• Google Making eMail Unsubscribing Simpler

    … In what many marketers will consider another attack on email marketing, Google has just announced that they will be moving the unsubscribe link from the bottom of messages up to the very top. The move, which they announced in a Google+ post, will make it easier than ever for people to quickly unsubscribe from marketing lists. For most marketers…

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  • Google Tag Manager: Why we like it (and why you might too!)

    … Google Tag Manager has been around since October 2012 letting you “Add or update your website tags and mobile applications, easily and for free, whenever you want, without bugging the IT folks.” Here’s how it works: you make a container in Tag Manager to hold code snippets (like those you get for Google Analytics, Adwords Remarketing…

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  • Google beats Microsoft to .docs

    Google and Microsoft seem to have settled their contention set for the .docs new gTLD, with Google emerging the victor. Microsoft withdrew its application for .docs this week. It’s not clear how the deal was made, but Google is known to have participated in private auctions for other strings. Google Docs is of course Google’s office doc ...

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  • Stop Spamming Google Plus!

    Google Plus, among the major social networking platforms, gets more than its fair share of online traffic myths. One of the most pervasive myths regarding Google Plus communities is the fact that if you have a lot of Google Plus friends and people share your content in their circles, chances are, Google will send more traffic your way.

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  • Can’t find your ads on Google? The importance of the Ad Preview Tool!

    Ever wondered why you and your colleagues see different results on the Google landscape when you try and search for your own ads? By searching (repeatedly) for your own ad on Google, you will be: a. Skewing your statistics and hindering your account performance You will be increasing the number of impressions Decreasing click through rate (CTR) as you won’t be clicking o ...

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  • How to Improve Your Google+ Engagement: Infographic

    Have you started using Google+ as a central part of your marketing yet? Here are a few reasons why you should. Google+ is Google. And Google owns search. When you combine a good content marketing strategy—and most of the time this means you should think about educating and being helpful, as well as creating content that entertains—then people will be compelled to engage.

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  • Google+ Advantages for Marketers

    … Since its much fancied launch, Google+ has pulled in about 540 million active users per month and has now been ranked the second highest popular social media network on the internet. There is a sure advantage of making this platform a part of marketing strategy since this can significantly impact on search and the range of other Google products…

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  • Track Google Keywords and Rankings with KnowMyRankings

    When it comes to getting quality traffic and leads on the internet, nothing comes close to organic search rankings in Google. The reason why search rankings are so important and work so well, is simply that when someone is looking for something online they go to Google and whatever they are searching for… they are usually ready to buy or act upon their search.

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