• 69: Momentum in Business – What it looks like, how it feels

    Today for our 69th episode, I wanted to talk about some of the cool things we have going on at Jeffalytics. This episode is long overdue, and I’m excited to talk about all kinds of fun things that are going on behind the scenes. If you aren’t interested in the business chat or an internal perspective of marketing campaigns and what’s working in marketing in 2017, then you migh ...

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  • 4 Tips For Troubleshooting PPC Performance

    October 12, 2017 “Why is PPC performance so different from August to September?” These are the kinds of questions, that left unchecked, can send me into a bit of PPC whirlwind. My instinct is to jump to the “what”. What we will do to fix the problem. That feels easier than sifting through columns of data, trying to piece together a story.

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  • 3 Reasons Why You Should Give Ezoic a Go

    When it comes to websites making money online, the vast majority of websites will opt for Google Adsense, and understandably so. Google Adsense will allow your website to show adverts from, potentially, millions of advertisers from around the world providing a great CPC for your advertising space to profit from per click.

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  • How PPC Gives A Winning Edge For Small Businesses

    Big businesses are at an advantageous position to run very expensive advertising campaigns enabled by their sound financial backup and in-house marketing teams. They sign up contracts with leading advertising agencies. This fact need not put down small businesses. Never conclude that the advertising arena is not a level playing field for you to thrive.

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  • The new AdWords experience is now available to everyone

    When we first announced the rollout of the new AdWords experience, our goal was simple: to introduce a faster and more intuitive AdWords that's focused on helping you reach your business goals. Starting today, the new AdWords experience is available to all advertisers. Get more done, faster First, you’ll notice that your account pages load faster—on average, 20% faster—so you ...

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  • 6 SEO Tests You Need to Try

    Nobody actually knows anything about SEO with 100% certainty. There are ~200 ranking factors. We think. Give or take. Links, content, and RankBrain top the list. We infer. (Image source) But never, ever, ever, does Google come out and say, “Here’s exactly what you should do. Step 1, Step 2, Step 3.” The deck is also stacked against most of us.

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  • Why Every PPC Specialist Should Experience Client Facing Roles

    October 11, 2017 As PPCer’s, our best asset is being able to drive trackable advertising performance for companies and clients. We learn our industry, adapt to changes, hone our skills and expand our knowledge of the array of tactics to deliver the best results. We learn processes, “hacks” and ways that work for us across a multitude of clients.

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  • The Agency Guide to Creating Client Personas for Account Management

    If you have ever worked in a marketing agency there’s no doubt you’re familiar with buyer personas. Buyer personas can help characterise key segments of an audience with the aim of delivering the most relevant messages to each segment. The same holds for agency account management. Building personas for your existing clients can help your account managers improve the way they ...

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