• Snap Debuts Self-Serve Platform to Optimize Brand Ad Campaigns

    The new Web-based self-serve ad tool Snap Publisher has arrived, riding on a promise to clear the way for brands to create ads and distribute them quickly on Snapchat. Obviously there were already ads on the mobile app, but this speaks to an evolution of social and mobile advertising, and may create a new paradigm where any marketer can put together advertising for the app.

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  • Make Money Promoting Mobile Offers with Pinox Affiliate Network

    The world of online marketing is one that is growing in all directions at all times. While most affiliates and advertisers got their starts with desktop and search marketing, now it’s all about mobile marketing and application downloads. With more people preferring to use their mobile devices over traditional desktops, the demand for mobile traffic and monetization is now higher than ever.

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  • PPC 102: Seven tips to improve your paid search campaigns

    Once you’ve got the basics of PPC down, how can you improve on those efforts further? Here are seven tips to take your campaign to the next level. We recently gave eight tips to help beginner search marketers get their first campaigns off the ground, with our article ‘PPC 101: Eight tips to get started‘.

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  • Make More Mobile Money Online with AdMobiSpy

    Why reinvent the wheel when there are literally thousands, if not millions of other people already working on creating bigger, better and faster wheels all the time? Doesn’t it just make more sense if you can leverage what they’re already doing for your own profit? In essence, that’s what you get when you leverage the power of AdMobiSpy in the realm of mobile advertising.

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  • Comparing Enterprise and SMB Attitudes on Local Tech

    … Selling hyperlocal marketing technologies and services to both multi-store brands and local merchants might seem to be the best way for a would-be provider to reach scale. When you boil it down, they’re trying to achieve the same objectives, right? Of course, it’s not that simple. According to recent surveys, both types of marketers are shifting…

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  • Post-text: Emoji search is spreading

    Ever since the poop emoji went viral, brands have experimented with ways to use the expressive icons to connect with consumers. But custom keyboards and hashtags aren’t enough. One way that is becoming more popular is emoji search. Instead of typing keywords into a search bar (boring!), a user can simply insert an emoji to find what they are looking for.

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  • Beware of the hype that surrounds voice search advertising

    Brands are being told 2017 will be the year of voice search, but questions exist about whether it’s overhyped. Google itself says it is still years away from being able to monetize voice searches in the same way it does search, apps, ads and online transactions. Consequently, it’s not spending much time at the moment thinking of a business model for it and advertisers to explo ...

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  • How Brands Can Refine Their Local Marketing Mix to Maximize Results

    The right marketing mix can open up doors for an enterprise brand, as successful acquisition campaigns naturally funnel new customers into loyalty and retention strategies. But the rising cost of attracting new customers, coupled with fixed marketing budgets, leaves little room for error as marketers look for the perfect balance between customer acquisition and loyalty.

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  • Bing is Making Improvements to Mobile Advertising

    Microsoft’s Bing search engine is continuing to work toward developing into a real competitor with Google. While they have a long way to go, they are taking serious steps to make sure their customers are happy with the results. In addition, the fact that they have fewer advertisers can make them a great option for many marketers looking to get in front of a new audience, whic ...

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