• Join Us in a Marketing Wonderland on November 1st

    … What happens when the U.S. Small Business Administration Tech Coalition brings together Constant Contact, Facebook, Google, and Square? A free, live stream workshop to help small businesses make the most of the holiday season of course. Join us on November 1st, from 12 pm to 2 pm ET, as we share the latest tips and tricks to be found online…

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  • Stop Sending Bad Sales Emails to Your Prospects. Here’s How.

    No one wants to be considered a “spammer.” The word is equivalent to an assassination of character in digital marketing. We’re all just trying our best to meet daily prospecting goals and close deals, etc., but is it really your “best” if the majority of these emails go unanswered? What if you’re approaching email with the wrong mindset? The av ...

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  • 9 Free Digital Marketing Tools for Home-Based Business Owners

    When your business is well-established, you can buy and try all sorts of expensive software. You have so many computers and mobile devices spread over so many departments that you need a dozen or more tools just to keep your business moving. A successful business presents all sorts of unique marketing challenges, prime among them organization.

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  • Know Everything You Have to About User Retention

    A user-seller relationship is more than a business transaction. In order to keep a business stable and going, you need the loyalty of your users more than their initial introduction to your product. In short, you need to prioritize user retention. How Do You Crack the User Retention Code? After all, loyal users are satisfied and happy users.

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  • 6 Best Ways to Increase Website Traffic

    Grow Your Business Via these 6 Ways to Increase Website Traffic If there’s one online marketing goal that companies are focused on today, it’s finding ways to increase website traffic. 55% of companies identify growing traffic to their website as one of their top marketing priorities, according to HubSpot’s 2017 State of Inbound Marketing report.

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  • 4 Tricks to Boost Your Email Click-Through Rates

    … Want to know how to increase the click-through rate of your emails? To increase email click-through, you need to nurture your list. Email nurturing is essential because no one wants to engage with an email sent by a stranger. On average, 13+ promotional emails are hitting the inbox of your subscribers daily from various brands. It goes without…

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  • 14 Fun & Festive Holiday Marketing Ideas for 2017

    With pumpkin spice lattes back in season, it is hard not to have the holidays on our minds. Halloween is creeping up on us, and we’re about to be in full-out holiday season. What could be more exciting! While it might seem early to plan for winter, it isn’t! The earlier the better. After all, Mariah Carey already has her Christmas tree up… While not all of us love baking rei ...

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  • Email Spotlight: DramaFever

    When you’re unveiling a new product, piece of content, or just a killer sale, you want your customers to get excited about it. One of the best ways to do that is to surprise and delight them with email. But so many customers tune out promotional messages these days – they think they’ve seen it all! That’s why it’s so important to test new email engagement tactics to see what sticks.

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  • The Way We Read Work Email is Changing

    …: American Inbox 2: The Reckoning to illustrate the changes. Download a Sponsored Marketing Whitepaper: 12 Brilliant Emails From Our Favorite Brands See effective email campaigns, plus the strategies that make them so effective. Download Now Download a Sponsored Marketing Whitepaper: 12 Brilliant Emails From Our Favorite Brands See effective email campaigns, plus the strategies that make them so effective. Download Now © 2017 DK New Media. All Rights Reserved. Visit and Subscribe to MarTech today! …

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  • How to Create Brand Loyalty Before Your Customer Even Makes a Purchase

    … is created when a person makes multiple purchases, then recommends the business to their friends because of the high value they’ve received. However, purchasing isn’t always a prerequisite for brand loyalty. In a study by Wunderman on consumer behavior, 79% of American respondents stated that brands have to demonstrate they understand and care about them…

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