• Pokemon Go Is the Hottest Thing on U.S. Mobile, So Who’s Marketing in Japan?

    About one week after launch, the number of Pokemon Go users topped that of Facebook. Roaring mobile media success on that magnitude begs a question: Foreign companies are using social media and mobile to dominate the American market, but are we marketing them back? Predictably, Facebook, WhatsApp (owned by Facebook) and Facebook Messenger top the list of social networks by use ...

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  • 6 Ways Data Can Boost Your Social Media Marketing

    … After a decade of attempting to connect with customers and prove return on investment, brands are still struggling to achieve success with social media marketing and engagement. What does success look like? For most marketers, success includes anything from raising brand awareness and thought leadership to lead generation. But how can we…

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  • Analytics and Data Will Change Social Media in 2017

    … of data. Only then will it be possible to tap into all of the relevant data and move past time-consuming manual analysis. With a single ecosystem of data, powerful algorithms crafted by data scientists will pull all of your data together on their own, analyzing it on the fly to present companies with tailored recommendations for what is the next best…

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  • Social Media Is Finally Growing Up

    … Until recently, social media platforms have needed to build and remain inside their walled gardens to avoid sharing their competitive intelligence. However, Facebook’s recent announcement that it would collaborate with third parties to verify its viewing metrics signifies the inevitable and long-awaited validation phase of social media…

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  • 10 Social Media Trends Giving Brands New Ways to Engage in 2017

    The social media landscape continues to evolve in sometimes predictable, oftentimes surprising ways, as new technologies, platforms and methods of content delivery arise to grab hold of our imagination and continually alter how we communicate. Savvy brands that stay ahead of these trends hold a huge strategic advantage by being well prepared as these shifts occur.

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  • 10 Digital Media and Marketing Predictions for 2017

    2016 has been a year of shifts in social media, technology and digital marketing. Influencer marketing went mainstream, the internet became all about video and every digital marketer is looking for a way to connect business outcomes to their social media efforts. So what’s in store for 2017? We queried a panel of digital marketing and technology experts about their predicti ...

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  • Blizzard Entertainment Facebook Live API Integration Goes Live

    By David Cohen on Aug. 26, 2016 - 5:20 PM Players of Blizzard Entertainment games can now livestream their gameplay directly to Facebook. The social network and the game developer announced in June that Blizzard would integrate Facebook Login and the Facebook Live application-programming interface into its games, with the Facebook Live API allowing Blizzard’s players to ...

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  • 5 Insights That Shed Light on the Most Effective Social Marketing Tactics

    Marketers are all too aware of the increase in ad blockers’ popularity over the last two years, and many have turned to social media as an alternative channel for getting in front of their target customers. As marketers begin preparing for the last and often most important quarter of their companies’ fiscal years, we set out to answer the question: Which social media market ...

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  • 5 Ways Snapchat Spectacles Will Affect Influencer Marketing in 2017

    … of their restaurants using the filter. Campaigns featuring filters will gives brands much more control over the sounds, images and overall quality of the resulting content. Brands will see an uptick in positive PR, earned media through Spectacles influencer content From The New York Times to TechCrunch, the initial reviews for Spectacles have been…

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  • Why Have B2B Brands Fallen Behind on Social Media?

    Take a look at 2016’s most influential brands on Facebook, according to Mavrck: Starbucks, Coca-Cola, MTV and Samsung Mobile top the charts, followed by brands like KFC, Nike and Target. What do these companies have in common? They’re all business-to-consumer. These days, it’s rare to find a business not trying to make a social media splash.

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