• Get Your Newest Content in Google Faster

    If you have a brand new website, new pages in your website, or even a recently updated page, you can use Google Fetch to submit those pages to Google for faster indexing. When you submit a URL this way, Googlebot will usually crawl that page within a day and, if it is found to be suitable, it will be added to Googles index.

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  • How I Got 226,626 Unique Visitors In 1 Week With 1 Blog Post

    I’ve been a big fan of content marketing for a long time. Sure, paid traffic is fun, but when you can bring a tidal wave of traffic to your site for zero cost other than your time, it’s a beautiful thing. I run multiple blogs and have learned quite a lot over the years about attracting visitors using a variety of traffic.

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  • Know How It’s Built: “Cool” Isn’t Good Enough

    An OK story teller can tell someone else’s story. A good story teller can invent a story. A great story teller knows exactly how to tell their own story. Consider the skills required by the modern digital marketer, an accomplished digital marketer. Story telling: research, the ability to imagine and craft great creative and promote their content to the world.

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  • YouTube Marketing And Analytics: A Primer For Magnificient Success

    Watch Jean-Claude Van Damme carry out his famous split between two reversing trucks. Never done before, JCVD says it's the most epic of splits -- what do you think? Please share & comment! This live test was set up to demonstrate the precision and directional stability of Volvo Dynamic Steering -- a world first technology that makes the new Volvo FM easier to drive.

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  • Content marketing is not king of trust

    Content marketing is not king of trust was written by David Leonhardt, THGM professional SEO consultant. Content marketing is very useful, but in most cases not for establishing trust and clinching a sale. “Content is king.” Who could have guessed that those prophets words by Bill Gates would today be such a well-worn phrase as to be taken for Gospel truth by pretty much everyo ...

  • Post Dating: Is your content timeless or dated?

    Joe Pulizzi sparked a bit of a discussion on Facebook yesterday when he confessed that he regularly ignores blog posts that aren’t dated. Many commenters agreed, but some argued that removing the date from blog posts dramatically increased search traffic. So who’s right? Does dating your posts somehow limit their ability to attract traffic? Is the whole notion of evergreen con ...

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  • 2014 Content Marketing Trends and Tactics

    Most marketers (71%) plan to increase their content marketing budgets in 2014, according to a recent report from Curata. A quarter of marketers plan to keep their content marketing budgets at the same levels as 2013, and just 4% plan to decrease spend. The report was based on data from a survey of 502 marketers conducted in fall 2013, with 53% of respondents focused on ...

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  • Content Marketing in Boring Industries

    I was lucky enough to be invited to do a Mozinar for Moz, which has a great platform to reach other marketers. I gave a presentation on content marketing in boring industries, talking about how somewhat drab concepts can be invigorated with life so we can better meet our goals. The slides can be found above or here and the full video with audio should be found shortly on Moz.

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  • Whoa! Ever Been Called a Sellout For Monetizing Your Content?

    I’ve been wanting to write this post for some time, but an email I received last week finally convinced me to get busy writing… Hey Lisa, I was wondering if you could do a blog post and share your experience with this. I have an email list that I use for important tips and advice. I never, ever sell anything directly from my list and usually offer free advice.

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  • 14 Social Media Trends for 2014 (Full Presentation)

    189 Flares Twitter 77 Facebook 17 Google+ 33 LinkedIn 23 Pin It Share 12 StumbleUpon 27 189 Flares × Social Media Trends 2014: #14for14 SlideShare Summary Over the course of the last month 14 blogs posts have been featured over on the Kamber blog outlining our predictions for 2014’s big social media trends. Now that each trend has been explained in full, they’ ...

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  • Organize Content Development with the (Free) Editorial Calendar Plugin

    I certainly wasn’t looking for an editorial calendar for WordPress because it never occurred to me that one would exist. But somehow I stumbled across the WordPress Editorial Calendar Plugin (free). And I’m loving this plugin as an individual blogger. But before I get into the details of this particular plugin and how I use it, let me first be clear… Who this plugin is NOT for ...

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  • Social Media Trends 2014: #14for14 (Parts 1 – 7)

    51 Flares Twitter 32 Facebook 10 Google+ 4 LinkedIn 3 Pin It Share 1 StumbleUpon 1 51 Flares × It’s that time of the year where predictions for next year’s big trends begin to surface. Last year I put together a SlideShare presentation with predictions for 2013 which saw a few materialise including the rise of semi-guaranteed social media engagement, a major overhaul to Fac ...

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  • Content is King, Keanu Reeves Can Act and Other Lies We’re Told

    Back when I was a kid, my sister and I spent way too much time watching Bill & Ted’s Excellent Adventure starring Keanu Reeves and Alex Winter. Maybe it was because I was only 7 when it was released, but from that age all the way through high school I believed it to be one of the greatest films ever made.

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