• Site Moves Do Not Fix Google Panda Content Issues

    Site Moves Do Not Fix Google Panda Content Issues June 23, 2017 at 5:39 am PST By Jennifer Slegg Leave a Comment If you are suffering from Google Panda, Google’s quality content algo, fixing the content is the only way to get that content ranking higher in the search results. And one thing that definitely won’t fix the issue is simply doing a site move.

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  • Google Releases New Maximize Conversions Smart Bidding Strategy

    June 23, 2017 Optimizing bids can be the bane of many PPC’ers. We use bid sheets, formulas, macros, and other fun strategies to ensure we are winning the auction and garnering conversions. Wouldn’t it be awesome if we could set up our AdWords campaigns to automatically optimize for conversions or a conversion value without having to do manual adjustments? That is what Google ...

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  • Digital Marketing News: ROI Acronyms, Google Ranking Factors and Twitter’s New Look

    … and people management and writing skills. Others included digital media marketing and content marketing. (MarketingProfs) What were your top digital marketing news stories this week? We'll be back next week with more top digital marketing news stories. Craving more news in the meantime? Check out TopRank Marketing on Twitter @toprank! The post Digital Marketing News: ROI Acronyms, Google Ranking Factors and Twitter’s New Look appeared first on Online Marketing Blog - TopRank®. …

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  • Google Posts now live for all Google My Business users

    … Google announced on the Google My Business blog that they are now rolling out Google Posts to all Google My Business customers. A couple weeks ago, Google moved Google Posts into Google My Business and that is where you can access it now. Go to your Google My Business account and click on “Posts” on the left hand side menu when you are in your…

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  • Why one e-commerce company is going all-in on AMP (Hint: conversions)

    Initially the domain of publishers, Google is steadily nudging commercial site owners and advertisers to embrace AMP. A new AdWords beta lets advertisers point their mobile search ads to AMP-enabled pages. Ebay was the first major non-news site to deploy AMP widely in a production setting, and other early adopters are getting on board despite the fact that there are still hol ...

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  • How to Make Facebook Ads Work for Your B2B Company With a Simple Google Form Survey

    As you know, Facebook is a social network, and people browse it to connect with their friends, find interesting news and, of course, check out cat pictures. Therefore, most marketers share a common belief that advertising on Facebook is useless for B2B businesses. It’s generally believed to be a great tool for B2C promotions, where marketers c ...

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