• Retargeting Management: It’s Time to Change Your Approach

    Remember when online advertising was easy? Not that long ago, getting a good-looking banner ad placed in a prime location on the world wide web was the best way to drive people to your website. The costs were lower, the click-through-rates were higher, and if you staked out a unique place for yourself within the online retail space, the sales were outstanding.

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  • Should I Hire an In-House Digital Marketing Specialist or Tap an Agency for Help?

    The digital marketing landscape is changing at a rapid pace, with many organizations planning to up their budgets and diversify their tactics in the coming years. In fact, according to Forrester research, CMOs will spend nearly $119 billion on search marketing, display advertising, online video and email marketing by 2021.

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  • Where Local Agencies Help Brands Most

    About a quarter of multi-location brands use local media agencies to help manage and evaluate their local digital advertising and marketing programs, according to Street Fight’s latest survey. There’s a modest correlation between using agencies and marketing effectiveness, and the agencies seem to help the most with TV and display advertising, rather than other key local tacti ...

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  • Social Media Gets the Local Spending Growth, Partly by Default

    Social media marketing remains the biggest target for increased spending, both by small local merchants and enterprise marketers supporting their local branches and distributors, according to Street Fight survey analysis. It is widely used, and deemed effective, particularly by SMBs. But when you dig deeper, it looks like most local marketers are using social media as substitu ...

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  • Publishers are using advertiser trust concerns to their advantage

    Marketers’ newfound skepticism of programmatic media buying is starting to turn in publishers’ favor. Whether burned by ad misplacement or fraud, wanting more control over their digital media-buying operations or fearing the General Data Protection Regulation will trip them up, advertisers are increasing the conversations they have directly with publishers about programmatic media.

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  • Bloomberg fights display ad commoditization with Terminal data

    To shore up its display business, Bloomberg is tapping its markets data to create custom display ads. Bloomberg now sells 27 different kinds, up from seven just two years ago, in formats that tap into Bloomberg Terminal data to give advertisers an ability to use real-time data about companies, commodities and stocks to deliver advertising that accurately reflects what’s going o ...

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