• How girls see the world: Girlgaze and Pixel 2

    … Girlgaze is a multimedia company that highlights the work of female-identifying creatives and is dedicated to closing the gender gap by providing paid job opportunities for its global community. Girlgaze’s inaugural zine, out today, was created primarily using Pixel 2, and today we’re also releasing a collection of Live Cases featuring…

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  • How to Find Quick Win Opportunities in Google Analytics

    This is another excerpt from an upcoming e-book on finding actionable, cross-channel opportunities in your data. We use Google Analytics (GA) for this, but you can use any platform. I’ve said it before, I’ll say it again: The tool you use isn’t as important as the discipline of combing through data regularly and finding something you can move on.

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  • How to Handle Your Stress When You Work on the Web

    It is no secret that jobs can be overwhelming at times. If you’re like most people, then your job is a source of stress. It may be small, or it may be large, but there’s no denying it’s there. Whether you’re stressing about helping your kids conquer the current subject in school or getting that PowerPoint done on time for the big meeting, stress is a constant.

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  • How to Keep Your Seasonal Business Thriving

    … How to Keep Your Seasonal Business Thriving November 15, 2017 by Aaron Leave a Comment Keeping a business afloat is a challenge regardless of the product or service you offer, but seasonal businesses face unique obstacles. If you sell a service or product that’s a significant money maker only during certain months of the year, you’re likely…

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  • How AP Gains Traction with the Entrepreneurial Operating System

    … Ask many thriving, fast-growing companies the secret to their success, and many will respond with, “EOS.” What’s EOS®, you ask? It stands for the Entrepreneurial Operating System On this Outperform podcast episode, Bob Glazer, founder and Managing Director of Acceleration Partners, explains what the Entrepreneurial Operating System is. You’ll…

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  • How the Pixel 2's security module delivers enterprise-grade security

    Security is often top of mind for enterprise customers when it comes to choosing a device for work. Company data should be protected against all manner of threats to avoid a costly and distressing security breach. The new Google Pixel 2 was built with a tamper-resistant hardware security module that reinforces the lock screen against malware and hardware attacks to better sa ...

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  • How One University Used Social Media to Raise $28M in a Single Day

    Attributing revenue to social media is a big challenge for businesses, but Purdue University may have cracked the code with their annual fundraising campaign. In 2017 they raised $28.2 million in single day—$10 million more than their single-day campaign in 2016. They also increased support from international donors by 87 percent.

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  • Why You Should Back Up Your Blog and How to Do It

    Data loss is a fact of life for anyone writing and publishing their content on the internet. WordPress forums are filled with tales of people who’ve lost posts by adjusting their theme, migrating to a new host, or experiencing simple website errors. When servers fail or human error compounds and you’re left without the work you’ve done, you haven’t only lost words and media files.

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  • How to use your data to supercharge paid search

    … insights, the final step in supercharging their paid search activities is being able to operationalize at scale and in real-time. A Customer Data Platform can integrate directly with bid management platforms – which are already great at optimizing and automating PPC campaigns – to boost their efforts. The granular understanding of keyword…

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  • How Often Does Google Search Match to Demographics?

    November 14, 2017 Google publicly rolled out demographic targeting for search in the fall of 2016. This feature allows advertisers to segment data and adjust bids based on gender and age estimates of users. The one downside is the “undetermined segment.” This segment can make up a large proportion of the traffic.

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