• Submit Your Favorite 2017 Marketing Presentation!

    Earlier this year, we released a list of the 50 Best Marketing Presentations of 2016. The list included presentations about everything marketing – PPC, content, email, social, PR, and CRO – and was a huge hit! As we start to curate presentations for the new year, we’d love to hear your suggestions.

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  • How to Turn Your Obsession Into a Profitable Social Media Business

    “Follow your passion” is probably one of the oldest-known pieces of advice for business success. Sure, if you genuinely love what you’re doing, then you’re less likely to run out of drive in the long run. You’ll also be naturally inclined to take opportunities that will help you grow. But what if your passion is spending hours scrolling through your news feed – reacting to po ...

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  • Are My YouTube Ad Campaigns Successful?

    This post is shared with you from Joe Martinez, Senior Manager, Paid Media & Community at Granular Marketing. Joe ranked in the Top 10 highest rated speakers, voted by attendees, at Hero Conf Los Angeles and is joining our 2018 lineup once more. See him live at Hero Conf Austin, April 16-18. It’s easy to get discouraged when working on a video campaign.

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  • 6 Things You Didn’t Know You Could Do In Google Sheets

    Google Sheets is a versatile tool for PPC marketers. Whether you’re using it build reports for your clients, analyze data, or other miscellaneous PPC tasks, getting familiar with some of the lesser known functions can be beneficial. Here are the features we’ll cover in this post: Import Sitemaps Currency Conversions Sparklines Import from other workbooks Check for ...

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  • Why A Diagnostic Mindset Is An Entrepreneur’s Best Friend

    When your car won’t start or makes a strange noise, the first thing you do is diagnose the problem. Either you check it out yourself, or you take it to a mechanic to have the problem diagnosed. No repair work is done, nor parts ordered until the source of the problem is positively identified. If your car was leaking fluid, you wouldn’t apply solutions for an oil leak unless yo ...

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  • How To Increase Your Revenue Through Superb Content Marketing

    Every entrepreneur faces the same tough decision about content marketing: What to write about on your blog. These top 25 content marketing bloggers have it down. It’s not sufficient to blog about how customers can make better use of your product. People seek practical information, of course, but they’re especially drawn to content that makes them smile and even laugh.

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  • Learn AdWords in Under an Hour with WordStream & Skillshare

    Learning paid search is hard – and it’s harder on your own! So many paid search marketers are self-taught, and it can take months to fully understand the fundamentals, create keywords, write ads, and launch your first campaigns – and then even longer to fix some mistakes you learn too late! But not all advertisers have the time to learn paid search, and even fewer have the budget to make mistake.

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  • How to work with Sensitive Data Accounts

    What do you do when you are told by the ever-present Google that you can’t use remarketing lists or other audiences in your paid search strategies? You work with out a strategy and suggest that remarketing could help engage users who have been on your site but did not convert the first time around.

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  • 3 Best Practices for Universal App Campaigns

    PPC App Advertising Heroes! Somehow it is already nearing November’s end, and you know what that means – that’s right, it’s the official sunsetting of AdWords mobile app install campaigns (did you think I was going to mention the holidays?) Google announced this change back in August, alerting users that on November 15 all other existing app campaigns on Search, Display, and Youtube would stop r.

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  • OnePlus 5T on O2 – Analyse A Real PPC Campaign

    The last PPC campaign I analysed in the ‘Analyse A Real PPC Campaign’ series was from John Lewis, who was looking to promote their new Christmas advert. What we found was that from having the YouTube advert embedded onto the John Lewis advert enticed people to browse their website after watching the advert, which would work better for John Lewis than for the web user to land on ...

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