• How to Build Alpha-Beta Campaigns

    You know all about Alpha Beta, right? (If not, you can download the introductory guide here.) The basic idea is to identify your top-performing queries (Alphas), isolate them for total control ...

    Caitlin Halpert/ 3Q Digital- 5 readers -
  • How to Build a Social Media Sales Funnel That Sells

    How do you make strangers trust you enough to buy your product? A long time ago in a century far away, a marketer named Elias St.Elmo Lewis came up with a brilliant answer. His theory was that you could turn strangers into raving customers with a “funnel”: a series of steps the customer follows, each one leading them closer to purchasing your product.

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  • How Big a Problem is This? The Hidden Codes That Are Controlling Our Lives

    There are hidden codes that we don’t notice. They make life easy. Built into the platforms and apps that control our lives. Working away in the background. Invisible tech has become so embedded in our lives that we take it for granted. Don’t see their footprints. They are the mathematical instructions for solving problems or performing a task in the codes of software. Their name? Algorithms.

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  • [Video] How We Build Super-Charged Inbound Websites

    Samantha Schultz is our rock star Project Manager for website redesigns. In this video, Samantha shares all the details of what goes into a website redesigns and how she guides you every step of the way. If you are thinking of a new website or refreshing your current website, this is the video to watch! What do you do at LyntonWeb? I’m a Project Manager.

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  • How to Optimise your Instagram Presence

    Boasting over 400 million users worldwide, Instagram is a highly influential social media platform. With a range of active users who engage with images and videos, Instagram provides an opportunity for your brand to reach new audiences. But how can you utilise this platform to the best of your ability to build an audience and make sure they are engaged? And why should you do i ...

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  • How to Smash Your Blogging Goals in Just 5 Days

    This post is by ProBlogger expert Ellen Jackson of Potential Psychology Have you ever uttered the phrase, ‘One day I’ll…’? Of course you have. We all have. One day I’ll schedule my social media One day I’ll improve my web site One day I’ll organise my images (a personal favourite) One day I’ll start a podcast… Next we say, ‘When…’ When I have more time When I have mor ...

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  • How We’re Building a Content Marketing Dream Team

    A few members of the TopRank Marketing content marketing dream team. As the digital landscape continues to grow and shift, digital marketing — particularly content marketing — has a majority stake in most brands’ marketing strategies these days. After all, nearly half of the world’s population now uses the internet, and we want our content to meet people where they are and wh ...

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