• How to Frack Your Content Marketing and Close The Social Loop

    Brands are missing a big opportunity to close the “social loop” and “frack” their owned content.Advanced technologies using […] Author information Chase McMichael CEO at InfiniGraph, Inc. Chase is the CEO and Co-Founder of InfiniGraph. InfiniGraph provides brands with intelligence Content Hubs, engagement performance analysis and large scale competitive insights. ...

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  • Interview: Lukasz Jasiak (boxofads.com)

    Luke Jasiak is a guy who is the co-founder of BoxOfAds.com and Montive LTD. He’s a huge fan of board games,video games etc. Luke lives in Wroclaw in Poland ,great and friendly city near German border. In spare time which he hasn’t got a lot he takes care of his hobbies. 1- Tell us a little background info about yourself.

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  • 10 Bargaining Chips for Negotiating a Direct Media Buy

    10 Bargaining Chips for Negotiating a Direct Media Buy March 21, 2013 By mixrank Direct media buying is an excellent strategy to purchase ad impressions for your targeted audience. You have the luxury of buying impressions in bulk with the satisfaction of saving money, given that the impressions offered at a discounted rate.

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