• Getting Known – How To Make Your Blog Into A Brand

    … These days, it seems like everyone has a blog. In fact, when you take into account the fact that most students are taught to design one before they finish middle school, it’s safe to say that, indeed, everyone really does have a blog. But when you blog professionally, the key to success is moving your site from being “just a blog” to a full-blown…

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  • How to move from m-dot URLs to responsive site

    With more sites moving towards responsive web design, many webmasters have questions about migrating from separate mobile URLs, also frequently known as "m-dot URLs", to using responsive web design. Here are some recommendations on how to move from separate urls to one responsive URL in a way that gives your sites the best chance of performing well on Google's search results.

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  • Live-Streaming for Business- How, When, and Why You Should Use It

    Just a few years ago, the thought of a business sharing anything instantaneously was not anything someone in sales or marketing would have considered. But the sharing-focused nature of the internet and of social media has changed the way that every business, whether they’re selling a product or a service, approaches interactions with current and potential community members.

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  • How To Charge Clients For Your Blogging Work

    Blogging has gone beyond the personal level and in recent years, has been embraced by entrepreneurs and even the major companies. For the business folks, having a blog in addition to a website is beneficial to their online presence as it allows them to reach out more to their target audience through updates on their products or services as well as the latest trends in their specific niche.

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  • How Reader’s Digest cut its page-load time by 40 percent this year

    Your grandmother’s favorite magazine is getting a makeover to ready itself for the digital age. Trusted Media Brands, the publisher of titles including Reader’s Digest, Taste of Home and The Family Handyman, cut down the average time users have to wait before they can scroll on its webpages from 3.5 seconds a year ago to 2 seconds today, said Nick Contardo, vp of product and tech at TMB.

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  • How to get started with Facebook Live

    … discussions between two senior members of your team. You can live stream that discussion for your Facebook; use a series of snippets of it with subtitles on your Instagram; transcribe the audio and turn it into multiple blogs for your social, website, and email lists; and you can also utilise the audio for a podcast. If you’re not repurposing your…

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  • How Each Generation Has Adapted To and Utilizes Technology

    It’s pretty common for me to groan when I see some article berating Millennials or making some other terrible stereotypical criticism. However, there’s little doubt there aren’t natural behavioral tendencies between generations and their relationship to technology. I think it’s safe to say that, on average, older generations don’t hesitate to pick up the phone and calls someo ...

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  • How To Grow Your Facebook Audience in 7 Days

    One of the challenges I see very often when it comes to Facebook marketing is that people are many times trying to market to their friends and family from their Facebook profile instead of building a targeted audience that they can market to from their fan page. There are 3 main reasons why this doesn’t work well: Often times your friends and family are not AT ALL interested ...

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