• What 3500 People Watching Paint Dry Taught Me about Facebook Live

    For a brief but glorious moment, 18 people, across this vast and varied planet were watching something at the exact same time as one another: a small dollop of Behr Premium matte white paint, drying on the back of an envelope. The technology that made this beautiful revolution possible? Facebook Live – the new streaming video service from everyone’s favorite social networking behemoth.

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  • Facebook to Users: ‘Notify a Few Friends About This Post’

    Facebook is running a “small test” of a feature that would allow users to send certain friends notifications about posts they might be interested in. Reader Sean Charles shared this screenshot with SocialTimes, saying that he was able to send notifications to 10 friends at a time, and his friends received those notifications. A ...

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  • 6 Ways Data Can Boost Your Social Media Marketing

    …. You’ll want to be sure the tool can be configured in multiple languages to develop deeper relationships with global customers and that the interface is intuitive, easy to manage and offers the analytics you need. Plus, a simple but visually appealing way to show those analytics is a must (I’ve spent too much time formatting data in the past…

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  • Analytics and Data Will Change Social Media in 2017

    … and for marketers like yourselves. The key to taking advantage of this will be in the tools. Businesses will invest more and more in social and, as such, the tools they use will need to be smarter, more integrated and easier to use. Robert Lang is CEO of social analytics provider Socialbakers. Image of crystal ball courtesy of Shutterstock. …

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  • Social Media Is Finally Growing Up

    … Until recently, social media platforms have needed to build and remain inside their walled gardens to avoid sharing their competitive intelligence. However, Facebook’s recent announcement that it would collaborate with third parties to verify its viewing metrics signifies the inevitable and long-awaited validation phase of social media…

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  • How the Facebook News Feed Works: Changes Marketers Need to Know

    Are you struggling to remain visible in Facebook’s news feed? Wondering how Facebook decides what to show in the news feed? In this article you’ll discover how the Facebook news feed algorithm works, what’s been updated, and how marketers can respond to create more visibility on Facebook. Discover what marketers need to know about changes to the Facebook news feed.

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