• How News UK does sponsor content video

    News UK, parent company of The Sun and The Times of London, is making video pay through branded content, and it’s finding these videos are some of its best performing. Take News UK’s most recent branded-content video campaign for the Movember Foundation, a men’s health charity, which the publisher said was its most popular branded-content campaign to date.

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  • How-to: Adjust Your Campaigns for Time Zones and Daylight Savings

    … Whether it’s time for the clock to fall back or spring forward, there may be an impact on your international ad scheduling. Many countries around the world do not participate in daylight savings time, and it is vital to update your hourly ad scheduling settings to reflect accurate times for modifying bids, targeting, or excluding […] The post How…

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  • #184: How She Did It: From a Webinar False Start to a $30,000 Success Story

    … Biggest Takeaways You Don’t Want to Miss: I’ve talked extensively about my epic fails with webinars—and I’ve also shared how I picked myself back up, practiced a ton—experimented—and just went for it. It wasn’t any different for my friend, video rockstar Luria Petrucci, who has an incredible webinar success story that you need to hear…

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  • How Nissan weaned itself off the click-through rate

    Clicks are only so valuable to Nissan. Clicks won’t tell it the difference between a purposeful site visit from an ad and an accidental one. Yet until recently, that was one of the main ways Nissan justified the targeted ads for its used cars in the U.K. The automaker is exploring how it shifts browsers online to leads offline.

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  • The Connection Attitude: What It Means, And How To Foster It

    … Pexels In all of the entrepreneurial guides you can find on in podcasts, in textbook guides, on YouTube videos as well as blogs like ours, you probably haven’t heard much of ‘the connection attitude.’ This is because business advice is often centralized around what the entrepreneur can do to influence their own action. This is important…

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  • How to Build an SEO-Driven Content Marketing Team

    Generating a link or two? Easy. Building a team of 30 that do that at scale effectively, and continue to do that and improve with time? Not so much. In this video, we share the hard lessons that come from building a 40-person content marketing team with an SEO focus. Hopefully there are a few tips you can use to support your own teams.

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