• How to Increase Website Traffic Fast: 5 (Realistic) Ways

    5 ways to increase website traffic fast Once you launch a new website for your business, you get faced with the real challenge: finding ways to increase website traffic fast so your website can start making an appreciable impact on your bottom line. Content marketing and SEO strategies are the best ways to build long-term, sustainable traffic for your website, but these strategi ...

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  • The Prime Benefits of Utilizing Keyword Research Tools for SEO

    Your website’s pages need to be effectively optimized for the most relevant keywords for your products and services. In this context, you must know that keyword research is actually the process of doing thorough research and selecting words and phrases that would most likely be used by users on the search engine.

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  • Yahoo Gemini Guide: Change is a Good Thing

    August 4, 2017 Nearing the end of last year, I wrote A Step-By-Step Guide to Yahoo Gemini. The guide focused on the following main points when it comes to setting up Yahoo Gemini; What Yahoo Gemini can do for you Campaign types Creating a campaign Ad group settings Ad copy Keywords Tracking While the guide still holds true in terms of set-up, Yahoo has released several upda ...

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  • Top 10 Reasons Why Your Ads Aren’t Showing in Google

    …. For the full list and details of each approval status, consult the Adwords Help Guide. Disapproved Keywords. AdWords also reviews and approves your campaign keywords. Google AdWords does not permit advertising products and websites related to firearms, drugs, cigarettes, pornography, hard alcohol, fireworks, and more. Like Ad approvals, Keyword approvals can…

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  • 16 Commonly Asked PPC Questions (And Answers)

    … August 3, 2017 Ask a PPC account manager what’s the best way to do something and I bet 95% of the time the answer is, “it depends on your account/the situation”. The reason for that is that, well… it does. With this in mind, below are some of the most common questions we hear from new account managers, people attending digital marketing…

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  • PPC for B2B: Marketing with Precision

    In a memorable scene from the 1987 classic film, The Princess Bride, the brawny giant Fezzik faces off with the wily “man in black.” Despite his superior size and strength, Fezzik can’t seem to land a hit on his nimble opponent. I’ve seen a lot of companies in the same boat when it comes to paid search marketing…especially B2B companies.

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  • Democratizing AI – Making the NOW Available for All

    August 3, 2017 Bots, artificial intelligence, and personal digital assistants are the new norm in the quickly changing realm of marketing and advertising. Though the technology may seem daunting to any business, there are simple solutions for any size organization to realize a positive impact from embracing such change.

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  • The Top 10 Pay-Per-Click Advertising Mistakes To Avoid

    Pay-per-click (PPC) advertising, for the unacquainted, is a valuable form of digital marketing where businesses and organizations pay a fee whenever one of their ads gets clicked. It’s an excellent way to promote a brand, product or service, and it’s ideal for brand new websites that attract little organic traffic.

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  • airconco – Analyse A Real PPC Campaign

    … The last PPC campaign I analysed in the ‘Analyse A Real PPC Campaign’ series was from wpengine, who had a good search advert and a great landing page, especially due to the fact that had the option of live chat to a human within seconds of landing onto the web page. With it being the middle of summer, something that will be on many people’s…

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  • New Street Fight Report: Selling to Local Merchants

    … and local sites will see bigger budgets, according to 36% of those polled. Very few said they’d cut back on any of the digital categories we offered. Regular Street Fight contributors David Mihm and Mike Blumenthal have written a series of posts on the ideal digital marketing starter kits for SMBs. Their package would collect a website, listings…

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  • Defining Negative Keyword Match Types

    August 2, 2017 For our fellow readers who are new to PPC and search advertising, negative keywords allow you refine your bidding and only bid on intend searches, without wasting spend. For example, if you are trying to attract buyers who are interested in jackets, but you don’t sell or carry jean jackets.

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