• How to Map Behavioral Metrics Into Your Key Business Drivers

    … Analytics is a blessing to marketers because of the wealth of data it provides. It’s “the most measurable medium.” Online marketers can analyze and dissect innumerable elements to gain a deeper understanding of the habits and preferences of their customers. As a result, they can effectively put themselves in their customers’ shoes and optimize…

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  • How to conduct an SEO content audit

    Google has thrown a ton of changes at marketers over the last few years. From major algorithm updates to voice search, all of these changes follow Google’s ultimate goal of creating the best search experience for its users. The upshot is that it’s not enough to develop and optimize website content for just search engines anymore.

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  • What may be slowing your site down (and how to fix it)

    … A slow site is a slow death for a brand. Whether you have a blog, an online storefront or anything else, your viewers need to able to form a positive impression fast. You have to be able to load a page quickly to pull that off. Back in 2012, there was a study that found it takes under 3 seconds for people to decide whether or not your site…

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  • How To Make Social Media Work For Your Brand

    … How well is your social media strategy working for you? Everyone knows that when used effectively, social media can be a powerful asset. But, there’s a vast difference between causally posting a blog article or two and a well thought out social media marketing strategy. Previously, I outlined a simple how-tosocial media playbook for [...] The post How To Make Social Media Work For Your Brand appeared first on Search Engine People Blog. …

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  • The 5 Best Ways to Learn How to Improve Your Blog

    … It’s not hard to build a blog, but it is hard to improve a blog and refine it enough to cultivate an audience and make money. You may be able to put together a basic website in a matter of minutes, but you could spend years writing new articles and never see a single blip of increased traffic. This isn’t a reflection of your personal ability…

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  • How SSPs use deceptive price floors to squeeze ad buyers

    Header bidding is unloading a symphony of destruction on ad tech, and supply-side platforms are adjusting by jacking up their price floors in hidden ways. Rather than setting price floors as a flat fee upfront, some SSPs are setting high price floors after their bids come in as a way to squeeze out more money from ad buyers who believe they are bidding into a second-price auct ...

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  • How Code and Theory stays publishers’ favorite design firm

    With technology moving at warp speed, publishers increasingly need to update their websites. And there’s one design firm they seem to turn to the most: Code and Theory. The New York-based design agency has helped publishers migrate to digital for almost exactly 16 years, when Dan Gardner and Brandon Ralph, who met as kids at sleep-away camp, left Draftfcb to strike out on thei ...

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  • Copyranter: How to write a great ad headline

    Mark Duffy has written the Copyranter blog for 12 years and is a freelancing copywriter with 25-plus years of experience. His hockey wrist shot is better than yours. Although the secret to great advertising is the unexpected visual, sometimes — because of execution or strategy or budget — you just need a kick-ass headline.

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  • Be Very Careful How You Post Online

    …These days, with social media being a major part of our everyday lives, how you present yourself in writing is increasingly important. If you don’t pay careful attention to the quality of the posts you make online you could be hurting yourself in ways you haven’t even thought of, or can’t even imagine. A Good…

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  • How to Increase Website Traffic Through Social Media

    … You’ve probably heard that social media can help get more people to your website. But are you still struggling to crack the code on how to increase website traffic through social media? At HostGator, we’ve found a mix of tactics to drive traffic to our website and blog on a daily basis. Below, we’ve compiled five effective ways you can get…

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  • How to Onboard Remote Employees and Make Them Part of Your Team

    … An increasing number of companies are hiring employees who work from remote locations. These employees might be situated in the same region as the head office, or they could work in another state or even another country. Companies hire these virtual employees for a variety of reasons. One is that workers with the required skills might…

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  • How Wonderful Pistachios’ new football-focused campaign is evolving the brand’s social strategy

    Wonderful Pistachios launched its largest football-related campaign to date on Sept 10. “Put a Smile in Your Snackface” is a series of short, darkly comedic spots for social and TV that feature Seattle Seahawks cornerback Richard Sherman and Green Bay Packers linebacker Clay Matthews describing people who are leading unfortunate lives, but can also manage smiles after eating W ...

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