. One of the biggest content marketing and content strategy questions I get is around objectives and KPIs (Key Performance Indicators).

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  • VIDEO + SLIDESHOW: The Importance Of Imagery

    THE IMPORTANCE OF IMAGERY by Rhonda Hanson, Sr. Director, Digital Marketing, Global Marketing, Concur Technologies. Presented at the Search Engine Land Summit at SMX Advanced 2014 in Seattle. In the world of search engine marketing we tend to focus on copy, ad copy, web ...

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  • Use Images (Not Just Words) to Turn Your Distracted Visitors into Engaged Readers

    If you have kids — or if you’ve ever been around kids — you’ve heard the sound before. It’s a noise that’s somewhere between the cry of a lost wolf cub and the wail of a nearby car alarm. It’s one of the most annoying sounds you’ll ever hear. It’s the ear-piercing cry of a child who has been over-stimulated. The angelic child becomes a hot mess of whiny, clingy neediness.

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  • How to Be a Marketer, According to Stock Photography

    Joining a marketing team can be intimidating. You’re supposed to help your clients get more paying customers. What happens if you fail? Understandably, you feel a little out of your comfort zone—you were a humanities major, after all. Luckily, with every problem comes a solution. And the solution to your problem is easy—you just need to look at some stock photography.

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  • The Dirty Little Secret Of Content Curation Roundup Posts

    … and sex appeal. His post, How To Go All In On Content Marketing, is a good example. Leverage the power of your network reach influencers. Where appropriate, ask other people to help you gather input. Craft a knockout headline. Headlines lure readers in. Barry Feldman did a great job of this with the title to his post on Jay Baer’s Convince…

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  • The Rogers Innovation Curve and Emotion Driven Audience Building

    NOTICE: This is an adaptation from my new book Content Warfare: How to find your audience, tell your story and win the battle for attention online. Order your copy today! Are you building the right audience? On the Rogers Innovation Curve, the first 2.5 percent of people a known as the “Innovators.” These are the people who are completely in tune with what you’re doing.

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