• Baidu SEO: How to optimize for China’s biggest search engine

    Speak to pretty much anyone about SEO and the rhetoric will largely be in regards to the “Big G”. It makes sense. Google has a worryingly large share of the search engine market, especially in Europe and the US, so why would SEOs spend additional time trying to capture traffic from the lesser-used search engines? However, unless you’ve been a conspiracy theory style recluse f ...

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  • How to Improve Your LinkedIn Engagement

    Want your LinkedIn posts to attract more viewers? Wondering how to increase views and shares of your LinkedIn content? In this article, you’ll discover five simple tactics to improve engagement on your LinkedIn posts. by John Espirian on Social Media Examiner. #1: Write Text-Only Posts You’ve probably heard that people engage more when a social media post shows an image or video.

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  • Here’s How These Social Media Hacks Can Increase Your User-Base

    In this digital era, it’s become easier for brands to promote their offerings on social media. On the other hand, it can also be harder for brands to master the real art of engaging with users, fostering a relationship with followers, and conveying what their audience wants. To help all businesses out, in this post, I’ll discuss some easy and quick social media tricks that you ...

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  • How to improve your SEO with user-friendly interlinking

    At my startup, LSEO, we recently ran an internal link audit to help inform and refine our growth marketing strategy. With multiple freelancers and staff writers constantly contributing content, our site has more than tripled in size in the past two years. Unfortunately, running a massive content marketing initiative with no central internal linking strategy in place had limi ...

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  • How Equinox uses its mobile app to collect customer data

    For upscale gym brand Equinox, a mobile app is more than a service to customers; it’s a way to collect valuable data. Over the last year, the brand, which has 89 clubs in 12 different regions, has focused on bringing in as much data as possible from members and then targeting it across geographies, interest levels and more.

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  • How to Secure Your Workplace Cell Phone

    Having a workplace cell phone can be exciting, especially if you’ve never had a cell phone from your employer before. However, it’s still very important to remember that security should always be your top priority. This is especially true if you use your device to make purchases. You also need to be cautious if you perform other activities that require you to input your personal information.

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  • ‘The house Jamie built’: How JPMorgan Chase became the industry’s conscience

    For anyone who works at, for or with JPMorgan Chase, there’s a familiar mantra that runs through the entire company. It’s “do the right thing,” a Chase principle that emerged in CEO Jamie Dimon’s first annual letter to shareholders as CEO in March 2006. “Jamie always says, ‘you know what the right thing to do is, we all know what the right thing to do is,’” said Susan Canavari ...

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