• With viral out of style, Viral Thread is rebranding as VT

    Viral Thread, the 3-year-old media company that aims to bring people “the most popular stories on the web,” has a problem: Going viral has lost some of its appeal. With help from clickbait headlines and fake news, “virality” — once coveted by brands and publishers grappling with social media — now has the negative connotation of low-quality, forgettable content.

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  • New CEO at Daily Voice Says Full-Bore Expansion Is His Mission

    … merchants that they should use the Daily Voice to get their message to consumers? Kilgore: Daily Voice offers a different value proposition than Facebook or search. A good media plan for a local business should include various digital channels. We sell very little display advertising. Our core offering is content marketing. We work with businesses…

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  • Navigating the programmatic turn in content distribution

    … higher-stakes environment. As with programmatic itself, success comes not only from the new technology, but from an approach that understands both the immediate benefits of massive reach and the potential negative consequences of using that tech. [Read the full article on MarTech Today.] Some opinions expressed in this article may be those…

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  • The Truth About Making Money Writing Books and Blogging

    The Internet is overflowing with boundless opportunities to make money. It doesn’t matter how old you are or where you live, because the global economy of the web opens up these opportunities to just about everyone. You can gain the knowledge you need along the way and you can develop your skills as you gain more experience. These are all good things.

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  • LiveRamp launches IdentityLink for Publishers

    … Acxiom’s LiveRamp began as a way to match offline data with online. Last year, it moved into people-based marketing with the launch of IdentityLink, which provides anonymized identities of actual people in their different guises of multiple devices and channels. This week, the San Francisco-based company is launching a version of IdentityLink…

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  • Facebook’s Self-Serve Ad Creative Can’t Be SMBs’ Only Choice

    Facebook has risen from questionable marketing platform to one of the dominant powers in digital media in a relatively short period of time. And while the platform made $27 billion in ad revenue in 2016, it has ambitions to venture into creative services as well. The platforms’ Creative Hub allows marketers to build and test mobile ads, and Facebook has recently begun to appe ...

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  • Make Money Promoting Mobile Offers with Pinox Affiliate Network

    The world of online marketing is one that is growing in all directions at all times. While most affiliates and advertisers got their starts with desktop and search marketing, now it’s all about mobile marketing and application downloads. With more people preferring to use their mobile devices over traditional desktops, the demand for mobile traffic and monetization is now higher than ever.

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  • The 7 rules of respectful marketing

    … Consumers are in open rebellion about how they’re disrespectfully treated by your marketing. Millions now use ad blockers to escape the relentless barrage of online ads, resulting in 32 percent of global page views being impacted by ad blocking. And the rest don’t need an ad blocker because they’re conditioned to ignore the ad. Virtually all…

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