• Instagram won’t fix Facebook’s ad load dilemma yet, but video might

    … to watch videos] is going to get a lot stronger once the business model really starts to click here. Because a lot of the best episodic content is professionally created, and those folks need to make a good amount of money in order to support their business model,” said Zuckerberg. If Facebook is able to turn on the revenue spigot for video creators…

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  • Will Native-Social Ads Dominate Mobile?

    … Snap Inc.’s successful public market debut last week answered lots of questions and investor uncertainty, at least for now. One thing it clarified for me is native-social advertising’s staying power. After Facebook’s success with News Feed Ads, the format now has its second public torch bearer. This is validating because I recently projected…

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  • Facebook adopts header bidding to make its ad network more competitive with Google’s

    Long story short: Facebook’s ad network is challenging ad networks run by Google and others to see who can get publishers the best deals for their inventory by adopting a process called header bidding that levels the playing field for publisher’s programmatic ad sales. Long story long: There are a lot of parallels between programmatic advertising and online travel booking.

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  • When to Ban Social Media Trolls and Prevent Harassment

    … @Wendys, may choose to engage humorously with less vicious trolls. If you plan to be irreverent and commit to this course, be aware that your replies will be retweeted and will become screenshots and shared—widely. While on Facebook Messenger, it’s become a game for trolls to bait brands like kids used to prank call stores and ask if they sell Prince…

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  • Unlock Facebook With a Physical Security Key?

    …., Google, Dropbox, GitHub, Salesforce), and those accounts can stay safe because the key doesn’t retain any records of where it is used. Fast login: If you use a security key with your desktop computer, logging in is as simple as a tap on the key after you enter your password. Readers: Would you consider using a physical security key to login to Facebook? Keep Your Facebook Account Safe with YubiKey from Yubico on Vimeo. …

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  • Tubular Labs Announces 2016 #VideoAces Awards - Are You a Winner?

    … BuzzFeed, NowThis, Tastemade, WWE, the NBA, and FailArmy more than doubled year-on-year to a staggering 3.6 Billion. Across the board, daily consumption of video content has increased, with branded content from companies like Red Bull, LEGO, and Samsung generating 65% more views in 2016 than 2015. To access the full report just fill in the form below…

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