• Are Unpublished Facebook Posts or “Dark” Posts still interesting?

    109 Shares 109 Shares × Unpublished Facebook Posts or “Dark” Posts You may have heard about them but have you ever tried them? Do you know what are their benefits and why page owners or advertisers should use them? Unpublished (dark) posts don’t appear on the Facebook Fan Page and will not annoy your whole fans! This is very useful if you have a wide range of fans from different regions or if.

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  • May the 4th Be With YouTube

    … selected were then given the opportunity to film their videos on the set of the Mos Eisley Cantina, the infamous haunt where Luke and Han Solo (and Chewbacca) first meet, using official Star Wars props, costumes and music. In the weeks leading up to Star Wars Day, the creatives shot Star Wars-inspired videos that were then promoted on social channels. Lucasfilm and YouTube publicized these videos via StarWars.com, the YouTube Spotlight channel, Twitter, Facebook and Google+. …

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  • How to create perfect social media posts

    342 Shares 342 Shares × Do you know the perfect formula for your Blog, YouTube, Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest, Google+, Instagram, Vine and Tumblr posts? Not that easy right?! Each of them has its own nature and rules. People behave differently on different social platforms and this is the reason why you should treat each of them very special! Beginning with your own Blog ...

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  • Why Facebook PPC is a Great Option for Local Marketing

    If you are spending marketing money on pay per click, then it is important that you are looking for additional ways to optimize the campaigns in order to reduce click costs and target your demographic more effectively. Facebook marketing might be one of the most effective ways to dial in your demographic targeting, because you can specify details about the target audience that ...

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  • 3 Easy Steps to Remarketing on Facebook

    Remarketing through Facebook means showing ads on Facebook to people who have previously been on your site. It used to be that you had to use a third party company on the Facebook Exchange to buy those ad placements (for example, AdRoll was a big one), but now you can do it easily yourself! 3 Easy Steps to Remarketing on Facebook 1. Go to audiences and create a custom audience 2.

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  • How I Manage Multi Million Dollar Companies With Ruthless Optimization

    After this past weekend’s Revived Media Mobile Media Buyers Training here at the office in KCMO, I thought I would share how I’m able to help manage our businesses with Ryan, Bill & Brent. For anyone not aware, we manage the IMGrind Forum with 4,000+ monthly paying members, iMobiTrax Mobile Tracking Software with 5,000+ monthly customers, Revived Media Mobile User Acquisi ...

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  • Unbiased Report From STM Member Who Was There In Bangkok

    … After the latest STM meetup in Bangkok, forum member Beastmode wrote up this great description of the event! So, if you want to know why you should head to the next STM meetup AT ALL COSTS, read on… Yo Stackers, My business partner Jackson and I recently returned from the STM event in Bangkok, Thailand, and we wanted to share a few quick…

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  • Older Adults Utilizing Facebook Could Mean Big Changes for Marketing

    Older Adults Utilizing Facebook Could Mean Big Changes for Marketing Once upon a time (a few years ago), young teens were pleading to have a Facebook account and parents were putting their foot down against it. Fast forward to present day, now older adults are friend requesting their children, pushing them to post more pictures and statues so they can stay updated in their lives.

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  • Stack That Money Must-Read Posts – Late Feb Edition

    … Profitable Campaigns, and updated it to 2014! If you’re doing POF read this NOW. A mega List of Traffic Sources – By GEO Need a few new traffic sources? Well, then, you’re out of luck – iamattila isn’t sharing a few, he’s sharing literally HUNDREDS. Prepare to have your mind blown. How To Deal With Frustration? Affiliate marketing is… quite…

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  • Which Social Media Platforms should I use for my Small Business?

    Which Social Media Platforms should I use for my Small Business? Posted by Travis Matheny on Mar 3, 2014 in Blog, Facebook, Featured, Instagram, LinkedIn, Pinterest, Social Media for Business, Social Media Marketing, Twitter, YouTube Small Businesses count on social media for advertising. It’s free, it’s easy and it can reach the four corners of the globe.

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  • B2B Social Media Marketing and Tools

    241 Shares 241 Shares × What do you think about Social media and B2B? I don’t know what pains you face everyday and if you’re a business consultant, then you understand me very well. If you’re a marketing manager and working for a B2B company, you’ll probably think that your customer or target audience aren’t using social media, but please tell me who those over 1.

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  • Latest Changes to Facebook

    Since Facebook users are increasingly getting their news from the social media platform, Facebook has announced that it will favor high quality articles for the newsfeed. Facebook will be showing preference to these articles over the popular memes. Their studies are showing that people are preferring news articles over the visual updates.

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