• Gmail Ads Get a Facelift!

    Gmail Ads (formerly known as Gmail Sponsored Promotions) just got a facelift! What kind of improvements did Gmail Ads get, you ask? The biggest changes here are: No more logos Less real estate Little yellow “Ad” logo White background Here's what Gmail ads looked like before the design change: And here's the after: Let’s break this down… The Good Here's what I like about the new G.

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  • Unconventional AdWords Takeaways to Boost Your PPC Performance

    Posted by AsherElran There are many different dos and don’ts of Google AdWords all over the Internet. When writing this article, I felt it was safe to call many of the methods I’m sharing in it unconventional. In an attempt to resurrect plummeting numbers, and squeeze the last bit of juice from an already producing campaign, I’ve experimented and tested PPC tactics that most ...

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  • Why The Multi-Channel Funnels And Acquisition Reports Don’t Get Along

    I was recently asked this question on Twitter: @AnnieCushing Do you know why Model Comparison won't show the same ecommerce transactions as Channels Report – whatever attribution I use?? — Matt Price (@matt_tate_price) January 22, 2016 It’s a common question, and usually the only reason it’s not asked is that marketers don’t even know what Multi-Channel reports even are, let alone that.

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  • The Complete Guide to the Advantages and Disadvantages of Paid Advertising

    In today’s competitive advertising market, it is important to keep up with the trends and reach maximum number of potential customers with equal ease. Two of the most popular kind of advertisements available are pay per click (PPC) and sponsored content. Tackling the Terms: What Is PPC Advertising and Sponsored Content? PPC (Pay Per Click) advertising is based on the number of ...

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  • Content Is King, But Does It Rule Alone in SEO?

    … is that digital marketing is a complex, interconnected web of different strategies that affect one another in different ways. For example, search engine optimization (SEO) and search engine marketing (SEM) can be classified as two different strategies, while content can complement and enhance most other digital marketing strategies, including SEO, SEM…

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  • AdWords Automated Bidding Gets An Overhaul: Welcome, Portfolio Bid Strategies

    Google is going to be rolling out a revamp of AdWords automated bidding. Some of the changes are just semantic, but the workflow is also getting an update. First the naming changes: Flexible strategies will be called “portfolio” bid strategies. The change is meant to better indicate that a single strategy can be applied across multiple campaigns, ad groups– and keywords in some cases.

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  • How to Edit Your Own Work: A Self-Editing Checklist

    One of the first things you learn when you start blogging professionally is the value of a good editor. Far from someone to catch mere typos, a good editor is a teacher, a mentor, a partner in crime; the Obi-Wan to your Luke Skywalker, the Pat Morita to your Ralph Macchio, the Batman to your Robin.

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  • Openings and New Hires at Factual, Yext, xAd and ZypMedia

    … of enterprise. Wiese has extensive knowledge of paid search, local marketing, and platforms. The hire is fairly intriguing since Yext finalized a partnership with Google. The likelihood of Weise’s experience being relevant is high. New Business Development Lead at Soleo Jovana Riddle, former business development lead at Flint Mobile has joined…

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  • Eight of the most interesting SEM news stories of the week

    Welcome to our weekly round-up of all the latest news and research from around the world of search marketing and beyond. It’s a bumper week full of search data, stats on mobile shopping use and a rollercoaster-ride of social channel improvements. Some good, some bad. Actually a rollercoaster is a terrible analogy, it’s all good on a rollercoaster.

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  • Your Brand Needs a Point of View, But Do You?

    My 8-year-old daughter recently questioned her 4-year-old sister: “What’s your POV?” Not surprisingly, my 4-year-old just looked at her, dumbfounded. She has no idea that POV means point of view or why a young child (or anyone) would need this. The genesis of this conversation is (a bit embarrassingly) The Next Food Network Star that my older daughter and I watched over the ...

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  • 3 Online Marketing Strategies for Companies Big and Small

    … important “smart-copies” of today that business should focus on. Social Media – People are here! Photo by Pixabay It’s no doubt that many of us are spending much of our time – free and paid (yes, office hours too) on Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest etc. Many have become addicted and they aren’t even aware of it. A global user spends more than 20…

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  • Harness the Power of Google Ratings

    Over the last year customer reviews have become a key asset in most biddable media campaigns. Google AdWords product ratings are a quick way to increase your click-through rate (CTR), lower your cost per click (CPC), and increase consumer trust in your brand. This post will look at the rise of review marketing and how you can make the most of customer feedback in your PPC campaigns.

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