• Content Marketing Recap from Social Media Marketing World 2014 #SMMW14

    Social Media Marketing World 2014 provided a wealth of knowledge, particularly for content marketers. Presenters emphasized the necessity to invest in good content, while “not building your business on rented land” – particularly referring to businesses that have invested thousands into their Facebook page, only to realize that only 1% of their content will now organically show ...

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  • How YOU can make cash with Mobile Content Offers (pin submits)

    Source: charlesngo.com/mobilecontentoffers “The following is a guest post by Alexander Tsatkin, who is the Vice President of Mobile at Matomy Media Group In this guide, I will teach you exactly what mobile content offers are, how to run them, and why they’re so awesome. Before I get started, I want to point out that networks use different names for these types of offers.

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  • How To Steal Your Competitors Best Content & Use It Against Them

    Today you are going to learn how to steal your competitors content and use it against them to get backlinks and social signals. This is a guest post written by Dave Schneider who you might recognise as one half of the income report round up dominating ACoupleTravelers.com team. After a few beers, steak, curry & kittens in the UK & Prague with the ACoupleTravelers team ...

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  • Creating Viral Content? Learn The Secret Here!

    …. But an emotional reaction, positive or negative, still works better than simple neutrality. Emotional Contagion Scientists have attributed this behavior to the phenomenon better known as “emotional contagion“. It is the mechanism by which, when we come into contact with a person who expresses certain emotions, we tend to being influenced. In short, we…

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  • Blogging Monies Part 6 – How To Be A Productive Blogger And Create Your Content On Schedule

    Welcome to the sixth part of the Blogging Tutorial Series by KJRocker.com. In this part of the series, you are going to learn about how to keep writing content for your blog consistently so that you can keep consistent traffic coming to your blog, which will result in consistent profit for you. Content is the main commodity on the internet. Without it, the internet is nothing.

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  • How Content Marketing Drives Sales

    Content marketing supports every part of the marketing mix and it will be key driver of demand generation in 2014. “Content” can do much more than build brand awareness though; it attracts interest, builds trust and ultimately, creates new customers. I recently read a book called “Predatory Thinking” by Dave Trott. If you haven’t read that book already, I recommend it as a “must read”.

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  • LinkedIn’s Publishing Platform: Pros, Cons and Generating more Content

    LinkedIn has decided to jump into the content marketing deep end. Last month, the company announced that it’s opening up its publishing platform to all members. The Richard Branson’s of the world will no longer have the monopoly on creating long form content on the site. As of right now, the network is rolling out access to its publishing platform slowly with only a small fra ...

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  • Dear Developer: Building a Website Isn't Good Enough, It Has To Be Marketable, Too

    by Stoney deGeyter Dear Web Developer, Let me start off by saying that I am simply amazed at your skills and abilities. The fact that you can take what appears to be random strings of letters, numbers and other strange keyboard characters and turn them into a great looking website is, quite simply, an amazing feat. I can't do what you do, and I'm glad there are people like you who can.

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