• How To Make Your PPC Campaign Successful

    Since you have to run a business successfully, PPC management can keep you busy all the time. PPC campaign is not about working hard, but it is all about working smart. You need to be smart enough to free your time to make your business successful and look after your clients. PPC campaign is the best way to market and advertise your business online. 10 readers -
  • 10 Alternatives To Google AdWords

    April 28, 2017 2013 original post was brought to you by PPC Hero Ally Aleh Barysevich. Aleh is Marketing Director at, the maker of SEO and social media software. The company’s flagship products include SEO PowerSuite and BuzzBundle. You can catch him on his Google+ here. ——————– Google AdWords has been the leading PPC network for the last 15 years becau ...

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  • Best Facebook Ad Features and Other Top Posts of the Month

    April showers bring May flowers…and we are so ready for the showers to cease. After a gray and gloomy April, punctuated by WordStream Live, holiday weekends and a minor bug infestation on the WordStream marketing corner, May is almost here! In case you went back into winter hibernation this month and missed our best content, we have a recap for you! Check out our best perform ...

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  • Vote Now For The 2017 Top 25 Influential PPC Experts!

    April 28, 2017 I know Hero Conf JUST happened and we are all getting back into the groove of things, but it is already that time of year. The time to recognize those PPC experts that you love following on Twitter, are always attending their webinars, and feel your mind explode with awesome knowledge anytime you see them speak.

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  • How To Get Big Wins In Your AdWords Account

    April 28, 2017 As AdWords advertisers, we tend to obsess over the big wins. Everyone is looking for that special hack that will cut costs and deliver incredible results. So, when someone has a big win, we celebrate it. We write case studies about it. Everyone tries to find a way to make someone else’s breakthrough work for them.

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  • What your paid search KPI says about you

    … There are plenty of options for particular metrics to drive paid search programs toward, but not every KPI is created equal. Here, we’ll dive into what your preferred KPI says about you and provide recommendations to help you assess whether your KPI reflects the goals you care about. All insights are at least slightly hyperbolic and assume you…

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  • Guide to Facebook Advertising for Big Brands

    … April 27, 2017 Too many people still think that PPC is just about paid search. Well, paid social is more and more quickly on the rise and if your brand isn’t utilizing Facebook and its strategies, you will be left behind. No one likes to show up on a platform 6 months late with outdated strategies and a skyrocketing CPC, am I right? While…

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  • Bellroy – Analyse A Real PPC Campaign

    The last PPC campaign I analysed in the ‘Analyse A Real PPC Campaign’ series was from Formula 1, who had a very well designed search advert that made use of the fact it was the ‘official’ Formula 1 company, using trademark and copyright symbols where appropriate. However, the landing page was one of the worst landing pages that was analysed in this series, with many reasons to ...

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  • Episode 45: Personal Branding (and Speaking Gigs)

    Today for our 45th episode, we are going to have another Jeffisode. That means there is no guest, just a man and his microphone, talking to you from his AirBNB in Lisbon, Portugal. If you don’t like these Jeffisodes, as a few listeners have started to affectionately call them (or at least I assume it’s affection; but then again, I’m the egomaniac who names everything with Jeff ...

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