• How to Use Twitter’s Newly Opened Analytics to Find Great Blogging Ideas

    Twitter announced (somewhat quietly) recently that Twitter Analytics are now open to everyone. This simple tool makes Twitter much more valuable to people who create and publish things online. Here’s how. If you’re logged in to Twitter, just visit analytics.twitter.com. You’ll see a bunch of interesting data on this page, including the following: Then, below that graph, yo ...

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  • 4 Things Search Marketers Can Do to Ensure a Happy Holiday

    The holiday shopping season can be make or break for marketers as many count on sales to soar during this time of year. Last year, paid search continued to be a top performer with impressions, click and revenue reaching record highs. Given the performance and opportunities for expansion that paid search affords, advertisers are investing more in this channel with each passing ...

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  • My Take on Inbound Marketing

    … Marketing Jacqueline and I completed our first Spartan race in August of 2014. Note that I say “first.” This is your first clue that the organization is doing something right. My friend, Chad, just completed what’s called a double trifecta. This means that Chad has raced the three main Spartan race distances (sprint, super, and beast) and completed…

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  • Publishers plead with twitchy social visitors to stay

    … that when you have two minutes of their time, let alone 10 seconds.” Bounce Exchange, which already works with publishers like Gannet, Forbes and Rodale, works by tracking factors like cursor movement and speed and how long readers spend on the page. Gothamist publisher Jake Dobkin said that the site uses the Bounce Exchange units with the basic rule…

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  • Shining Light on “Dark Social” Sharing

    … Other Networks, Shared Media Published 4 hours ago | By: Maël Roth In late 2012, Alexis Madrigal, senior editor at The Atlantic, published an article titled “Dark Social: We have the whole history of the web wrong.” The article did not go unnoticed: over 5,000 tweets, nearly the same amount of shares on Facebook and 2,100 pluses on Google…

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  • Short and Long Term Content Marketing Goals

    … are a great example of a company who continue to build and sustain a community of followers. One of the reasons for this is because they use meerkats as campaign mascots, alongside a host of in-depth content, which constantly creates a buzz within their sector. Their Facebook profile is a testament to their success, which currently has over 849,000…

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  • Here’s What 2.7 Billion Social Shares Say About Online Publishing

    Campaign reach is one of the linchpins of successful content marketing. With the right media relations approach, your content marketing campaigns can tap into a publisher’s highly-engaged audience. But, how do you know which publishers have the most engaged following? To approach this question strategically, we need to know which publishers are getting the most social media ...

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  • 14 Social Media Marketing Tools Recommended by the Pros

    Are you looking for new social media marketing tools? Do you want to know which tools today’s social media professionals recommend? It’s not always easy to know which tools are worth checking out or how to use them. We asked 15 top social media marketers to share the tools they find most useful right now.

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  • 10 Free Blog Post Ideas

    I have this creative system to develop blog post ideas. Every day as I think of ideas that might make a great blog post, I dutifully record it as a headline in WordPress for later assessment. Sometimes an idea blooms into an article, but more likely the idea slowly floats down to the bottom of the pile like a dead leaf drifting to the depths of the sea.

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