• ‘We’re looking for mistresses': How obit site Legacy combats trolling the deceased

    Trolls know no bounds, even when people leave this earth. Legacy.com, a leading obituary site, ends up filtering out 25 percent of its 1 million guestbook comments, either because they’re religious proselytizers or people saying inappropriate things about the deceased. It has even built a homegrown system to catch and delete objectionable entriesand employs 85 people (out of a ...

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  • How brands and publishers are using Facebook Messenger

    Brands and publishers are sliding into your Facebook Messages. What began as a way to privately message your college crush is now being infiltrated by brands using it as a customer service platform or publishers looking for a new distribution channel. “It gets exciting is when companies look at it as part of multichannel experience and a mindset of how people can talk to me a ...

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  • How Soon Before I Can Make Money Online?

    How Soon Before I Can Make Money Online? While driving to Las Vegas for the Affiliate Summit West, I made a series of Driving with John Chow videos, and one of the videos answered the question, “How soon before I make money online ...

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  • How Email Marketing Can Be Used To Build Powerful Links

    The following is a guest post from Gareth Bull of Digital Marketing Agency, a more cost effective way to manage your newsletter! I think we already know that email marketing has a lot of uses. For one, it can be used to offer products and services to your audience. It could also be used to share information and know your audience slowly…warming them up until you hit them with ...

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  • How We Recruited Over 2k Users To NinjaOutreach With AppSumo

    The other week the craziest thing happened with NinjaOutreach – we partnered with AppSumo to do a launch and recruited thousands of users. Here’s a quick recap before getting into the case study: AppSumo sold over $100k worth of bundles (more on what was in the bundle later) Thousands of new users signed up for NinjaOutreach Want to find out how this happened? Read on! ...

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  • How App Store Ratings Impact Downloads (Infographic)

    Apps can be key to inspiring users to routinely use a social network. Social apps breed loyalty, and increase engagement, so it’s important to make your app accessible. The app store can be a daunting space, as 80 percent of apps fail to make it to user devices, but the rewards for high placement in the store outweigh the risks.

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  • How Mainstreet Helps You Reach More Customers Without the Hassle

    It feels like every day a new mobile app pops up. In reality, that’s a huge underestimate — developers are actually submitting 1,000 apps to the Apple App Store each day! Businesses often create apps to reach new customers, drive business, and create brand awareness. As a small business, developing a mobile app probably isn’t at the top of your to-do list.

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