• Analytics and Data Will Change Social Media in 2017

    … and the American presidential election were no doubt influenced to a greater or lesser degree by social media, from President-elect Donald Trump’s insistence on using Twitter as an unfiltered direct communication channel with his followers and critics, to the soul-searching happening in some quarters about the role social media played in serving up…

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  • 6 Ways Data Can Boost Your Social Media Marketing

    … develop and curate the right content, post at the most effective times and prove impact? In my experience and from what I hear from our customers, the only way to achieve real success is by using and leveraging data. Social media marketers can boost their performance and the performance of their campaigns by leveraging the power of data to inform…

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  • How Ad Testing Can Combat Facebook’s Slow Ad Growth

    … be cautious. As Facebook has hit its optimum ad load, its focus is turning instead to alternative sources of revenue like video ads, bots for its Messenger application and its audience on third-party apps and websites. What Facebook’s changes mean for advertisers Digital marketers, take note: Zero growth in ad load means that it’s more important than ever…

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  • Social Media Is Finally Growing Up

    Until recently, social media platforms have needed to build and remain inside their walled gardens to avoid sharing their competitive intelligence. However, Facebook’s recent announcement that it would collaborate with third parties to verify its viewing metrics signifies the inevitable and long-awaited validation phase of social media.

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  • 10 Digital Media and Marketing Predictions for 2017

    … experiences will draw from travel history, price trends, seasonality and more, with smarter travel apps tailoring each and every piece of your trip. And Perry says marketing tech will combine influencer authenticity with target precision: With improvements in influencer marketing tech, agencies will be able to hit precise target demographics, verticals…

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  • 5 Ways Snapchat Spectacles Will Affect Influencer Marketing in 2017

    In trying to make sense of how influencer marketing will evolve over the next year, one of the most intriguing insights could be found in considering the new, highly elusive items that people across the U.S. are dying to get their hands on this holiday season: Snapchat Spectacles. Since early November, marketers have watched in awe as Snap Inc.

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  • Why B2B Advertisers Need Facebook

    … Business-to-business advertisers have long prioritized search-engine marketing as their primary digital path to new customers. With at least one study now showing social media to be a top marketing channel for B2B companies, it’s time for advertisers to re-examine their lead-generation mix. Most will look at LinkedIn first because it operates…

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  • 3 Effective Social Media Tips for the Most Popular Platforms

    How many social networks have you signed up for? If you are marketer, chances are you have an account on Twitter, Facebook and hopefully also Pinterest. Right now these are the “hot” networks and the best places to promote your brand and your content. But of course saying that is easier than actually doing it… The fact is not everyone succeeds with those networks and not ev ...

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  • Lead Ads, Video Ads Capture Hearts, Votes of Political Social Advertisers

    … As political interests looked for new ways to tap digital media to canvas for potential supporters in 2016, the unique capabilities of social media drove widespread adoption of two ad types, lead ads and video ads, representing a two times to four times greater share of budget versus non-political social advertisers. With the 2016 election…

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  • How the Social Media Dumpster Fire Hijacked the Election

    … outlets on several occasions and spread to other news shows that didn’t want to be scooped. Now that the election is over and it no longer matters, Facebook and Google have decided to do something about it. Thanks, guys. Good work. Foreign interference The Russian government hacked Democratic National Committee servers. There’s no question…

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  • Stop Making These 14 Facebook Ad Mistakes In 2017

    December 15, 2016 Facebook advertising is growing and doesn’t seem to be slowing down anytime soon. In Q3, Kenshoo reported a 45% YoY increase in spending while Merkle reported a 63% YoY increase in client spend. Even though advertisers keep pumping money into Facebook ads, I still account managers making the same mistakes.

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