• Why Content Curation Is an Essential Part of Your Marketing Mix

      Imagine if an art museum contained every single painting created over a hundred-year period. It wouldn’t be much fun to visit, right? Hundreds of thousands of images, of wildly varying quality, without organization or context? It would be like a Google image search crossed with a garage sale. Content curation is what turns a warehouse full of art and artifacts into a museum.

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    • 3 Things Marketing Managers Aren’t Telling Their CEO

      I am so frustrated with social media marketers. They think that Facebook is the only marketing channel, Snapchat is brand attention nirvana and spending money on influencers with 10,000 followers on Instagram is a good investment. Most people want quick wins and so the Facebook advertising tactics to amplify their brand and get attention are invested in. Nothing wrong with that.

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  • How to Align Small Business Social Media With Your Goals

    … Are you skeptical about small business social media? When you’re the owner or manager of a small business, it seems like there are at least a million things to think about. Why does social media have to be one of them? And how is it even possible to include social media marketing in your day-to-day routine? The other demands of business are so…

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  • Why It’s Time to Rebuild Traditional Marketing Teams

    I’m not usually one for quotations, but there’s a saying attributed to Albert Einstein that I’ve always appreciated: The definition of insanity is doing the same thing over and over again, and expecting different results. Since marketers always care about getting better results, it’s about time they listened to Einstein’s advice.

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  • Top 10 ways to Send Anonymous Email: Can It Be Done?

    Have you ever daydreamed about how awesome it would be if there were a way to send emails anonymously? Is it even possible to send anonymous email? Whether to pull a prank on one of your friends or to communicate anonymously for a good cause, there are many reasons why anyone might need privacy while corresponding with others online.

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  • Learn These 5 Simple, Effective Marketing Techniques

    Looking for ways to build your small business? Learn these 5 simple, effective marketing techniques for small businesses As a small business owner, you know that you need to use effective marketing techniques if you want your business to be a success. Simply having a great business is not enough to guarantee that you will be successful – no matter how incredible your products or ...

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  • Improving Content Conversion with Dynamic Content

    Content Curation, Content Strategy If you’re big into email marketing, you probably already know about Dynamic Content. But for those who haven’t discovered it as yet, it’s an email marketing tool you can use to put different copy points in your email campaigns, specifically targeting different targets based on what you know about them.

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  • SEO Tips: How to Optimize Images for Better Google Image Search Results

    … is: shutterstock_3663995. If this photo was being used in a blog post about hang gliding, then changing the name to Outer-Banks-hang-gliding would be much more descriptive. While Google is getting better at analyzing the context of an image and new technologies are emerging to improve results, best practice is to upload the picture with a descriptive name to the CMS…

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  • How to Prune Your Email List to Improve Deliverability

    … As with all marketing channels, email marketing is only effective if it reaches its desired audience. For email, that means reaching the inbox. 21% of opt-in emails fail to reach the inbox. Deliverability and reputation are crucial to reaching the inbox. A major component of reputation is keeping a clean list. List hygiene can be considered…

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  • An Interview With Rosetta Stone: How to Make Content That Speaks to Your Audience

    Every piece of content should be written in a language and tone befitting your audience. But do you know how to create content that speaks to them? Take Rosetta Stone for instance, they grew from a model that was all about language learning and moved into education technology. With millions of learners worldwide, the company has expanded its offerings and propelled the learnin ... 11 readers -
  • Top Webapps & Tools That All Bloggers Should Learn To Use

    Getting started blogging is pretty simple and doesn’t require more than a website and a willingness to write. But moving into blogging seriously, especially as a profession, requires more time and attention. You can save time by learning tools that make tasks a lot easier to finish. Let’s take a look some of these tools and webapps that I think all bloggers should be familiar with.

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  • 57: Email Outreach – What is the Right Amount of Persistence?

    If you’ve been a fan of this podcast for years, you will agree that the most successful guests I have interviewed rarely waited for the perfect time to jump in. They just jumped. It’s been the idea since before this podcast was even a twinkle in my eye. When it was just a dream, and a date on the calendar to interview Rand Fishkin from Moz.

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  • Social ROI: Challenges and Solutions

    Social media marketing can be a big driver for marketing growth, since it is one of the newest marketing channels. As this article by Taylor Pearson points out, In 1994, a display ad might get a 70% clickthrough rate. Display ad clickthrough rates are now in the neighborhood of 0.05%…So we starting sending more email. Marketers in the late 90’s regularly saw 99% of their emails get opened.

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  • Infographic: The Ultimate Guide to International Email Spam Laws

    I find this infographic very fitting for 2017. I’m starting to get a lot of email from companies that haven’t asked permission to email me. I suspect that a few of the new sales-prospect scraping technologies out there are supplying email addresses to aggressive sales and marketing teams. It’s not the worst thing in the world t ...

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