• Street Fight Daily: Shoppers Swarm to Social, Snapchat’s Redesign Goes Live

    … Model (MediaPost) On Tuesday, LaterPay announced it has created a way to integrate with third-party services, allowing publishers to include a paywall and subscription model, as well as a pay gate. Former Top Editors Worried About Time’s Future (Poynter) In light of Time Inc.’s $3 billion sale, there is surely no American more anxious about…

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  • 6 Tips For Efficient Facebook Advertising

    November 16, 2017 Do you advertise on Facebook? Do you wish you could be a little more efficient with your time and money? Well these six tips could help you! I hope they help you. No really I do! We love helping advertisers like you! Tip 1: Learn To Use Power Editor Those of you who aren’t using the Power Editor for your Facebook advertising efforts could be wasting a lot ...

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  • Facebook Local: The Launch We’ve All Been Waiting For?

    Last Friday, a launch occurred that, depending on your perspective, is either a momentous sea change in the world of local or else a rather disappointing splash through a few familiar puddles. I’m talking about Facebook’s rebranding of its Events app as Facebook Local, or Local from Facebook (the App Store calls it both).

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