• Google Releases New Maximize Conversions Smart Bidding Strategy

    June 23, 2017 Optimizing bids can be the bane of many PPC’ers. We use bid sheets, formulas, macros, and other fun strategies to ensure we are winning the auction and garnering conversions. Wouldn’t it be awesome if we could set up our AdWords campaigns to automatically optimize for conversions or a conversion value without having to do manual adjustments? That is what Google ...

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  • Save the Date: SMX East is back in NYC Oct 24-26

    Mark your calendars for SMX East: October 24-26! Don’t miss your only chance this year to attend the largest search marketing conference on the East Coast. An agenda obsessed with SEO & SEM! SMX is the only conference series dedicated to search marketing. There are tactic-rich keynotes, sessions and clinics programmed just for you, whether you’re a performance marketer, c ...

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  • PPC For Hotels: How To Counter OTAs (Online Travel Agents)

    If you’re a hotel that works with online travel agents (OTAs), you’ll be familiar with the battle of balancing your relationship with the OTAs and also driving enough sales directly. The battle has become increasingly aggressive in recent times, with leading brands such as Hilton launching campaigns which outright tell users to book direct for the best rates.

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  • 073: The Top Takeaways Revealed From SMX Advanced 2017 w/Marie Haynes

    Somehow I had no episode for this week’s show. So I said, “as an SEO myself, what do I really want to know about right now that I can share with my listeners ?” The answer I kept coming to was “what happened at SMX Advanced that I need to know about for the SEO work I do?” So today … an episode just recorded an hour ago, I invited Marie Haynes (the very first guest ever on Ex ...

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  • 5 Killer Ways To Repurpose Old Blog Content For More Traffic

    We see a lot of spin-offs and reboots on the TV and at the movies these days. So why not apply the same logic that what was popular once will probably be popular again to your blog? Spin-offs, sequels and adaptations have always been prevelant. Take The Andy Griffith Show, for example. This 1960’s gem churned out not one but two spin-off series: Gomer Pyle, U.S.M.C. and Mayberry R.F.D.

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  • QuoteSearch – Analyse A Real PPC Campaign

    One of the recent PPC campaigns I analysed in the ‘Analyse A Real PPC Campaign’ series was from Expedia, who had a good example of a title-heavy search advert with a landing page that had the objective of gaining a lead capture, so that it was possible for Expedia to show the correct ‘tailor-picked’ flights for the web user, from the information they entered onto the landing page.

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  • Come for the Content, Stay for the Networking

    June 22, 2017 At Hero Conf, we strive to provide content that is actionable for PPC roles across the board, however for some, priceless value is found in the conversations held outside the meeting room. Networking and peer outreach is vital in an era of sharing. We share our cars through Uber, our homes through Airbnb, our support through GoFundMe, and inevitably our knowl ...

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  • Homepages vs Landing Pages: Where to Drive Paid Traffic for Higher Conversions

    I’m going to give this to you straight. If you’re directing your hard-won PPC, Facebook, Twitter or banner ad traffic to your homepage… There is a better way. Conversion happens on landing pages. And your homepage is not one of them. Why? Your homepage is a hub. It’s a jump off point to the rest of your site’s content. A landing page is a destination. It’s where you want visitors to end up.

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