• How to Install and Use the Facebook Pixel: A Guide for Marketers

    … Do you run Facebook ads to promote your business? Wondering how the Facebook pixel can help optimize ad delivery for specific goals? In this article, you’ll discover how to install and use the Facebook pixel to track website traffic and create trackable Facebook ads. by Tammy Cannon on Social Media Examiner. What Is the Facebook Pixel…

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  • How to Use Facebook Groups for Business: A Guide for Marketers

    Want to use a Facebook group for business? Wondering how to promote your products and services in Facebook groups? Whether you create a Facebook group or join one managed by someone else, you can use groups to position yourself, find new customers, and more. In this article, you’ll discover how to use Facebook groups to support and market your business.

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  • How to Set Up Facebook Messenger Ads

    … Do you want to reach more customers and prospects using Facebook Messenger? Have you tried Messenger ads? Messenger ads display inside the Messenger app on the home tab, increasing the likelihood people will interact with your business. In this article, you’ll discover how to set up a Messenger ad. by Sally Hendrick on Social Media…

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  • The best ways to use social media for marketing your medical practice

    With nearly 2 billion active monthly users, it’s safe to say that Facebook should be a part of your business and marketing strategy. If you’re in the medical industry, it’s even more of a necessity. By using Facebook to interact with patients, physicians can highlight procedures and products — and, most importantly, they can build trust with their current and potential patients.

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  • Deciding Between CPM & CPC Bidding on Facebook

    … July 27, 2017 In a previous blog post, fellow PPC Hero Kelsey gave everyone 3 Facebook Optimizations You Can Make Today. I wanted to expand upon her suggestion of testing out different bidding strategies and how I made a change from CPM to CPC bidding in one of my Facebook accounts. If you’re managing a Facebook account that gets very few…

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  • How to Ensure Your Facebook Page Complies With Facebook Terms

    Do you have a Facebook page for your business? Want to be sure your page isn’t disabled (or worse, shut down) for noncompliance with Facebook’s Terms? In this article, you’ll discover four tips to keep your Facebook page in line with Facebook’s Terms. by Sarah Kornblett on Social Media Examiner.

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  • Does Snark = Sales? What Consumers REALLY Want from Brands on Social Media

    … network has a unique identity. Facebook is a casual place to post cute pictures and start political arguments. Twitter is an even more casual place to start extremely character-limited political arguments. LinkedIn is more buttoned-down and professional, with only occasional political arguments. Your audience on each platform has a unique set…

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