• SEO Basics: Getting Started with Search Engine Optimization for Absolute Beginners

    What is SEO? Below is a list of the most frequently asked questions about search engine optimization, along with answers, recommendations, and best practices, logically organized into chapters and subchapters. The result is one of the easiest-to-follow guides to SEO basics for beginners. Table of Contents SEO Basics What is SEO? What is website traffic? What are organic sea ...

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  • This Week: Content Marketing Myths, Auditing Your Social Media, and SEO Strategy for 2018

    Authors: Susana Barros & Gail Balfour Hello and Happy Tuesday! This week in Internet marketing, we’ve gathered some of the most insightful and well-informed articles from across the web. We’re looking at preparing your SEO for the new year ahead, as well as gathering the some of the best PPC articles from last year, and looking at ways you can put those strategic touches ...

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  • Don’t Get Stuck in a Rut-Media Buyers, Shake Up Your Media Mix

    Agency professionals and media buyers know the benefits of mastering a channel for their client’s campaigns. There are troves of agencies that specialize in paid search marketing and paid social media marketing—because it makes sense for them to do so. These are tried and true channels that are proven to bring them success, while also providing a good Return On Investment (RO ...

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  • Digital Marketing News: What Marketers Think about AI, Autonomous Stores & GSC Adds Data

    Infographic: What Marketers Really Think About Artificial Intelligence A new infographic shows 47% of marketers consider artificial intelligence (AI) to be over-hyped. In addition, 43% of marketers believe vendors overpromise and underdeliver when it comes to AI. AdWeek Can Autonomous Stores Catch On? Brick-and-mortar stores are testing out an automation model, functionally con ...

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  • 3 Tips to Running a Post-Christmas PPC Campaign

    For a lot of businesses out there, the majority of the revenue produced for the year will come during the holiday season before Christmas, simply because of the increased spending of consumers to buy gifts for family and friends. This is generally why the EPMV (earning per thousand visitors) for publishers from the likes of Ezoic tends to increase during the run up to Christmas ...

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  • Ft Lauderdale Internet Marketing: How to Get Your South Florida Business Seen

    6 Factors When Considering Ft Lauderdale Internet Marketing Strategies Now that internet searches are the top way for customers to find products, services, and businesses, getting your South Florida business in the top search results is a marketing must. Developing a highly visible presence on the internet gets harder all time, though, as more businesses join the competition for online views.

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  • China emerges as a hotbed for artificial intelligence

    If the U.S. is leading the way in artificial intelligence, China is playing catch-up and quickly emerging as an AI hotbed thanks to its talent, government support and venture capital funding. Chris Nicholson, a former Bloomberg news editor, co-founded artificial intelligence firm Skymind in San Francisco in 2014 and started expanding it outside the U.S. last year.

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  • Extending domain opt-out and AdWords API tools

    In 2012, Google made voluntary commitments to the Federal Trade Commission (FTC) that are set to expire on December 27th, 2017. At that time, we agreed to remove certain clauses from our AdWords API Terms and Conditions. We also agreed to provide a mechanism for websites to opt out of the display of their crawled content on certain Google web pages linked to google.

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  • Getting The Ball Rolling – Account Analysis

    The hardest step to take is the first one. PPC account analysis is the same way. A request for an account analysis sends me into analysis paralysis. The necessity of an account deep dive can manifest for a variety of reasons. Before you succumb to analysis paralysis, read through these simple account analysis steps to help get the analysis ball rolling.

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  • Openings and New Hires at GroundTruth, Attune, Cardlytics

    Every two weeks, Geoff Michener covers some of the latest job changes taking place in this dynamic industry. (Plus, scroll down for jobs on offer now.) Changed jobs, or have one you’d like to list? Click here to send us tips and job openings! Two Leadership Hires at GroundTruth GroundTruth appointmented Eric Hadley as Chief Marketing Officer and Jeff Hackett as Senior Vice ...

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