• Does the Google Interstitials Penalty Impact Your SEO Efforts?

    Since the mobile intrusive interstitial ad penalty from January 10h, 2017, there has been a lot of fuss on pop-up, banner and interstitial ads. Google itself announced it will devalue webpages that use intrusive pop-up and interstitial ads in mobile search. Is this the end of those types of ads? Is there a Penalty for them? What does Google have to say? Be patient and you’ll ...

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  • Avoid programmatic fraud with these strategic tips

    … that’s optimized towards this metric, then, is exposing itself to more fraud. Pixalate’s latest report on “programmatic click fraud” shows click fraud to be prevalent across all screens and growing at alarming rates. The report also proves fraud follows dollars and that there’s a proliferation of click fraud happening, not just in display, but also…

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  • The Washington Post expands PowerPost, its newsletters for DC power players’ inboxes

    The Washington Post is trying to muscle further into the inboxes of D.C.’s power players. In the past three months, it has expanded PowerPost, a 2-year-old vertical focused on newsletters and a podcast targeted at Beltway insiders and decision-makers, from one newsletter to four, with the other three focused on energy, finance and healthcare.

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  • The state of mobile programmatic in 5 charts

    Mobile continues to eat desktop, but advertising spend on the platform hasn’t kept up with the amount of time spent on it. That’s changing. Mobile advertising will account for 63 percent of online spend and 26 percent of total media spend by 2019 — more than all traditional media, except TV, combined, according to Zenith’s latest ad forecast.

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  • P&G fought online advertising, and online advertising won

    … ads weren’t being placed according to our standards” reference was a not-very-opaque reference to YouTube and the hullabaloo around brand safety earlier this year. And the “bot” reference is no doubt a critique of display advertising — both programmatic and premium. Is this really P&G’s problem? When P&G says anything about advertising…

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  • How Shane Roberts is shaping Fusion Media Group’s commerce content

    Back in 2013, Shane Roberts thought he’d found a back door into the ranks of Kotaku’s editorial staff. Roberts, a gaming junkie who had been keeping his head above water as a freelance writer and wedding photographer after graduating from NYU, noticed a job listing for a deals content writer for Kotaku, the gaming site owned by what was then called Gawker Media.

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