• Sprint’s digital chief on programmatic: ‘We are taking full ownership’

      Not every brand has enough tech and media expertise in programmatic buying. But little by little, some are learning to run ad tech on their own. Joining the pack is Sprint, which lately started moving programmatic in-house. As part of the company’s cost-cutting measures, Sprint is building an in-house digital agency to oversee everything from display to paid search to data analytics.

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    • PR firms start using AI for mundane tasks

      Public relations is not just an art — it is becoming a science, thanks to artificial intelligence. Media companies like The Washington Post and The Associated Press are using AI to crank out earnings reports or write news articles that they wouldn’t typically dedicate staff to. Similarly, PR agencies are adopting AI as well, using it to predict media trends, turn speeches into ...

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  • Google Maps/My Business Insights Data in Google Data Studio

    SEO * PPC * REMARKETING * ANALYTICS * WEB * DIGITAL MARKETING * eCOMMERCE * WORDPRESS Learn if a Consultation Is Right for You Visualize and Analyze Your Google My Business Insights Data in Data Studio If you are leveraging Google’s Data Studio, you understand the power of this platform. But Data Studio has limitations.

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  • 5 Can’t-Miss Sessions at #INBOUND17

    It’s that time of year again, Inbounders! Between September 25 and 28, marketers of all walks will descend on Boston for HubSpot’s annual celebration of “the human, helpful side of business.” This year’s INBOUND keynotes promise to be unbelievable (again), with speakers as wide ranging as former First Lady Michelle Obama and WWE star John Cena.

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  • Google Pushes Websites to Use HTTPS (SSL)

    Google has been on a mission to spread the use of HTTPS, especially for business websites. Last year it began giving a slight SEO boost to HTTPS pages in its free organic search listings. Now Google is taking a much more visible step that will hurt your business website lead generation and sales if you don’t take action.

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  • Sound in the City – Analyse A Real PPC Campaign

    … The last PPC campaign I analysed in the ‘Analyse A Real PPC Campaign’ series was from Blueair, who had a typical search advert, in terms of the content and structure of it, and a landing page that had areas of improvement from being a bit too bland and minimalist. In terms of the film industry, all of the current talk is about the new horror…

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  • 66: The Anatomy of a Publishing Dream Team with Michelle Robbins

    … Today for our 66th episode, we will talk with Michelle Robbins, SVP Content & Marketing Technology, Editor In Chief at Third Door Media (the folks behind Search Engine Land, Marketing Land, MarTech Today, and the SMX Conferences) The beginnings of my conversation with Michelle date back much further than I would have imagined. Sure, we met…

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  • Using Google Sheets as a Script Controller

    … September 21, 2017 Today we’re going to use Google Sheets as a control center of sorts for AdWords Scripts. The Sheets interface allows users to make adjustments via a spreadsheet rather than through the code itself. This method not only makes changes easier to implement but empowers less technical users to harness the power of scripts…

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  • AdWords Editor update supports Shopping Showcase Ads

    AdWords Editor version 12.1 is now available, with support added for several features, including Shopping showcase ads and expanded dynamic search ads. Showcase ads feature three product images from a retailer that are related to the search query and link to a Google-hosted landing page of products the advertiser groups together.

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