• 3 Times When it is Bad to Use SEO

    … There is a constant debate as to if SEO is better than PPC and vice versa. Ultimately, the answer will always be ‘it depends’ since it depends on many factors that need to be understood and ‘tailor-fitted’ to your needs and objectives. For some people, SEO will work better than PPC. For others, it may not. My general marketing strategy, when I…

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  • Earn 90% Commissions on LeadNetwork Loans

    … Money makes the world go around. It’s what we use to keep the gas in the car, the Wi-Fi up and running in our homes, and the food well stocked in our pantries. But life doesn’t always go exactly the way you plan and you might find yourself short every now and then. You’re not alone and this represents quite the opportunity for you as an affiliate…

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  • 40 Marketing Newsletters You Will Want in Your Inbox

    Marketing newsletters can always be a good topic to start a fiery debate. There are two parties involved, and both of them are right! Newsletters are helpful, necessary, engaging, and most of the times free – yes. But, at the same time, they can be annoying, intrusive, spammy, and often irrelevant to our daily interests – true.

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  • The Winner of Golden Ticket #1 is….

    October 4, 2017 …Adam Garnsey (@garnsee). Congratulations Adam! Your ticket to Hero Conf London is on us. We appreciate all the folks who found Hero #1. The good news, our second hero is already flying over at HeroConf.com. That means another chance for a free ticket is now available, if you can find our hidden, golden PPC Hero (for a recap of the contest rules, please read our post here).

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  • Seer Joins Bing’s Elite Partner Program

    Microsoft selected Seer to join their Bing Elite Partners program. The humble hustle of our PPC team delivering hard hitting client results on Bing helped the world’s second largest search advertising provider see the true value Seer provides clients through their platform. So what is this Bing Elite Partner stuff really mean?! Simply put, it means we get access to some reall ...

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  • How to Make Money with Affiliate Marketing – 57 Experts Share their Tips

    Affiliate marketing is simply one of the best ways to make money on the internet today. It’s actually been one of the best methods for over 20 years now. Having been involved in the world of affiliate marketing since the mid-90s, I’ve had the opportunity to not only grow an online business of my own but also see how it’s changed the way business is done around the world.

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  • Learn to Understand Your Website’s Traffic Characteristics

    … Google Analytics is a brilliant tool for every website owner to user and take advantage of. It is free and provides plentiful of meaningful statistics about your website, from your traffic sources to the average time web users are on your site, where they land onto and head next to even how many web users are on your website in real time…

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  • The 5 best tools to develop a mobile-first SEO strategy

    Search marketers rely on tools to make sense of what it is a very complex, fluid environment. With the increasing importance of mobile, the list of tools grows even longer. Which platforms should search marketers use to devise a mobile-first SEO strategy? While we await the launch of Google’s mobile-first index, search marketers are aiming to capitalize on the growing quantity ...

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  • Survey: Enterprise Marketers Are Increasing Local Digital Mix

    Survey: Enterprise Marketers Are Increasing Local Digital Mix October 3, 2017 by David Card Leave a Comment Filed Under: Commentary Many multi-location brands still rely on traditional media for their local marketing, making them appear more conservative than local small businesses who have embraced digital marketing aggressively.

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  • This Week: Social for Link Building, On-Site SEO Problems, and Content Personality

    Hello and Happy Tuesday! This week in Internet marketing, we’ve gathered some of the savviest and insightful articles from across the web. We’re looking at social media marketing for link building, as well as SEO problems that hold back e-commerce sites, and a content strategy with brand personality. We’re also looking at major web mistakes, and ways to optimize your PPC performance.

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