• How To Increase Your Facebook Fan Page Reach

    As many of you might know, over the past couple of weeks Facebook made an algorithm change to the way they show your fan page updates to your fans. People everywhere are seeing a decline in the reach of their status updates in a move that seems like Facebook is “bullying” fan page owners to pay for people to see what they have to say. It appears Facebook is even admitting this is happening.

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  • Banana Ads How-to Guide: How can I be accepted into Banana Ads?

    A recurring question our support staff gets is : How can I get accepted as a Banana Ads affiliate? We receive hundreds of applications a month and decline most of them. We carefully select each skilled publisher/webmaster/pajama-wearing affiliate we work with. This means that we are able to give them the attention that they deserve as opposed to letting everyone into our prog ...

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  • How I Leveraged a Blog to Get 2 Book Deals

    If you would have asked me 10 years ago if I would have been a published author at some point in my life, I probably would have laughed straight in your face. Seriously, that is the last thing I thought I could do. I never really enjoyed writing, plus I figured I didn’t have any knowledge that would be useful that wasn’t already in books.

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  • How to add yourself to your own Twitter lists (with pictures)

    A few weeks ago, one of my Twitter followers asked me how he could add himself on his own list using Twitter’s platform. Bad news first? Unfortunately, the answer to this question is you can’t do it on twitter.com. However, you can add yourself using a third party platform like HootSuite. Before you go on adding yourself to your own lists, first we have to understand why sho ...

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  • How Golf is like Affiliate Marketing

    I know a lot of you who have me on facebook probably notice I golf a lot. Golf is one of my favorite things too do. I get to enjoy the outdoors and relax. Mainly I stick to golfing during the weekdays because it tends too be less busy and anyone who has golfed before knows that waiting 15 minutes at the next tee block and having another group on your ass is really annoying.

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  • How Nostradamus predicted @mattcutts. No, really

    How Nostradamus predicted @mattcutts. No, really Ok, ok… this post is not really about Nostradamus, and – eventually – neither about Matt Cutts, but – do you see? – you saw that title shared somewhere and you clicked. The title did its job. Nostradamus, Matt Cutts… what a weird combination, isn’t it? But probably there are many SEOs out there thinking that Matt was foreseen ...

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  • How to dominate in a “dead” and competitive market (Part 5)

    This is the fifth part in the series on how to overcome a saturated niche. You may read parts one through four here. In this part, you will discover why you shouldn’t even mention a benefit in the headline. You need to call-out your customers’ names by using this trick called identification. If you’re in the most competitive stage of advertising: Your market no longer beli ...

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  • Should You Learn How To Program?

    Should You Learn How To Program? June 24th, 2013 by admin Leave a reply » YES! Look, basic programming is not very hard. I used to think that HTML, web design, programming, etc… was as difficult as learning a new language, like trying to read greek hieroglyphics or something. In reality, it’s more like picking up the rules to Texas Hold Em or something similar.

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  • How Unpublished Post Ads For Facebook Can Be Good For Your Business

    …, and you will not have to worry about whether your social media campaigns are delivering results. Related posts: How to use Facebook Ads for Business Facebook Business Account: What You Need To Know How To Optimize Your Business Facebook Page for Graph Search Anti-Facebook? Don’t Worry! Your Business Can Still Have a Page or Ads…

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  • How To Hangout With Top Industry Leaders

    OMG, after 2 years in online marketing, last night it happened: I was on a special exclusive hangout with top industry leaders that was viewed by hundreds if not thousands of people! Read further and learn how I did it. The people on this hangout were really icons in our industry. Mark Hoverson, Curtis Broome, Lisa Grossmann and Brian Underwood (if you don’t know these name ...

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