• Why Cloaking is not Good for a Long Term Affiliate Business

    In the past 2 weeks, I have been contacted by almost 20 people on facebook and through emails, basically asking for a way out, As they are tired of the regular cat and mouse game with traffic networks. First of all, cloaking itself is not bad and can be a very effective tool against bot traffic and to prevent your competitors from spying on you..

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  • Facebook Talks About Its ‘Shared Future’ With Local News Publishers

    Column inch by column inch, news publishers are being devoured by Facebook and Google. At least that’s the way it looks in the headlines. The predicament was summed up in the recent BuzzFeed article, “The Campaign Against Facebook and Google’s ‘Duopoly’ Is Going Nowhere.” But underneath the grim headlines, many news publishers, big and small, for-profit and nonprofit, are mak ...

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  • Saving Time with the Facebook Power Editor

    … August 9, 2017 When it comes to creating campaigns and ads in Facebook we’re always looking to be faster and more efficient with our time. While the default Ads Manager does a great job of walking you through the creation process, it’s tutorial-oriented approach can slow you down. Trying to launch campaigns and ads at any kind of scale can…

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  • How to Grow Your Facebook Following: A 6-Step Plan

    … Looking for new ways to grow your Facebook audience? Have you considered targeting prospects by interests that are related to your product? In this article, you’ll discover how to grow a specialized audience on Facebook in six steps. by Daniel Knowlton on Social Media Examiner. #1: Analyze Broad Target Market Characteristics The first step…

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  • Quarterly Revenue Surge for Google & Facebook

    Alphabet Inc (Google) and Facebook Inc have recently released their quarterly revenue results, and it is clear that the two tech giants are doing quite well. Both of these companies make the vast majority of their money on advertisements, and combined they bring in more than 60% of all Internet ad revenue in the US (and more than half in the world).

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  • How to Get Started With Facebook Analytics

    Are you taking advantage of the actionable data Facebook offers marketers? Have you explored the Facebook Analytics dashboard? Facebook Analytics is a robust tool that lets marketers explore users’ interactions with advanced goal paths and sales funnels. In this article, you’ll discover how to get started with Facebook Analytics. by Bill Widmer on Social Media Examiner.

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