• Facebook Ads: Are You Allocating As Much As Google AdWords?

    Facebook Ads: Are You Allocating As Much As Google AdWords? By PPC Ian May 28 0 Are you allocating the same marketing budget on Facebook Ads as Google AdWords? Here’s how I look at it, at a high level… As of today, Alphabet (the parent company behind Google) has a market capitalization is $678.9 billion. Facebook’s market cap is $440.9 billion. $440.9 billion / $678.

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  • How to Promote Your Small Business Online

    The days of business cards and advertisements in the local newspaper are over. Nowadays, the internet is the only place you should promote your small business. And luckily for you, promoting your business online is often much more cost-effective than traditional marketing methods. Doing so also allows you to reach a wider audience much faster.

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  • Micro-wins: The true secret to AdWords success

    “8 Google AdWords Hacks that Will Double Your Conversion Rate!” “AdWords Tricks That Increased Customer Acquisition by 20%!” “An AdWords Campaign Tweak to Increase PPC Leads 200%!” These days, it seems like everywhere you look, someone is suggesting a new AdWords hack, trick or tweak that will transform your AdWords accounts. I’ll admit that I’ve even written these types of articles myself.

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  • Boost Your Traffic From Social Media With These Tips

    There’s a whole lot more you can do with social media then posting baby updates. Driving traffic to a website and increasing clicks is one of those many things businesses can utilize social media for. Generate traffic and conversions on platforms that your demographic is actually on, and is on for around 2 hours out of the day.

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  • Why You Should Own Your Marketing, Not Rent It

    Generally speaking, digital marketers are pretty skilled ball-jugglers. We constantly balance competing deadlines, extract value out of less-than-ideal budgets, and generate instant search engine visibility under pressure. We have a few tricks up our sleeve for doing that, including online ad networks such as Google AdWords, Facebook Advertising and LinkedIn Ads.

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  • Websites That Can Help You Make Money from Your Blog

    There’s going to come a point you’re going to explore opportunities to make money through your blog. You have to remember blogging is a business so your ultimate objective should be to profit through online marketing. Even if you’re blogging for a passion, you’re going to find ways to monetize from the high levels of traffic flowing through your website.

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  • FAME: Exploring Facebook’s Ads Manager for Excel

    … in luck, especially if you’re managing paid social endeavors. Facebook recently unveiled its new Facebook Ads Manager for Excel — FAME for short — a tool designed to alleviate data export and reporting by fetching information from multiple Facebook campaigns or accounts directly within Excel. What Is FAME? Fame is the dream of many people…

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  • Five Entrepreneurs Who are Effectively Using Facebook Advertising

    Facebook is, by far, the biggest and most popular social network out there. With over 1.71 billion monthly active users and around 1.13 daily active users, Facebook dominates the social networking industry. Apart from being a social networking platform, Facebook has also emerged as a propitious platform for advertising. Subsequently, Facebook advertising is quite the rage.

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  • SearchCap: Google link warning, in-store sales & more SEM

    Below is what happened in search today, as reported on Search Engine Land and from other places across the web. Top 10 agency considerations for marketing automationMay 25, 2017 by Digital Marketing Depot You’ve decided to implement a marketing automation platform…great! This white paper from SharpSpring details 10 things your agency should seriously consider before signing on the dotted line.

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  • Koozai Launches Free Breakfast & Learn Events

    We’re excited to announce that we’re launching a series of free Breakfast & Learn events for brand-side marketers. Our digital marketing experts will help you to boost your SEO, paid media, paid social and content marketing knowledge over breakfast. Our monthly Breakfast & Learn events are free to attend and will be held at our London office in Old Street. 12 readers -