• Stamp Your PPC Ad Copy – Improve CTR the Old-Fashioned Way

    Does your brand have any registered, copyrighted or trademarked terms? If so, you should absolutely include the symbol in your text ads for improved performance. Yes! These little guys: ® © ™ This is not a new tactic in PPC ads by any means, but so many businesses aren’t taking advantage of it. The expected immediate impact from making this change is improved clickthrough rate (CTR).

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  • A PPC Account Manager’s Checklist

    August 11, 2017 Whether you’re the most novice paid advertiser or a seasoned vet, the question “what do I do now” has likely come up numerous times. Maybe you feel that you’ve done all you can do and are stuck. Maybe you’ve been so busy driving strategy that daily/weekly account maintenance has fallen by the wayside.

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  • 3 days of SEO and SEM tactics at the lowest rates. SMX East prices increase next week!

    Super early bird rates expire next week for SMX East, the East Coast’s largest search marketing conference. Attend for three days of actionable, cutting-edge search marketing tactics presented by experts that will leave your competition in the dust. Here’s what to expect October 24–26 in NYC: Actionable content: The agenda consists of 55+ expert-led sessions covering the lat ...

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  • Why Hero Conf Calls London Home – Year After Year!

    August 10, 2017 Easy to get to but hard to leave, London is a uniquely diverse city with some of the world’s best sites. Whether you are looking to take in the iconic skyline from the London Eye or immerse yourself in culture at the British Museum, London has something for everyone. Which is why it’s been so easy to make the decision to bring Hero Conf back to the UK capital, again and again.

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  • Football Maties – Analyse A Real PPC Campaign

    The last PPC campaign I analysed in the ‘Analyse A Real PPC Campaign’ series was from airconco, who had a relatively good search advert that used the USP of being experts in their respective industry. The landing page was also good, but it was a little confusing to determine just exactly what type of landing page airconco had used and the conversion they wanted to obtain from t ...

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  • White hat vs. Black hat: building links for immediate success

    Black hat SEOs are the bad guys, and white hat SEOs are the good guys. Now, that sounds rather tongue in cheek, but that is the truth. It is quite simple to understand if you think of it this way – all white hat SEOs follow the rules Google has laid down for search engine optimization. Black hat practitioners manipulate the search engines like Google, Bing, and Yahoo! to gain ...

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  • Not Segmenting Your Audience? Big Mistake if You’re Chasing Conversions

    You’ve done your best to find your target audience, but if you’re treating each of your leads the same way, you’re basically throwing conversions out the window. Even though your audience shares an interest in your brand, they’re not all at the same stage of getting to know you. So speaking to them as if they’re one mass audience doesn’t really work.

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  • 2017 growth hacks: Use affiliates to improve PPC reach

    Owning more paid search spots on search results can increase your clicks by 30-50 percent for each additional spot that you occupy. To get this type of monster click growth from paid search, tap on your affiliates, partners and resellers to make a paid search land grab. For example, if your CTR (click-through rate) alone is 2 percent, removing one competitor and replacing it ...

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