• Should You Transfer from Blogger to WordPress?

    … Depending on the route you took to get into making your own website and blogging will determine what blogging platform you first chose to use. For those that felt confident, they may have gone straight into blogging. Whereas, on the other hand, those that first encountered blogging and were unsure what to do may have gone for the easier…

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  • White hat vs. Black hat: building links for immediate success

    Black hat SEOs are the bad guys, and white hat SEOs are the good guys. Now, that sounds rather tongue in cheek, but that is the truth. It is quite simple to understand if you think of it this way – all white hat SEOs follow the rules Google has laid down for search engine optimization. Black hat practitioners manipulate the search engines like Google, Bing, and Yahoo! to gain ...

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  • Advertisers warm to Amazon’s increasing ad pitch

    The prospect of Amazon emerging as the main rival to Google and Facebook’s duopoly over digital media seems increasingly plausible, now that some of the world’s biggest brands are starting to consider it for their budgets. Interest has built since the turn of the year, with RBS Group chief marketing officer David Wheldon and WPP boss Martin Sorrell almost willing the online re ...

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  • 5 Incredible Facts That You Need To Know About Content Marketing For Your Business

    The importance of content marketing is more apparent today, especially as people are searching for more and more content on the internet. From a business perspective, content marketing can be used as a good way to establish your brand and improve the loyalty of your customers. This is because the more your customers consume your content, the more they will trust your brand. But, there is more.

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  • The Latest Trends in Internet Marketing Software

    With the constant evolution in the internet marketing space, getting along with trends and staying ahead of your competition can be a bit challenging. However, to help thrive, using a top-quality internet marketing software that improves your productivity and allows you to maximize your ROI is essential. According to Forrester, US digital marketing spend will reach $120 billion by 2021.

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  • PPC for B2B: Marketing with Precision

    In a memorable scene from the 1987 classic film, The Princess Bride, the brawny giant Fezzik faces off with the wily “man in black.” Despite his superior size and strength, Fezzik can’t seem to land a hit on his nimble opponent. I’ve seen a lot of companies in the same boat when it comes to paid search marketing…especially B2B companies.

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  • Optimize your AdWords account with these hidden gems

    … Ahhh… summer. A time to hang out at the lake, fire up the barbecue and gaze at the stars. And, if you’re a PPC pro, it’s also a great time to catch up on some of the smaller, sometimes overlooked elements of your PPC campaigns. Naturally, this only applies if your business tends to slow down in the summer. If not, you’ll have to find another…

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  • The 2017 Top 25 Most Influential PPC Experts

    July 25, 2017 You voted. We researched. The final list is ready. Every summer, we release our newest edition of the Top 25—it’s a nice way to honor some of the hardest workers in our tight-knit PPC community. The most crazy/awesome thing about the voting this year? We had over 17,000 votes! Yes, 17,000! It was an epic battle almost as good as anything you’d see on Game of Thrones (almost….

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  • The Power of Data-Driven Content Marketing

    Contrary to popular belief, marketing is not based just on creativity, and marketers are ultimately not artists who do not know what they are doing. Rather, they constantly devise and implement various complex and well-planned marketing strategies for their clients. The content of the message marketers are trying to convey to their audience is one of the most important aspects ...

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  • These 4 Forgotten AdWords Best Practices Still Matter – Here’s Proof

    It’s been a full year since Google first released expanded text ads to advertisers globally – and what a year it’s been! Since they were first announced, advertisers were eager to begin testing the new expanded ad format, but many were hesitant to let go of their tried and true ads. Now that standard text ads can no longer be created in either AdWords or Bing, it’s time to loo ...

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  • My 15-Day Mentorbox Challenge: Investing In Myself

    Those who have been following PPC Ian for a while know that I’m a huge proponent of Mentorbox by Tai Lopez and Alex Mehr (also known as Mentor Box). In fact, My Mentorbox Review is one of the more popular posts on this blog. And, my three YouTube videos have done quite well too: My Mentorbox Video Review My Mentorbox by Tai Lopez and Alex Mehr Unboxing My Top Lessons L ...

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  • The Totally Easy, Not at All Intimidating Guide to Keyword Research

    Keyword research sounds like such a daunting task. What’s the point of researching a keyword anyway? Shouldn’t your natural marketing instincts tell you which keywords are most relevant to your business. Not quite… Without quality keywords, found through effective keyword research, your search marketing campaigns (paid AND organic) will be completely misguided.

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