• SEO: 5 Trends to Optimize for Google Organic Search

    A question that I’ve fielded at two events I spoke at regionally was how companies should be dividing their marketing budget for maximum impact. There’s no easy answer to this. It requires that companies fully comprehend the impact of their current marketing dollars, understanding how each channel impacts the other, and still have some funds for testing and innovation on strat ...

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  • How Google went all in on video meetings (and you can, too)

    Editor’s note: this is the first article in a five-part series on Google Hangouts. I’ve worked at Google for more than a decade and have seen the company expand across geographies—including to Stockholm where I have worked from day one. My coworkers and I build video conferencing technology to help global teams work better together.

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  • To please subscription-hungry publishers, Google ends first click free policy

    Google is set to announce today it is ending its divisive first-click free policy that required subscription-based publishers to let readers see at least three free articles in order to have the publishers’ content surfaced in search. Google will now let publishers decide how much free content, if any, to let readers see before making them subscribe.

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  • Exploring Contemporary Art with Google Arts & Culture

    Working with more than 180 partners all over the world, Google Arts & Culture is shining a light on contemporary art, with a new collection of online stories and rich digital content at g.co/ContemporaryArt. Through an immersive digital journey, we bring you straight to the institutions housing the world’s seminal contemporary art collections with the help of hig ...

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  • Google Pixel Buds—wireless headphones that help you do more

    … What if your headphones could do more than let you listen to your favorite music? What if they could help you get things done without having to look at your phone? What if they could help you answer (almost!) any question just by asking, or even help you understand someone speaking a different language? We wanted to make a more helpful pair…

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  • Welcome Bitium to Google Cloud

    Today, we’re excited to announce the acquisition of Bitium. Founded in 2012, Bitium provides enterprise customers with identity and access management solutions, including single sign-on and provisioning for cloud applications. The move from on-premise enterprise applications to the cloud has unlocked new levels of productivity and collaboration for businesses and their partn ...

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  • Startup with Google, a resource to help young companies succeed

    Since 2011, Google has partnered with over 50 community organizations to help startup communities around the world flourish. Startups within those communities and spaces we run have created more than 40,000 jobs and raised more than $3.9 billion in funding. Today we’re introducing a new resource to help young companies continue to make their big ideas a reality—Startup with Google.

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