• 2 Tools To Improve AdWords Account ROI In Under 60 Minutes

    … ads when your site is down. Immediately enables previously paused ads when your site goes back up. Quickly add and protect as many accounts as you need. Saves you thousands in wasted ad spend and maximizes your ROI. Find broken AdWords ads in just two clicks. Broken Link Checker scans your entire AdWords account looking for broken links…

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  • Forecasting traffic and sales: an introduction

    A high proportion of professionals in the digital marketing field will have needed to, or have been asked to, forecast things such as expected revenue or traffic at one time or another. In my role managing PPC campaigns, I've generally done this for existing projects I've been working on, but also when pitching for new business.

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  • Getting Started With Social Media Advertising

    … With the increasing amount of time spent on Social Media – many brands are opting to take advantage of the paid advertising options available. This is an attractive option for many brands in search of connecting with customers and seeing a tangible return on investment. Let’s look at the options available, and how your business will benefit…

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  • Lending Club and Digital Marketing Professionals

    For those who have been reading PPC Ian for a while, you know that I’m a fan of investing. Investing is a passion of mine, and it makes sense, it’s all about the numbers (just like customer acquisition marketing). Today, I wanted to write about Lending Club (affiliate link, I earn a commission and would be very grateful if you open a Lending Club account via my links), and why ...

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  • Measuring the ROI of your Bing Product Ads using Google Analytics

    In my last blog article I described a few best practices when it comes to structuring and reporting on Google Product Listing Ads. Today I’d like to show you how to calculate the return on investment of your Bing Product Ads using Google Analytics. Step 1: Tagging Bing Product URLs Although Bing has recently released an auto tagging feature for its destination URLs (see belo ...

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  • A simpler way to manage your business locations in AdWords

    … We’re excited to introduce upgraded location extensions, a better way to display your business locations in every ad by linking your Google My Business and AdWords accounts. Consumers increasingly look online for information such as driving directions, store hours, and products and services available at local businesses. Research shows that 50…

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  • 5 Clever Social Media Marketing Campaigns that Went Viral

    Social media has provided marketers with some powerful new tools. They are global, potentially viral and free. Businesses will often have entire teams dedicated to communicating with followers, and will spend a significant chunk of their budget acquiring new leads from the Internet. From blogging to pay-per-click advertising, there are plenty of ways to establish a web presence.

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