• How to Apply The 80/20 Rule in Blog Content Marketing

    For a blogger, it’s hard to gauge how well we can create engaging content. Some days, we’ll be churning out articles left and right, and other days, you might be staring at a blank page for hours. Trying to be an efficient blogger is no easy task but there is a way to do it. All you have to is apply the 80/20 rule of writing.

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  • How Do You Buy Bitcoin?

    … websites on the internet that offer payments in bitcoin for completing certain tasks like filling out surveys, watching sponsored videos, etc. These can do no harm to you and you’ll be able to earn a few extra bitcoins in this way. It’s important to remember these businesses only get paid whenever you click on their website. They are basically…

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  • How Mountain Dew is experimenting with 360-degree video

    PepsiCo’s marketers for its Mountain Dew brand aren’t getting carried away after seeing a 360-degree video campaign from earlier this year generate more click-throughs than some mobile video campaigns. Working with streetball star Grayson “The Professor” Boucher, Mountain Dew ran the #GotHandles campaign, a game that let fans try to complete a series of Boucher’s moves in virtual reality.

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  • “Good on Social”: What It Means and How to Do It

    … 25601440 10 Social Marketing Lessons from Forbes Most Valuable Brands Download “That brand is good on social” is a phrase I hear a lot when I speak with social marketers. Every marketer has a brand or two they admire for their presence on social, but what makes those brands “good on social?” I set out to answer this question, and frankly…

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  • How AR and VR can Propel Content Marketing into a New Age

    A Monster of a Marketing Campaign On April 26th 2017, the marketing team behind the wildly successful Alien film franchise unleashed a monster of an ad campaign to build interest in their new film, Alien: Covenant. Utilizing cutting edge virtual reality technologies, they released a 360 VR experience called ‘In-Utero’. You can check out the video here, if you dare.

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  • How to Create Content Based Around Your Data Findings

    Having a thoroughly planned content strategy is vital in this digital age, so it’s little wonder that the majority of businesses, be them large or small, put a lot of resources into creating one. In fact, the Aberdeen Group’s report The Future Of Content Marketing: The Age Of Content Science, found that a huge 95% of business respondents are either using or considering using a ...

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  • How to Create Your Best Holiday Marketing Emails

    If your business wants to make the most of the holiday season, then you’ve likely already been preparing holiday specials and festive discounts. Now you just need to let your customers know all the great things your business is offering! We’ll show you how to plan your email marketing for Blac ...

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  • 216: How to Create a Style Guide for Your Blog (and Why You Should)

    How and Why You Should Create Style Guides for Your Blog In today’s episode, I talk about style guides for blogs – why they’re important, and what elements you should include in yours. Links and Resources for How to Create a Style Guide for Your Blog AP Stylebook The Chicago Manual of Style Virtual Tickets Facebook group Further Reading and Listening for How to Crea ...

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  • Day in the Life: How a reseller makes millions on Amazon

    If anyone understands consumer demand for e-commerce, it’s Ryan Grant, a 28-year-old from Minneapolis who quit his accounting job four years ago to resell Walmart goods on Amazon. What started out as a side job grew into a multimillion-dollar company, Grant Enterprises. Today, Grant and his 10-person team has generated $8 million in sales by buying items on sale from retailers ...

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